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All signs point to Jack being the one that will be killed. But that wouldn't make sense if the writers stay true to the original premise of the show. When Revenge has its final show in it's final season, hopefully not till 10 years from now, Emily has to end up with her true first love. When the show comes full circle, Jack HAS to be there!


I see it clearly now... The Grayson's will frame Hellen;s death on Aiden. This will bring the initiative even closer to Emily's door.

This was a so/so episode in the sense that we thought there would be a death, but it was dragged out to the next episode.

I did not love the episode and saw all of its fatal flaws at once. I hope that the next episodes are better, because this one just left too many loose ends.

It is sad that Helen is dead. I guess that we shall see a new leader of the initiative. This twist could prove interesting.

I did not like the Nolan Padma storyline. It was not believable. It could have and should have been left out so that the explosion could have taken place. They waste a lot of filler and excess baggage in this show with scenes like the Nolan and Padma. I really like both characters. The scene was forced and was non-essential to the episode. Both characters are good, they should be used more strategically.


Did not expect Amanda to do something so incredibly stupid! She can kill people with a crowbar and stay hidden but cant do some blackmail or whatever she was trying to do! Did not expect victoria To Shoot Ellen (though she probably deserved it, shes even wickeder than victoria) And Did not Expect your dude to be on the boat with the honeymooners!! Seriously dude (cant remember his name) get an honest job and a LIFE!


I loved the episode, at the beginning I didn't really think Victoria was going to kill Helen, but once I heard the magical words, Helen saying that Victoria doesn't have the guts to kill her, I was like OK, if she wasn't going to kill her before, now she actually is... Also seeing the promo I think that FauxAmanda will die, and tell Jack that she's not the real Amanda.. I saw that Jack gets shot, but I believe he'll survive, because for some reason when they were on the boat, on this episode, he didn't had his ring on, and the dead person from next week episode does...I really hope it's of the Ryan brother's. As for Family Grayson, I believe that they are going to frame Helen's death on someone, still don't know who...


I sure hope Jack figures out that he did not marry the woman he loved when they were children. Hope Jack survives but "Amanda-not" doesn't. I feel so sad for Emily having to deal with all this but it's one great ride.


Wow, amazing episode, so much going on it's hard to keep it all straight. But from the looks of the promo, I think that Jack is going to die next week, leaving fauxmanda to raise the baby alone, and even if Emily kills one of the Ryan brothers, there is still the one on land to deal with, and there is still Conrad Grayson to deal with as well. So I think there is still a lot of ugliness to come. I was glad to see Aiden come back to Emily, because I believe there is a real love between them, unlike the faux love she has to enact with Daniel, because he has been her "in" to the Graysons. Now she will have to find another way, which I think is a good idea. And I sincerely hope that my beloved Nolan does NOT trust Padma. I do not think she has his best interests at heart. Sad but true. Nolan is still the best character on this show, BTW. And yes, I was unsurprised that Victoria shot Helen. She's the Queen B, and viewers need to remember that there can be only one!


I wish the show would try to make Montauk, L.I., New York, look a little less like southern California.


OMG what a KILLER episode.

Fauxmanda is going to die i think they are gonna put Jack in a comma or something. And Emily is gonna take revenge on nate, he has no idea what he is in for GOD I CANT WAIT!

Also Victoria killing off Helen was shocking, although i did not expect any other ending, just how are they gonna get rid of her body? and how will the Greysons handle it? especially Daniel


This was my favorite episode so far. I loved that Victoria shot Helen(Time for her character to go)! As soon as Helen started taunting Victoria about not having the guts to shoot her, I was like "Uh oh! Wrong person to underestimate." I also loved how nonchalant Victoria was about it, calmly stepping over her still warm body to get a drink. It says a lot about her character and how she'll walk right over someone to get what she wants. What Amanda did was insainly stupid, why on earth take the evidence right into Conrad's office. If she doesn't die in next weeks episode, then its just a matter of time. She slit her own throat. The wedding scene had me tearing up...not for Amanda and Jack, but for Emily. Watching your childhood dream die can't be easily, pretending to be happy has to be even harder. I was glad that Aiden showed up. You could see the relief on Emily's face. Can't wait to see what transpires next week. Hopefully "Faux Amanda" gets killed off.


Yay! Great episode! Victoria pulling the trigger was an OMG and YES! moment...because I always had this thought that there was someone else behing Helen Crowley and now we might get to meet him.....also yeah, you don't mess mama Grayson! Can't wait to see how they cover this up and who will they frame it for!

My heart melted when Emily saw Aiden on the beach at the Nolan was saying all those words and so was Amanda....I think its crystal clear what she feels for him and I was soooo glad to see that scene! So happy now!

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