The CW Renews Vampire Diaries, Arrow and Supernatural for 2013-2014

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The CW has given many fans a reason to celebrate Lincoln's birthday a day early:

The Vampire Diaries, Arrow and Supernatural have all been renewed for 2013-2014.

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The network's highest-rated shows (by far), none of the pick-ups come as a surprise, as Mark Pedowitz said in a statement announcing the news:

“We said last year that one of our goals was to establish building blocks to grow on, and now with our new hit Arrow and fan favorite Supernatural on Wednesday night, and the continued success of The Vampire Diaries on Thursday, we’ve been able to do that. Not only do Arrow, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries perform well on-air, they’re also extremely successful for us both digitally and socially. I’m thrilled to have all three shows returning to our schedule next season.”

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Very happy to hear that Supernatural is being renewed. Hopefully the writers get some good ideas for S9. S7 was very messy, and S8 was very slow to start. Killing off Bobby and bringing him back as a ghost in S7 was very bad. I was greatly disappointed with S8, and was worried about the future of the show. Sam's character needs serious fixing, and his hair needs cutting! Hopefully the writers will stop forcing annoying characters and pointless romances upon us, and the show will return it to its SPN canon. More Cas, Crowley, Ghosts, Witches, Angels and Demons, and NO Kevins, Garths or Charlies. Thank you CW for renewing it.

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I'm so surprised. What would really work is if vampire diaries would run normal again instead of the crazy random couple shenanigans. ;P


An obvious outcome for this network.
Now, to separate Arrow and Supernatural from each other so that other new shows get a chance at succeeding from a good lead-in.
I just hope that 90210 and Nikita manage to make the cut, seeing as Nikita is probably the only show that could hold a stable audience. 90210 on the otherhand just needs a much better time slot other than 9:00PM on a Monday or Tuesday.


Don't watch those shows so don't really care. Now, Nikita, however... IT DESERVES ANOTHER SEASON!


i love hart of dixie but tbh its not gilmore girls and it runs the same time of pretty little liars which has a huge following, and tvd is getting boring that i dont bother watching it, its basically copied buffy/angel storylines


I'm not looking forward to Arrow returning Vampire Diaries better be fuckin awesome or else I will not be looking forward to next season. Supernatural is the second the best show on the CW,so I am looking forward to next season the only real show I care about getting a pickup is Nikita !! the best show on the CW !!


No words about 90210?? At least renew it for its sixth and final season like gossip girl, don't rush the writers with a last minute series finale if it gets cancelled! :(


sad about beauty and the beast but terrific for everyone else !!!!


Supernatural is still airing?! Just kidding - I quit watching Superatural after its 3rd season. I think CW will try to go as far as S10 and then let it be (finally) before the guys grow old on this show.
Can't say anything about Arrow (only watched its pilot) but I had serious concerns that TVD might end after this season. There is this spin off The Originals and the other TVD storylines aren't really getting us anywhere. The writing hasn't been very persuasive since the episode 4 or 5 of this season. So Julie Plec & Co. you better up your game if season 5 is happening.


I quit Beauty & the Beast.

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