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Excellent episode. 1. Hope the body on the sunken boat is either Jack-ass, or that Ryan guy. 2. The children wedding thing was creepy. 3. Victoria blasting Helen, "priceless". 4. Love that faux Amanda would do anything to protect her son, and husband. 5. Emily kind of irrelevant, and clueless to the goings on right now. 6. Just wish when Conrad came home and saw his wife and son with the dead Helen would have said: "oy veh".


P.S Helen was a boring villan time for her to go....


Ryan will kidnap baby Carl and hold him for ransom ....was he on the boat or at the bar ?


I wasn't surprised at all by Victoria. I was sure she was going to pull the trigger. The question is, where do we go from here? I guess they'll introduce a new villain from the initiative now that Helen's dead. I too found it stupid that Amanda went to blackmail Conrad, but what I found even more stupid is that they even went to him for money in the first place. Everyone knows you can't trust the Greysons. They should have asked Emily from the beginning, instead of giving out half the Stowaway to the brothers.


BITCH just died,so simple but dat prove do not mess with VICTORIA the queen of all bitch! i think the next character is goin die is amanda!!she so lame and stupid!!


are you kidding? Victoria killed once, i never doubted for a second that she would pull the trigger.


Yes, the pretend child wedding was RIDICULOUSLY WEIRD. Also, wasn't she 8 or so? And Jack looked 12? I don't know a single 12 year old boy who would be okay 1) being best friends with an 8 year old girl or 2) playing wedding on the beach with her and her father. COMPLETELY WEIRD AND CREEPY.


I still cant trust padma because of course, her love for her father will overcome anything, even her love for Nolan.


such an intense episode.
I hate how Amanda used emily's things to blackmail conrad
I understand emily's feel for Aiden but i'm not really feeling him.

No one has mentioned how weird(er) jack looked with no facial hair. omg
Loved Victoria and of course, i was waiting for the Amanda to EXPLODE but I'll deal with a stowaway.
Jack's storline just got interesting, he's about to die


Anyway I thought it was a very good chapter, an improvement for sure.

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