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Poor David! Poor Olivia! Poor Huck and everyone who had to smell him! All of these characters and their issues! Scandal is really playing on my sympathies lately. 

Olivia Pope is really very terrible at dating. Some would blame it on her star-crossed history with Fitz. Others probably blame it on the cell phone in her hand. She has no "off" switch.

Truth be told, the show is better for it, even if constantly being ripped away from half a second of happiness makes me sad for Olivia. As the last episode before Scandal takes a break, "Boom Goes the Dynamite" maintained the right balance between answering existing questions and leaving Gladiators yearning for more.

Boom Goes the Dynamite Scene

When Scandal moved away from the weekly clients, it lost a little bit of its dazzle. It was bogged down by Defiance and the election rigging cover up, offering no real room for character development or growth. There was too much talking... and the talking being done was too slow. 

Bringing back the weekly case speeds things up and gives the team something to do besides sit around the office waiting for the phone to ring. 

This week's case, a political family seeking office for the youngest son, gave Olivia a kick in the very beautiful dress so that she would perhaps consider being at least a little happy from time to time. I have no doubt that she's spent a great deal of the last 10 months pining over Fitz and missing him, but her sadness tonight felt almost self-imposed instead of related to her relationship woes. Like she doesn't think she deserves to be happy.

And maybe she didn't think she deserves happiness. Maybe she thought that she deserves to be lonely and sad. But, thankfully, Jake Ballard doesn't agree. And after that scene in the garden with the client, Olivia is starting to realize that she deserves more than just "stolen moments in hotel hallways." (That entire quote is a long but great one and can be found on the Scandal quotes page.)

If there is anyone out there who at this moment still wants to see Fitz and Olivia together, speak now or forever hold your peace. 

After tonight, I'm done with Fitz for the forseeable future. I want him and Olivia to have absolutely nothing to do with one another, maybe forever, since he can't even grant her the decency of explaining herself and instead called her a whore and had her life bugged with video surveillance. Wait, what's that? You didn't catch that?

Fitz is the reason Jake is watching Olivia on the Creepy Cam.

He says it's nothing personal. Olivia is just a bad person who needs to be watched. And she's a very bad person because...she lied to him?  Excuse me, but which of the two of them is an actual, cold-blooded murderer?

While I think it's creepy that Jake is so enamored with Olivia after watching the video feed, and while it was completely shudder-worthy when he stroked her face on the TV screen, there was something gentlemanly about him turning off the TV so she could get dressed in private. He could examine every aspect of her life, and her person, but that's a line he doesn't cross out of respect for her privacy when he wonders why he should be watching her at all.

(Side note: If Cyrus knows about the video surveillance and he isn't saying anything, curses to him. I've just had the thought that his naked argument with James may have occurred in the buff because he thinks perhaps his own house is being monitored.)

Watching Jake lie to Fitz about the new man in Olivia's life was also telling regarding his motivations where she's concerned. If he didn't care, he would've made something up, or said that he had gotten close to her in order to learn more. But by lying, he's making it clear that he intends to keep her to or for himself. 

I'm so conflicted by this character. Is he good? Is he bad? Is he both? He certainly makes Olivia smile.

Huck, on the other hand, had everyone grimacing tonight. At first I thought the smelly bit would be some strange spy quirk. Sometimes Huck gets caught up in work and doesn't shower, you know?

But when he was in the car outside David's school and the rain started falling, my heart sank. Of all the characters on Scandal, Huck is the one who most needs a hug. And he would probably snap my arms off for trying, but smelly or not, he needs some help. I'm glad he has Quinn. Their friendship is nice and interesting.

In the beginning, Olivia had Steven. Harrison and Abby had each other. That left Huck as the odd man out until Quinn came along. Now the two of them have each other. Harrison is the new Steven, which leaves Abby the odd woman out. So that means David needs to join the team post haste.

Plus, spending all that time at the office might be the only way he stays alive with the CIA Director/Mole after him so they might as well put his intelligence to good use. 

Finally, it was awesome to watch Cyrus figure out that Mellie has been throwing him under the bus to Fitz and then dish it right back to her. Completely awesome. I was almost giddy when Cyrus bested her. I understand why Fitz chose Mellie over Cyrus and Olivia when he found out about Defiance, but she was never the right choice as an adviser. 

What did you think of "Boom Goes The Dynamite?" Are your thoughts about Jake Ballard changing after this week?


