Supernatural Review: The Good Golem

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It looks like Sam and Dean have found their Batcave.

A good portion of the overall Supernatural Season 8 story has involved control of major information, especially with the leviathan, demon and angel tablets. But in "As Time Goes By," Henry Winchester revealed that a secret society stored their own massive collection of supernatural knowledge.

This could be the game-changing break of a lifetime for the brothers.

Dean Winchester in Action

Writer Ben Edlund couldn't have been happier with the gorgeous new set when he talked about it over a conference call. Certainly, it's nice to see the normally nomadic siblings have something of a home base, complete with alcohol, sharp scimitars and an enormous library collection.

Sam, whose been full of conflicted emotion over Amelia for most of the first half of the season, perked up after entering the new place and it was great to see him excited. He's always been the bookworm of the two, and watching him dive in was a great change of pace.

At the same time, Sam really put his skills to work chasing down leads and easily falling back into his old routine. The new Men of Letter's location has definitely put a fresh spark into Sam's commitment to the job, one that doesn't feel like he's being forced to do the task. He seemed to be embracing his role.

If anything, the brothers were getting along in their usual manner of Sam checking out the library and Dean checking out the girls. Although it was funny when Dean thought he was being hit on by a guy.

It was rather interesting bringing a secret society of Nazi necromancers as a sort of flip side to the Men of Letters, plus the fact that they weren't entirely defeated this time around.

Although we did get an evil blonde Harry Potter twin, as well as German accent-heavy group led by the commandant, I expected perhaps more spells and magic from them rather than pointing guns at Sam and Dean. They were certainly menacing and creepy, but I was prepared for more. That said, it looks like this Thule society is still out there and bound to pop up again to face the brothers.

Now, is this group on the same level as Crowley and his demons or even Naomi and whatever is going on with the angels? I guess that remains to be seen, but I do hope that we don't get so many "big bads" that the focus becomes spread too thin.

And if we do have more Thule members appearing in the future, I'd love to see Aaron and his Golem return as well.

Can you believe how huge the Golem was compared to Sam and Dean? Those guys normally tower over everyone, but here was one of the first times where someone was so physically imposing that the brothers looked nervous every time he stomped around.

A Giant Problem

Even Aaron was an enjoyable aspect that could have turned into someone overly whiny. Rather, he was just a guy with responsibilities trying to figure out what to do. And he was funny.

Rolling papers? Thinking the brothers are psychopaths?

There was a genuine quality to Aaron, and seeing him transition to being able to lead his Golem rather than have no idea what to do with him was good to see. It was kind of a happy ending for the episode, which was a nice change.

Even the usual one-on-one brother talk was simplified to Sam and Dean just having a drink together, on board with both being back on the job.

This was a positive turn for the brothers and the show. Whether you like the way the new Winchester mythology played out to lead them to this point, the result of the new info lair and Sam and Dean getting their job done like pros was a good transition. It seems as if everything is back on track for them to be hunting things and saving people.

Sure, Sam and Dean didn't actually get to fight Hitler in "Everybody Hates Hitler," and we really only got a small dose of the Nazi necromancer's powers, but this episode had Sam and Dean back on track, stepping into their classic roles, and doing what they do best. And there was a gigantic Golem to add to the fun.


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Golem was awesome and even more awesome is Dean's expressions of him. Didn't really had a big bad in this episode (kinda miss Crowley) but it was nonetheless very enjoyable. Specially when Dean thought he was being hit on by a guy. LOL!!!


@ Baby And after all you've done for him. It's not fair.


@Richard. I have to sleep outside, because the new fortress is made entirely out of very thick layers of cement. They therefore can't build me a garage. I hope it doesn't snow. Between you and me, I feel that Dean is losing interest in me. First it was in S7 when I was replaced with the POS car, and now - have you noticed - Dean rarely talks to me. I used to be a very important feature of SPN. And now, I'm just parked outside the batcave without a thought.......


I was expecting it to be horrible and it was actually real fun. Well done. Terrible promo.


@Walter Mitty. The last two episodes were good, but the episodes previous to these were terrible. I don't know whether Jeremy Carver is doing a good job. Was he responsible for the awful Amelia storyline? The Benny theme was promising, as was Naomi and Samandriel, and Cas and Crowley are always a treat, but S8 up until the Henry Winchester episode was very disappointing. I find it hard to forgive them for writing Sam so poorly. Sam is supposed to be the star of the show, but they made him into a sulky, half-asleep, disinterested, boring nob. I find it hard to accept Kevin as a prophet, and I really find Garth unwatchable. Hopefully the rest of S8 picks up, as these last two episodes were a great improvement.


Good article Sean, I enjoyed the episode and the new mythology Ben Edlund and Adam Glass have introduced. I like the direction this season is going, Jeremy Carver is doing a good job.


Dean's happy with the Batcave. Sam's in geek heaven. Now they need a hidden garage for Baby. Can't leave her out in the open like that.


Good episode! S8 has been very slow and boring. Sometimes I didn't know what show I was watching (sometimes I thought it was Days of our Lives, or a home maintainance program starring a bored-looking Sam). But this time I knew it was SPN. There was a brotherly relationship, a scary monster, a story that moved, and a good supporting cast. This is the SPN I want to see! It looks like SPN is on the way up again now that the pointless Amelia story is finished. Hopefully the annoying Trans and Garth will be gone, and hopefully there is no more Charlie. The LARP episode was terrible - SPN is about Sam & Dean, not about them being side-kicks to a cliched, fast-talking, mumbling comedian. Garth is annoying, and not what a hunter should be. I want to see brave hunters, not idiots. I don't want to see Sam & Dean babysitting a teenage "prophet" who can't read the tablets. Keep SPN scary. But well done on this episode.


Really enjoyed this episode, as I did last week's. Sadly it's taken this long for S8 to get interesting. Aaron and the Golem were excellent. Very creepy in the beginning, which is what SPN is supposed to be. Sam also was better to watch, and got into the story instead of sulking, whining and daydreaming. There was a connection again between the brothers, which was an improvement on the earlier episodes this season. Could have lived without the phone-call to Garth, though (please writers, stop forcing annoying buffoon characters onto us). I was hoping SPN would do a necromancer story, so this was more to my liking. Hopefully there is more necromancy to come. The MOL theme is interesting, but I hope to see what is happening with Castiel and Naomi soon. But this episode was well done.


Previews for this ep didn't really do it justice. I wasn't expecting much but the episode was actually really good. I thought some elements fit into the reality v. perception theme very well. Jensen was on the top of his game in this ep, the guest stars were great, and although I was all frowny face about the home base when I read about what Robert Singer had to say about it, I think it'll actually work for them pretty well (still prefer the Impala though, but they deserve a base of their own). I like that Dean didn't freak out too much about being fake hit-on by Aaron and didn't freak out in the way he usually does (violently). Sam warming his hands over the burning nazi necromancer corpse was great. Looking forward to seeing Kevin again next week! Now bring back Castiel!

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