Person of Interest Review: No Reservations

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I think you're a better shot than you are a bellhop!

I guess it's pretty obvious that John Reese wasn't cut out for the hotel industry, but his time working the suite life made for a brilliantly entertaining episode.

"Booked Solid" is so far my favorite episode of Person of Interest Season 2, loading up on the action and witty dialogue, dropping in some great twists and closing it out with a great surprise.

Overwhelmed By the Suspects

The installment was penned by Nic Van Zeebroeck and Michael Sopczynski - who first introduced the sexy and smart character of Zoe Morgan back in "The Fix-" and they also happened to be the writers of the highly fun suburbia-focused episode that included Zoe again, in "The High Road."

So it was no surprise that not only did Zoe return for this outing, but it was an overall outstanding hour in general. These two have a great grasp of the tone, the characters,and story. It makes me look forward to whatever episode is next for them.

Interestingly enough, there seemed to be way more action than usual, but watching Reese show viewers what makes him the lethally cool force that he is was fine by me.

Reese was all over the place, taking down bad guys left and right, including some swift hand to hand combat with another assassin. At the same time, he did switch up his usual shot to the kneecap routine, with some to the shoulder and a knife to the chest.

Of course, Reese got some great lines and Jim Caviezel nailed the dry humor, from hoping that the threat would be Derek or even punching him out after getting berated.

Reese even got lucky enough to have one of the hotel guests hit on him. Let's face it, the guy is smooth no matter what type of outfit he's wearing.

But the chemistry that really got the sparks flying was with the short interactions between Reese and Zoe. I kind of enjoy the fact that she's on for brief moments to keep us wanting her to come back for more, but man, her character lights up the scene no matter how long around.

From their flirtatious quips in the elevator to potentially booking a room together for the night after drinks, we witnessed not other fun human side to Reese and Zoe, but something to root for at least relationship-wise.

Which if you think about the main characters of the show, they generally lead loveless lives. Even Carter turned her time with Cal Beecher into a dead end.

Did she fail the polygraph because her baseline "lie" made her seem like she was lying when answering the questions about Beecher? Talk about a major backfire to the plan not only for her career, but that hope at love as well.

At least she did manage to take part in the action by shooting that last remaining hitman.

And can you believe Fusco, who normally fumbles and bumbles situations leaving Reese to fix them, went super cop on the two hitmen? Not only did he have a great shot, he was pretty quick to punch and kick them out of commission. Way to go, Fusco.

Now, while it was very cool watching Finch and Reese work to take out the hitmen trying to take out Mira the hotel maid, it was a little silly that she became the new manager, on top of Finch deciding to buy the hotel. Even so, I guess in the context of the show it works out.

Plus, the hour did a wonderful job of bringing some of that larger story arc to mix with the case of the week. That persistent assassin was finally able to catch up with Reese before getting beat (there's no way he could defeat Reese) only to be called back to Washington for something more important.

What's more important than finding out who Reese works for?

Whatever it is, it's something huge, because the shocking twist at the end brought back the crafty and intelligent Root, who last escaped in "Bad Code." Turns out, she's infiltrated the big wigs in Washington who are probably connected to the Machine, and trying to hunt down Reese and Finch. What a great way to leave us wanting more.

This was a well rounded and expertly made episode that really captured what makes Person of Interest a stand out show. Keep 'em coming.

Booked Solid Review

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