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Miranda: Hollis rigged an election. The rest cover it up. He has a right to try to figure out their motivation. He cant trust what they tell him. They have lied to him for almost 3 yrs. He is also surveilling Cyrus. Of course Liv IS personal but I think he want to trust her because his heart must be telling him he would not do it for the same reason Hollis Verna Mellie and Cyrus did, but he doesn't trust his own judgement anymore, so he uses resource at his disposal. They installed him as the President so its not like he can hire a mom/pop small time detective, so he uses the resources at his disposal. thorngate. I someone he thinks he can trust.


March 21st Top of the Hour


So when is the next new episode of Scandal?


@scandalhooked, I don't think any of us is saying he should get over it, but with the spying on Olivia, he's stepping into psycho right now, not to mention violating the privacy of a private citizen for personal reasons, even if he could spin it so that they seem politically motivated.


I think you guys are being too hard on Fitz. Put yourself in his position. Imagine finding out a person who you loved(Verna) tried to assassinate you. Your best friend/father figure (Cyrus)betrayed you. Your wife (Mellie) betrayed you -even if not totally unexpected. Another close family friend(Hollis) probably knew from you were a child rigging a election and Finally, the woman who you consider the true love of your love(Olivia) who you cannot breathe without who you trusted above all else also betrayed you. To me, all of that is equivalent to my mother dying. My whole world would be destroyed. You guys really expect him to get over that with the snap of your finger?

To me the CIA director was more surprising. Cyrus said that Fitz is having him watched so it did not surprise me that he would have Olivia most likely Hollis and Mellie under surveillance as well. Of course he chose someone he trusted to do the surveillance on Olivia because it doesn't matter what he says he is still totally in love with her.

But what does McCreepy or CreepyJake does? he is using what he learns abt her to get her to go out on a date and sleep with her. That is just soooo unprofessional. Can you tell I am team olitz.

Mellie will always try to protect her turf and further her own political ambitions.

Cyprus and Huck are both monsters, but we still love them. But if Fitz has a hard time dealing with the destruction of his whole world we hate him?

Yes, the affair is wrong but he was not in it by himself, Olivia is just as guilty and they both have tried to do the right thing. He is the one that has worn his heart on his sleeve. He is the one who has tried to give up the Presidency to be with her and Olivia is the one that has blocked him.


What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?
-I have to go with Huck being in the rain while David was inside ringing him, it reminded me that Huck is real, he can hurt and it might take him awhile to come right. Also Quinn confronting him, that was cute.

Bigger shock: That Fitz and Jake know each other well or that the CIA Director is the mole?
-My husband and I picked the mole last week so that wasn't a shock. Fitz and Jake knowing each other was, I was glad. It made him less creepy and more cute. Jake and Olivia all the way.

How does your opinion of both Fitz and Jake change now that we know Fitz is the reason Jake is spying on Olivia?
-On Jake its a yah, makes him more cute then creepy the fact he's helping out a friend and the President. Fitz its a nah, apart of me wished me died from those bullets to the brain. Never liked him, never will.

What is Mellie's next move to get back in Fitz's good graces?
-Have a baby. Oh wait, she's already done that. Who cares, Mellie and Fitz can have each other, perfect match, match made in hell.

How much would it take for you to agree to a political marriage?


Lol! Love the answers
-I have to go with Jake trying to win over Olivia. He isn't intimidated by her, he doesn't just goalong with her. He tries to make her laugh and tries to respect her privacy as much as he can while still doing his job.
-A shady government official? Is that ever shocking? Jake and Fitz.
-Now that Olitz is on the fritz., Fitz has flipped his sh!tz. He's not on my good side for now. It would help if he put down the Bourbon and stopped acting psycho. Jake is still creepy just not as creepy and my crush on Scott Foley prohibits me from not liking his
-She's resourceful and diabolical. She'll find something.
-I don't like the spotlight or having my privacy invaded.Nothing... I think.

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