The Following Review: A House Divided

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If Joe Carroll had a Twitter account he would probably have the most followers. Because, after "The Fall," it seems like they are simply everywhere.

Who isn't on Team Crazy Killer?!?

Out, Alive

Ryan Hardy crashed Emma, Paul and Jacob's kidnapping party, turning a situation the trio used to have under control into a tense police standoff that ultimately led to the breaking of their little fellowship.

Even as a hostage, Ryan still managed to have the upper hand, cleverly getting under his enemies' skin and pissing them off while they scrambled around trying to figure out what to do.

It was enjoyable seeing Kevin Bacon take the usually dark and frowny-faced Ryan and deliver some quips with a smirk, mocking the relationships of the trio, and even questioning their abilities to make decisions on their own. He was on fire and it was great seeing the group squirm.

But who the heck is Roderick?

This mysterious "name," supposedly taken from Poe's "The Fall of the House of Usher" (although, my money's on "Diary of Wimpy Kid") has enough power to call the shots and send in more followers to save the trio.

And yet the trio was broken, leaving Paul shot, Emma gone with Joey and Jacob confused and still not having killed anyone. Might this be the first crack in Joe's plan? Would Jacob and Paul stick with the following's work or will they be out to take revenge on Emma who abandoned them?

And did Emma really love Jacob at all or was she simply into manipulating the guys in her quest to fulfill her concept of power and choice?

It was interesting. Agent Parker tried to find a way to connect with Emma, as flashbacks - including a flashback within a flashback - revealed Debra's own part in a cult.

It was creepy watching her as a young child be offered up to the cult leader by her parents and I'm not surprised she left. Perhaps that's what makes her such an expert on cults and hunting down Joe.

But that last shot of her pulling out the necklace that contained the symbol for her original cult? Did that mean that maybe she's still more connected than we - or even she - wants to believe? Or simply recognition that her past has never left her?

I'm still a bit wary of her as the so-called good guy, although it was a rather revealing backstory for her character.

The only part that seemed more ridiculous and took away from the tension in the standoff was Claire in the secret lair of Charlie the admirer. I know she was desperate to do anything to see her kid, but did she really think that she would get to see him? And was she really that surprised that someone had been following her?

On top of that, Charlie seemed like a complete crazy person, slamming his head and feeling impure because of kissing her. Where does Joe find these people?

And as much as Joe is a chilling villain, I want to see him do more than sit down in prison and tell whoever is listening that the next chapter in the story is about to begin. I know he's the leader and his followers carry out the commands, but I'd love to see him in action at some point.

After all, it looks like Ryan's doing a lot of the killing and running around out of the two major characters. I'm sure Ryan would love a break to give his heart a rest, but when you're hunting sociopaths, there's never any time for that.

I'm still interested in Joe's big plan and the episodes continue to be heavy on the suspense and drama. Plus, with more and more followers coming out of the wood works, I'm definitely curious as to what's next for The Following.


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This show is like watching Zombieland. A laugh out loud, so predictable. The viewer is smarter than all those federal agents. This show is like a car wreck, you don't want to see it but you can't take your eyes off it. It will not see a second season


Does anyone else think that this show would be better with a supernatural element to it? Something like The Indigo Prophecy, where unknown dark forces are inducing people to commit murders as part of a larger plan. It's ok as it is, but I'm having a hard time believing that these people could be so easily influenced by some literary professor. Just sayin...


Story is ridiculous. In real life this guy Carroll would be in complete lockdown by now. An expert network of serial killers doing a bang up job out there, and much smarter than the police and laughable. Even when the killings aren't sexual in nature the plot just HAS to make them all women. Typical crap.


Roderick could be the police guy watching Claire, they one that rung Agent Parker when the lawyer left, the one who pulled Claire aside before Charlie let off a smoke explosion. Just an idea. I want to know who Roderick is and if Joey will ever get back to his Mother before the end of the Season.


I love this show..


I love this show but this episode was too much Ryan was sooooo close, smh. As soon as Ryan said the nutjobs were not going to leave the house alive I knew those buggers would wriggle out of there somehow. The blonde cop was so obvious, her eagerness to help made me cringe I was just waiting for her to switch. I'm also starting to care more about poor Ryan's heart than little Joey (who for some reason still trusts the brutal Emma, I thought that kid was supposed to be smart?) - Ryan would have got a shot at Emma if Joey had kept his distance instead of following her to the car. I do hope Parker is legit, after seeing her back story I think she would be too obvious as a plant. I don't have much to say about Claire, except she's so clueless, almost as good at trusting the clearly insane people as little Joey. Now lets wait for the next chapter of Joe's prison fairytales, that should start like this: 'Their once was a nutjob named Roderick'


the series paid for some decent writers for a good outline but the guys who filled in the details are terrible hacks. ruined it. derp derp derp. ridiculous.


This is probably the worst episode. I actually enjoyed the standoff but we are not back to square 1. I know Williamson did Scream 1-4 but this is TV and we cannot keep getting back to square 1. He need to wrap up 1 part and move on to the next chapter. The show is quite well pace and tense but in the end it might not keep viewers hook every week if its the same old thing.

Avatar LEAST favorite episode.....too many holes in the plot and story line...but i'll keep watching..


I love the show. Kevin Bacon is great and I can't wait for Monday nights to see what happens next. The show has quite a few twists, and the writers are a talented group to come up with great storylines week after week. This is one of the best shows on tv and I hope it lasts for several seasons.

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