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Please stop with the not needed extra people. Stop with the flash backs. These 2 can make a great show on their own with the person to save per week. We do not want to loose this one.


It was Pierce's partner that was taking out the competition.....buying out & submarining any competitor. Remember the meeting where he 'woke up' and pulled the rug out from under his partner by admitted they had done something wrong & would repay all money lost.
Pierce WAS the good guy & but just didn't care to be bothered with the day to day business of running the comany.


Pretty good episode. Definitely better than C.O.D and Critical. I liked that they took it out of the US.


@Eriend - I think maybe I wanted FriendCzar to have 3 billion, but thanks for catching that.

@Dreamrose - I like what you're thinking. I wonder if we will discover all that by the end of this season too.


Guest 10 - you are right that John killed both cops. The first group of dirty cops in the Pilot was not HR. That's the group that Fusco was in when he was told to get rid of Reese by taking him to Oyster Bay. Instead Reese escaped, killed Officer Stills and brought Fusco into the fold. In a later episode last season, Reese saved Fusco from being executed in the woods by an HR cop. That's the ep where Fusco destroyed the undercover cop's file before HR could figure out who the undercover cop was. That's also when Reese forced Fusco to become a member of HR by calling Officer Simmons for help with disposing the body. I also remember the Captain mentioning that the first group of dirty cops that Fusco belonged to were not related to HR and were in involved in more petty things --- essentially HR's scraps. But you are right .. a call from Reese to Carter would clear things up.


Awesome question Dreamrose, Here's a good question: what if Finch's number came up? And it was that threat that resulted in his traumatic injury and Nathan's death?
& another Awesome Episode, I really enjoyed it.


- "...FriendCzar, which apparently has over three billion users."

Not quite. According to the webpage on Finch's monitor, it has 973,422,068 users. Or, as Finch phrases it, "just shy of a billion".


Why is Fusco so worried about telling Carter about John killing both those cops? Fusco didn't kill either of them - John did. And the 2nd cop was only after Fusco because Fusco was stealing records for John and Finch. Carter knows about John - I don't get what the big deal is. John would confirm it and it wouldn't be an issue. And why hasn't Fusco told John that Carter was looking into it so John could tell Carter to drop it? Fusco may have been mixed up with HR when the first killing went down, but bottom line is he didn't kill either of those cops so he's clear on both deaths.


Fun episode. I too predict we'll see Logan come back. I can't see a universe where a man like Logan won't try to ferret out the truth, at the very least. He now knows there's another tech genius out there who might be as good as him, and a guy with Logan's ego, brilliance, and philosophy - he'll want to know. I wonder if he thinks (or can) upgrade the Machine. And if so, is the Machine advanced enough to feel threatened? Or am I thinking of another show which used to be on Fox? ;-)

I was disappointed in Carter. So she's a cop and won't help Fusco cuz then she'd have to arrest him? So, let's talk about John and Finch, Carter, and how you actively aid and protect them when you know they've broken the law.


I think the flashbacks were actually very important. Up until this point, it's been implied that the Machine might have eliminated Nathan Ingram since he was a potential threat. This episode, we see that the "irrelevant" numbers were initially directed to Nathan as the "Aux-Admin" - making it very probable that he got himself killed trying to help the irrelevants.

Here's a good question: what if Finch's number came up? And it was that threat that resulted in his traumatic injury and Nathan's death? And, thus, ultimately precipitating Finch's decision to take on Nathan's task of protecting irrelevants and finding someone properly equipped to do the legwork?

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