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aarrgghh! stop the Chinese water drip torture already! from the Eli-erased message to now- nothing but numberless-by-now seasons & episodes of Just Missed moments--

let Alicia and Will happen ! please! for good. for better. for worse. etc

ok. got that out of my system. sheesh.

absolutely love the crackle and snap of Elsbeth and Diane and Will and Alicia and Cary.. the 'mock' trial had wonderful sparks flying.

I appreciate the writers did not choose the easier/pleasant way and let Alicia and Cary in on what 'we' knew: that Diane and Will were against un-inviting the fourth years as partners..

terrific acting, as usual, from the whole cast. admirable that this series has managed to avoid slipping into Soap Opera territory- it has stayed taut.

thanks for the entertainment!


This may be a fiction show but anybody thinks there is chemistry with Will lives in a fantasy world, if you all can remember the cell phone call that Grace overheard regarding Georgetown days where she said if it had been it would have only lasted a week. She knows he is a big liar and can't be trusted in any relationship, The latest kiss and pull away meant that she was no better than what she had blamed Peter for way back. Trust is the problem in him and in herself, since the start Peter has been the perfect angel where she has been the complete reverse seeing all the lies and backstabbing of people around her at the same time very blind that the firm Lockhart&Garniner are using her to sway Peter away from the underhandedness.

The way the ratings are going there won't be a season 5, the end will come when Alicia's kids find out all about good old mom and how fast the partnership came about with only 4 yrs back and how it got her there, plus an envelope slid under the apartment door they found with photos and videos that will destroy her about what she through Peter out for and pulled the same thing....


Y'all do understand that the title of the show, "The Good Wife", is meant to be ironic, right?

Peter cheated on Alicia TWICE that we know about. Does anybody really think that's all he's done? And if you look at the relationship they have, it's obvious that there is no "love" left; Alicia no longer trusts Peter and the only reason she is having sex with him is because she is getting back at her mother for telling Peter that he needed to divorce Alicia so that she could be happy.

Alicia and Will have more chemistry being on opposite sides in a courtroom than Alicia and Peter have gettin'-it-on on a campaign bus. A/W have loved each other since Georgetown and that will never change. Now that they are no longer boss-employee, they can have an actual relationship. Yipee!!!!!

And for all of you who think that Alicia was wrong to take the partnership, do you think Cary would have turned it down if they had offered it to him? Y'all know the answer is "no". So quit piling on Alicia for doing the one thing most of us would have done in that situation.

This is (almost)real life people. In real life a husband who cheats with prostitutes and best friends doesn't get his wife back. In real life a woman who is lucky and gets offered partnership in a law firm earlier than expected jumps at the chance.

'Red Team/Blue Team' is one of the two best episodes of the season. It gave us drama (and for those of us who are Alicia/Will people it gave us something more) and showed us just how much Alicia has come into her own since the show started. Get with the program people, "The Good Wife" is showing you that she's not going to be that wife for much longer.


Hey SID YOUR FULL OF ????, what have you been watching for the 4 seasons holding hands with John. He has the same attitude (they knocked off according to you-- knock off the Will/Alicia BS) get it right. Yes I do see a model for marriage I guess your not married probably divorced. The writers should have ended Alicia's marriage from the beginning, that would of put the show in the basement with the other dead ones.


I wonder about Alicia sometimes. She asked Wil if she got reasked to be partner because he kissed her but she did not think it was because of what David Lee said: because of your husband! You know the guy you got made at for cheating on you, then you cheated on him, then go back to him for angry sex and when you need him to throw his weight aroud when you want know the guy you want leave. How foolish can she be?! They are using her and Cary knows it. That is why they picked her also, Cary is so much smarter than her when it comes to what is going on in the office.


Youloo, they knocked off according to you the "Will/Alicia BS", quite some time ago and the ratings have been steadily declining, so I really don't know what you're talking about. In fact, ever since they caved in and changed the direction they built up in the first two seasons the show has been pretty boring.

And as for the people saying a Will Alicia storyline will not work for a show called the good wife is crazy. Do you see a model for marriage on this show? Alicia and Peter don't even live together. Is that what you want to promote, that marriage is a prison that you have to live with? That's twisted thinking.

The writers should have ended Alicia's marriage to Peter from the beginning. Her failing at reconciliation is what is tarnishing the character and the show; not Will. The only way to salvage the mess they've made is to kill off Peter. Hope they do that.




Great episode till you put in the kiss part then it went south, that is water under the bridge and the ship sailed. As an avid fan we need more hard nose and not this pussy footing around all the time.
How about giving it more drama and put Will and Dianne in the hot seat with backstabbing actions, then we will see the true Will and Alicia can grow up and become a true wife and mother along with a career. This might bring the ratings up before CBS shuts you down its only a matter of time. while you are at it stop this one new episode every three weeks then wait anther two for another one, people are getting tired and moving on with other better programming.


Love the Alicia/Will dynamic and dimension! I watch GW mainly to see writers' development of the person-hood and relationship issues of these 2 very smart successful lawyers' lives bonded from past and present experiences.


I loved Alicai and Will getting physical again. More of same, please.

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