Revenge Round Table: "Union"

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Sunday's episode of Revenge saw the ABC melodrama return in jaw-dropping fashion, as the "Union" of Jack and Amanda served as the backdrop to a series of potentially series-altering events.

Below, TV Fanatic's Miranda Wicker, Kate Brooks, Steve Marsi, Christine Orlando and Leigh Raines break down the latest installment and look ahead to next week in our Round Table Q&A.

Weigh in with your own responses to these Revenge topics below!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from "Union"?

Christine: Definitely Victoria shooting Helen. You threaten my kid, that's what you can expect. For once I'm completely on Victoria's team. Plus you had to love Daniel and Conrad's reactions to seeing the body on the floor. There's never a dull moment at Grayson Manor.

Miranda: Right, Christine? That scene and her "I'll go first" were just priceless. But favorite scene goes to Emily having a breakdown at Jack and Amanda's wedding and looking up to see Aiden on the hill. Awwwwww.

Kate: Victoria Grayson killing that bitch! Muwahaha!

Leigh: I haven't been that into Revenge lately but I was sobbing during the wedding. Between the pipe cleaner ring, the vows, and Emily looking up and seeing Aiden I was full on ugly crying.

Steve: Agree with Miranda. "I'll go first" was simply classic.

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2. Is Padma telling Nolan the truth about her dad?

Christine: I hope so, if for no other reason than Nolan could use a little love and happiness in his life. Also it would give him the chance to play white knight AND get the girl for once.

Miranda: I think she's telling the truth about them having her dad, yes. I also think she's telling the truth about developing real feelings for Nolan. I don't think she didn't know what Carrion was, though, and still don't trust her completely.

Kate: Either way, I don't trust her so it doesn't matter to me.

Leigh: Yes I think she is. It's totally conceivable that The Initiative would do that. Also she realizes that Nolan's certainly smart enough to look into stuff so she can't really get away with lying. 

Steve: I think so. I don't really buy her shadiness otherwise and she did seem genuinely into Nolan. As Leigh also points out, we're dealing with an organization that clearly does such things.

3. Amanda showing Conrad the video surveillance: smart or stupid?

Christine: She forgot the part about pointing out that if she or anyone she loves is hurt or killed the information will still come out. Without that caveat, she was a goner.

Miranda: Of all the dumb things this girl has done, I feel like this is the dumbest. On so many levels. So stupid.

Kate: I agree with Miranda, STUPID!

Leigh: Well since it lead to Nate stowing himself on the Stowaway to kill them, I'm gonna go with stupid. Amanda is loyal and fights for her family but she's also compulsive.

Steve: Christine nailed it. Amanda's scrappy and she's a fighter, and had no way of knowing Nate would get involved, but to not expect retribution after blackmailing someone as resourceful and morally bankrupt as Conrad? Her plan needed to be even more elaborate and threatening, with contingencies.

4. Pretend marriages as children: sweet or creepy?

Christine: Eh. It did nothing for me either way but I did like that Emily gave Amanda the kiddie ring. It was a sweet way of giving Amanda her blessing.

Miranda: That was way creepy. Mostly because her dad was involved and Jack seemed like a pre-teen.

Kate: In theory, cute! The way they showed it - a little creepy.

Leigh: It didn't bother me, I thought it was sweet. In fact the pipe cleaner rings totally gutted me.

Steve: A little unusual that this is now they chose to spend their time before even reaching adolescence, but I was neither moved nor creeped out really. It just sort of happened.

5. What's your drink of choice after shooting someone in your pool house?

Christine: I don't drink, but that just might get me there.

Miranda: For name alone, I feel like a Bloody Mary is appropriate here.

Kate: Because I'd be filled with guilt, I'd say vodka chased with tequila and then maybe some whiskey to wash it all down. 

Leigh: Hmm, well wine wouldn't be strong enough so maybe some whiskey would do. That was a great scene with all of them standing above the body. Christine is right, never a dull moment in Grayson Manor.

Steve: I'd be like Marco Rubio reaching for water last night. He didn't commit any crimes, but he was a little awkward and dehydrated, as I would no doubt be after killing a member of the Initiative.

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