Switched at Birth Review: A Path Divided

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Bay and Daphne were once again at the center of conflict in "Tight Rope Walker."

Bay's concern about Regina manifested in her belief that her birth mom had returned to drinking and Daphne was torn between her loyalty to Carlton and her commitment to her mother and the school play, as Melody discovered new plans ahead for Carlton.

Keep Carlton Deaf

I realize I'm coming at this from a hearing perspective, but that's all I have. I can hear and I totally disagree with Melody. The cold hard facts of life are that we all have to coexist. While she's busy bitching about the hearing program, the one thing she's missing is the opportunity for the deaf to make the rules the hearing students must follow.

Sure, the hearing kids will be there, just like they will be there, for the rest of everyone's lives. Unless the deaf and hearing start isolating themselves on islands like lepers, living together is the option.

Bringing hearing students into a school primarily for deaf students is a unique opportunity to integrate the hearing students into the lives of the deaf instead of the other way around, which seems to be Melody's issue with the world in general. She's a very angry person, and hasn't come to terms with her ... I believe she calls it a gift.

For someone who is so happy with who she is, Melody does not seem to be empowering her students to live in a hearing world. I can understand wanting to protect deaf students and give them a refuge until they have to deal with the hearing world, but don't use it as some sort of utopian excuse. The mixed messages are mind-rattling.

I didn't understand why the fight was about the deaf becoming second class citizens in their own home. It was an artificial argument contrived because of the belief that bringing on more hearing students and their money would change the focus of the school. Instead, they should have been embracing the change, the opportunity to initiate more hearing children to the lives of the deaf and fighting to maintain control over the curriculum to make the most out of the experience for everyone.

It was all about choice. Melody chose to look at the change negatively instead of seeing the positive, even given what she knew about a family that learned to adapt to with the inclusion of a deaf child late in the game and how much it brought to their lives. I have to wonder if their inability to accept a more diverse student body (ironic, I know) is part of what drove the school board's decision to shut down Carlton.

Regina also made a choice - to drink. She can frequent any establishment she wants, but she has proven again and again she cannot drink without dragging herself and her family down a very dark path. Bay saw first hand what an alcoholic can become when Regina lashed into her. It was so ugly, but Bay never gave up on her. Whether or not Regina's word is golden is a tough call. Keeping it a secret between themselves gives Regina a lot of wiggle room to fall down. I've heard the plea she made to Bay from an alcoholic, and it didn't last.

Deleting her message to her sponsor proved Regina wasn't ready to call it quits just yet.

Other bits 'n bobs:

  • Just when I thought Emmett was going to be antagonistic toward Travis, he asked Melody if they could invite him into their home.
  • Not enough Natalie!
  • Toby is starting to annoy me. Enough about his love life already. The kid needs to be thinking about his future!
  • I kind of missed John this week. His John-isms were starting to be a lot of fun in the last few weeks. Did I just say that??
  • Zane turned out to be a really nice guy. I wonder where he will stand with things if Regina continues to drink.
  • It's too bad Bay couldn't turn to Angelo for help with Regina. They were just making headway and then ... blammo. Not a peep since "Dressing for the Charade."


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I really like this show and I like Melody. But Melody is really getting on my nerves this year. She is mad at every hearing person for no reason. If every hearing person was mad at her for being deaf she would be upset. It is funny how she looks down on hearing people but she doesn't have a problem sleeping with them. I am really disappinted in how she is handling this. You would think she would be more understanding since her best friend was Regina for years but now she is mad at her. Melody needs to get the deaf stick out of her butt this year! I agree Toby needs to grow up and stop just thinking about getting a girl in bed. When this girl gets pregnant I wonder if his parents will make a good girl smart remake about her!


I'm sorry to report, Jen, that the argument has taken that ugly turn. In the end the hearing students were promising to bring more money for more programs, and Melody took it somewhere completely different. I was really quite disappoiinted, considering what I thought the message of SAB would want to get out there.


I haven't watched the last two episodes yet because I didn't want to see Travis do exactly what I was afraid he'd do (go after the robbers himself instead of letting the police handle it). But have they made the fight at Carlton all about being angry that Hearing students are invading their space instead of it being about the hearing students costing more money than the school can afford to lose? I mean there are some obvious problems with the program if they keep having to hire new interpreters for the hearing students and as a result other programs are cut. THAT's what the protest should focus on. Not this "hearing people shouldn't be in our school!" bullshit that it sounds like from your review.

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