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I got one thing to say I love this show do not bother me when it's on.


I think this show deserved a 5 star every week. It's just full of twists (though some of them are too obvious) and it's really smart writing.
It's like reading a really good crime novel.
I love the triangle story and Joe and Ryan's first meeting.
The wife needs more developing, instead just screaming "Where is my Joey?" every scene.
And I agree, Emma is like the creepiest. She pulled off angelic and devilish perfectly.


@Adam - I think this show will work out in the long run especially if they maintain solid character development for both the agents and the followers. Next episode is a really interesting one. Thanks for reading!


I thought this was much better than the second episode; not quite as good as the pilot. Unlike the second episode, we saw lots of character development here, specifically in the other agents and followers. Plus the flashbacks were more relevant this time around I felt, and the writing was much better. So for me, it's a 8.6/10, with the pilot being a 9/10 and the second episode being a 7.8/10... Thanks for the review.

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