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Fitz is a murdering spoiled little boy. He is freezing Cyrus and Olivia out because of Defiance - because they loved him and believed in him so much that they rigged the election. DoOes he not know that Mellie was also on the "lying team"? He calls Olivia a whore, but gets Jake to video bug her house and watch her. He takes political advice from Mellie (although it was Vyrus' advice) a woman who he doesn't love. AtWill's party, he thinks he has the upper hand until he sees Olivia laughing and smiling on the phone. He let his jealousy lose his focus. Ergo, a spoiled little boy! No matter what I love David and Abby (Dabby). Harrison is truly Olivia's gladiator. Still don't know if Jake is good or bad. Loved the way Cyrus got back at Mellie.


I agree you guys. Fitz definitely needs to get it together. I think if Olivia was to find out that jake has been watching her of course she would be upset but I think she will be pissed if she finds out who hired him to do it and that will draw an even bigger wedge between her and fitz because now she wouldn't trust him and might see him a threat.


I am so conflicted by Fitz - I want him and Olivia back together but have to agree the relationshiop has become unhealthy for both of them! I mourn the loss of their "healthy" relationship where they both were so good together!
I knew as soon as I saw Huck grossing everyone out that he wasn't showering b/c of waterboarding. He is also going through a particularly sad time in his life and want to see him back to his full functioning mode - and I mean HIS definition of fully functioning. All the characters right now seem to be going through some loss or another - all of them experiencing the same thing at one time is a downer and really sad. LOVE Cyrus - so glad to see him back in his game!! Mellie HAS to go down!!


Last week Jake was creepy. This week when he was telling Fritz she is not doing anything and Fritz was calling her names, I really have never liked Fritz because he is weak but now i really dislike him. Liv and do better. The jury is still out on Jake. Even if he turns out to be a good guy Liv will not like he after she finds out about the videos. Huck and Quinn are great together. More Harrison please he is a babe! Love Cy throwing Mellie under the bus. I see great fights between them in the future for control of that wuss Fritz! But then again he deserves it!


I spent much of the show screeming at Quinn to tell Huck that he stank LOL. After she told him and he revealed what was happening to him and she understood because she had did her research into the after effects of waterboarding I wanted her to hug him. But alas the smell was too strong. Looks like getting shot in the head has un-leashed Fritz's inner mean streak, to bad he's not smart enough to really make it work (IMO).


Hey guys. I'm really enjoying all of your comments and point of views. I've been hearing other people say jake is so creepy but I actually think Fitz is the real creep for having her watched in the first place. I think someone said it before but that's not love that's obsession and you should never be obsessed with someone because it ultimately leads to dangerous things happening. @Miranda Wicker- Thanks I'm happy to be here! @Sa'ad702- To answer your question about why there's no new promos is because we won't be getting any new episodes of scandal for a month so they will just be playing repeats for awhile.


I loved when Cyrus got revenge on Mellie. She is so annoying. As for Fitz I use to like him but now he is to creepy. Even the way he was looking at her was scary. I have a feeling that Jake may not be around for long. As for the mole (I just have to get this out) It was obvious to me on who it was. Once I saw his face last week and they said mole I knew. If there are any fans of Supernatural out there watching this show knew as well. That guy is so good playing the bad guy. Three seasons of playing an Angel of God made me question if I ever wanted to see or meet Angels. Anyway my point is that if that killer is the mole with this shows writers. We are in for one hell of a ride.


Loved the episode, love the review (great job Miranda) and absolutely crushed about Olitz. I can't believe I agree that Olivia needs to be away from Fitz #sigh. I need Fitz to be redeemed down the road cos I love(d) Olitz and I also love how Tony G is invested in Olitz plus how gutted he is by the way things are. Shonda and her writers are amazing. That is all #sigh.


OMG, they're yanking us around, aren't they? Last week I was ready to shoot Jake myself because he just seemed like a creepy stalker, and Fitz was still the good guy... now, Fitz just looks like a dictatorial jealous maniac who doesn't want the woman he doesn't want to find anyone who makes her smile! I'm liking Jake a LOT right now, and think he looks smart enough to get this going somehow. (And the fact that the oh-so-adorable Scott Foley is playing Jake is a HUGE bonus because he brings a great deal of charm to the role!)

Miranda wicker

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Jake: Wow, you really suck at dating.
Olivia: I never said this was a date. You did.

Jake: It's a date.
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Jake: It's a date. You said meeting. I'm not a client. I don't have a problem. I don't need fixing. I asked you out. You said yes. We dressed up. At the end of the evening if all goes well there will be kissing. This is not a meeting this is a date. And I don't want to insult you. You chose this restaurant. I'm sure the food is very good, but this is not a date restaurant. You can't have a date here. This is where dates go to die. You look extraordinary, by the way.