The Big Bang Theory Review: Most Pathetic Guy May Get a Girl

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Poor Raj! He finally has a girl talk to him, he actually asks her out... and she ditches him through a tiny, high bathroom window. I don't blame him for become a recluse.

As sad as the situation was for Raj, it was hilarious. I may quietly chuckle during shows, but I rarely burst out in a loud laugh. "The Monster Isolation" was an exception. Raj, whitey tighties, plastic bib, eating lobster ... what a sight to see. Kunal Nayyar pulled that scene off brilliantly.

Raj: My heart is stone. From now on, I'm a monk. I renounce all worldly pleasures. Except for Lobster. And, garlic butter. | permalink

After so long of struggling with girls, I was happy to see that Lucy came back and that she agreed to go on a date with Raj again. She's troubled. He's troubled. It could be a magical fit just like Howard and Bernie and Sheldon and Amy. And one full of comedic opportunities.

Koothrapali Refuses to Leave

As funny as it was, I hope to never see Raj running down the street in his underwear again. She better not break his heart!

While Raj was dealing his rejection, Sheldon was oblivious, wondering if they should interview for a new friend since Raj hadn't been around. The usually self-absorbed Sheldon did have a bit of a breakthrough with his pal Penny's help. I groaned when "Fun with Flags" came on the screen. After the Wil Wheaton "Fun with Flags" debacle, I was sure that it would be retired, but it was back. And, I'm glad that it was.

Sheldon: Please welcome my friend, neighbor and flag virgin -- yeah, though not a real virgin. She's had coitus many times. Sometimes within earshot of this flag enthusiast. Once while he was trying to watch the Incredibles. Penny. | permalink

Yes, I was wrong to groan, because it was hilarious. Unlike when Amy was the director and Wil was on, Sheldon actually listened to Penny's advice. He took her direction too literally by opening himself up. Arms extended. Opening his legs. Awkward. Though, his new relaxed stature was refreshing to see even if too open.

That new openness didn't extend to the complicated rules of personal interaction, compliments and invitations, though. Ultimately, Sheldon did accept Penny's invitation to see her perform, yet tried to bring his own entertainment with him. 

No gaming devices. Really, he has three of them? A Rubik's Cube down the front of his pants? A Etch-a-Sketch in his behind? Wow. He really feared being bored at the play.

Despite the lack of streetcars, he enjoyed the show. Even more importantly, Penny showed her friends that she was in fact a good actress. They have doubted her in the past, but it's unlikely they will in the future. Will they give her the support she needs to succeed as an actress and give up her waitress job?

Sheldon would probably like that so he could get a waitress that could remember his order.

Sheldon: How can she remember all those lines, but as a waitress she can't remember "no tomato" on my hamburger? | permalink

I'm excited to see Raj in a relationship. It's been a long time coming and if Sheldon can keep a relationship going, then Raj can too.

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What was your favorite line or moment? Are you glad that Raj has a girl in his life? Should "Fun with Flags" be retired?


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It was such a treat to watch Raj in this episode. That was just an amazing storyline for him. Really enjoyed it. I kind of like his new love interest, quirky, weird and ... damaged. As for the rest of the episode, I have to point out one thing - the RUBIC CUBE!!! Straight out of Sheldons pants!!! - LOL! Superb!


"Fun with flags" is a terrible concept. The first episode with it was a disaster, and happily this week it was only a minor part of the show. I hope the writers put it in the trash before it ruins the show. Raj's new girlfriend is great, and should be a welcome addition to the show.


@ViperGeek - Thanks for the imdb site, some interesting things there like comedy band and how very much she's worked.


This was one of the funnier episodes of the season. Both my wife and I had laugh out loud moments. Raj's whole storyline was excellent. Maybe I was the only one, but I thought Penny's acting in Streetcar Named Desire was awful and that was part of the joke. That her friends thought she was great when she really wasn't. RamblinRed


I think the girl Raj is seeing is thin, sure, but she's very attractive. I also think the way she portrayed her shyness did ring true. I hope they keep her around and develop the relationship. So far, what seems different about her to the other female regulars is that she seems to be thinking, but keeping what she thinks to herself -- which might mean an ability to blurt out some great lines down the road. I hope she's an addition to the show, because I think she's great!


I have a totally different take than Marie because I love the character they introduced for Raj. She's very relatable because there are many women (and men) that suffer from severe social anxiety (which I'm assuming she has). Amy, Penny, and Bernadette are quite interesting female characters in their own right so I can only imagine that over time Raj's girlfriend will turn out to be a fantastic character to add to the group :)
I do agree though, that it was great seeing Penny's acting skills, and how proud Leonard was of her.. so sweet.


Raj finally got a girl and a storyline.Yay! Not to be picky, and maybe I'm biased because seeing Mayim Bialik in real life makes me know Amy can be made beautiful on the show at some point, but this girl didn't only look plain she looked scrawny and ill. I know it's not all about looks but, well, television is a visual medium. The show already has a frump with Amy no need for more. Raj is handsome and smart surely it would make more sense to cure him of selective mutism than have him settle for whatever he can get.
Fun with Flags was hilarious. Once Sheldon took Penny's advice about relaxing, he went so far with that idea that I thought for a minute he was going to forget about flags and make a pass at her. I loved seeing Penny and Sheldon interact both there and over the invitation to the play.
I'm glad a few of her friends got to appreciate Penny's acting. I hope they can find a way to exploit that aspect by getting her a theater gig in town.

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Please welcome my friend, neighbor and flag virgin -- yeah, though not a real virgin. She's had coitus many times. Sometimes within earshot of this flag enthusiast. Once while he was trying to watch the Incredibles. Penny.


I guess you could say Raj is my name and stars are my game.