POLL: Who Needs Cupid's Arrow on Valentine's Day?

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Being single on Valentine's Day isn't a crime. But some of our favorite unattached TV characters could certainly use a special visit from Cupid today.

Check out our list of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes below and decide who should remain happily single... and who deserves to be lucky in love.


April Kepner (Grey's Anatomy) Since her former flame Jackson seems to be moving on, isn't it time for April to take a chance on love again? Perhaps someone she doesn't work with every day. How about that cute paramedic?

Javier Esposito (Castle) Why is the 12th precinct's hottest Latin lover been going solo for so long?  Well, the M word got mentioned much too soon, Javi's former flame Lanie Parish got spooked and ran but is EspLaine hot and heavy once again? Should Espo move on and find new love? You make the call.

The Entire Cast of NCIS Think about it. Gibbs, Tony, Ziva, Tim, Abby, Ducky, and with the murder of his wife now even Director Vance is unattached. If you want some romance in your life, don't take a job at NCIS.

NCIS Lonely Hearts

Emma Swan (Once Upon a Time) She's had an abysmal love life. Neal, her first love took off leaving her to face a prison rap. The last guy she kissed had his heart ripped out, literally.  Is it even possible for Emma to find her happily ever after?

Patrick Jane (The Mentalist) Besides a dalliance with one of Red John's minions, Patrick Jane has been all but a monk since the serial killer murdered his wife and child.  It's been a decade. That's a long time to be alone.  Is there any chance Jane will find love again…perhaps with his equally lonely partner, Teresa Lisbon?

Sarah Braverman (Parenthood) When Sarah finally made a decision between Mark and Hank (Go Team Hank!) he had already decided he needed to move to Minnesota to be with his daughter. Are you hoping that Sarah headed north and is finding love amongst the snow drifts this Valentine's Day?

Ted Mosby (How I Met Your Mother) This guy has been looking for the future mother of his children for eight seasons! With one more season left, will that mean that Ted will find his Valentine soon?

Megan Hunt (Body of Proof) She's beautiful. She's smart and more than a little snarky but Megan Hunt is a party of one as Body of Proof returns this month. Do you want to see the good doctor fix her own love life this season?

Danny Williams (Hawaii Five-O) Danny's a good dad and great cop. You'd think he could find love on a romantic Hawaiian island.

Naomi Clarke (90210) When your husband walks out in the middle of the night, it doesn't bode well for a happy Valentine's. Perhaps Cupid could show a little mercy and pay her a visit on the 14th.

Neal Caffrey (White Collar) With all the angst over trying to prove who framed his long lost father, could Neal use a little love in his life or is that one complication too many for the gorgeous con man?

Is there anyone we left out? Let us know and then choose which character is most deserving of a visit from Cupid this season?

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i think Gibbs could use some love. and his family back.


Javier Esposito. The guy deserves a girl. That too a very HOT one. Just like HIM!


need something to happen with tony and ziva


Nell and Eric on NCIS:LA need to quit acting like they're not in love. From Eric almost getting "frelted" to Nell getting kidnapped last episode, and the kiss in between, they've been in denial for too long.


Tony and Ziva from NCIS! After 8 years of tension it is time! I don't need it to be all consuming and for it to take over the show. I think that if it was done in little snippets like they do with Booth and Brennan on "Bones" and with Castle and Beckett on "Castle" it would be fine and work well. Those shows seem to do a good job of balancing the relationships without ruining the feel of the show and I think that the writers could do the same thing on NCIS.


I'd be fine with the cast of NCIS but it must be kept primarily off screen and there should be no pairings among the team

Sue ann

I think if Jane gets seriously interested in anyone, Red John will take them out, just the way he did the fake psychic a few seasons back. I think Jane knows it.


The cast of NCIS! Altough i think they should keep it off screen (except when it is Tiva or McAbby then i am all in!) What makes the show so good are the little moments, so keep it coming Also Alex Karev, the guy deserves someone special


Grace VAn Plet from the Mentalist needs a love interst

Spindae 2o

Emma really needs some sweet love! since the Huntsman she hadn't a really connection!
I miss her and the huntsman! I miss her and August!

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