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I agree about the outsider story. Take it somewhere or end it quick, it's getting boring. With everything else going on behind the scenes in Storybrook, it's really kind of minor.
I really love Neil/ bae! He's so normal! I hope he goes to Storybrook with Henry and Emma and sticks around.


I guess this episode puts to rest the suggestion made last week that Regina in that episode was really Cora. Based on her comments this week, the Regina meeting with Snow/Charming was the real Regina. Regina's other appearances, OTOH could still in theory be Cora.


@DeAnn - I had an idea. Hook has pretty much served his purpose if going forward, it's all about Cora, Wonderland, Jefferson & possibly Oz. I think Colin O'Donoghue should hop on over to DOWNTON ABBEY & romance once of the female leads over there next season. The guy is made for loosening up straitlaced ladies!


I am with KansasGuest, the outsider guy filming everything on his smartphone is pretty boring.
Meanwhile, it was nice to see Gold/Rumple get his karmic payback for being such an evil twee dwarfish jerk so much of the time, and to see him realize that he can't just come waltzing back into his son's life and expect to be welcomed with open arms. Though I do not like the Neal/Bae character at all, I hope that he has some time to talk to his son and be the father that his father never was. I am pretty concerned about Cora and Regina's plans to just kill everyone off and take what they want, as that would pretty much end the show. I also think Hook needs to go off and be somewhere else, he's such a slimeball, and he's doing no good to anyone, now. Poor Belle, I hope that she gets her memory back or that they can ship her off to an asylum, because she's not happy in Storybrooke.


I'm very glad that though everyone had predicted that Henry's father was Baelfire the writers didn't try to go with sth more unexpected. It just fits the story so well. And i like Neil. Though i had imagined Bael growing up to be a completely different person...but still...he's ok. Now...i'm not worried about Rumple hurting Henry. First of all, he's his grandson. And second of all, after all these, Rumple knows better than to take for granted the words of the seer.
I am kind of hoping that Regina and Hook are working together behind Cora's back.I really want to believe that Regina would know better than to trust her mother and Hook doesn't give the hidden treasure locations away so easily.


I also loved how Emma called Snow for advice, and I have never seen Emma as vulnerable as she was here. Normally, I would have thought she would be calling him names, and how he screwed up her life etc.., but he didn't, and he let her go home. When he mentioned that she still had the necklace, she knew that for all her bravado, she kept it for more than a reminder to never trust anyone again.

Oh, August, messing with their lives, because he was weak & did not take care of Emma, as he was meant to do. Shame! Then stealing the $ Neal had gotten for Emma, oh, but he reminded him the curse was broken, which we now know meant nothing as he never wanted to see his father again. Oh, and timelines...looks like time is different outside of Storbrooke.

PS: Hook, ditch the witches, your vengeance is done, put on some regular clothes and get over it. Cora just wants to be the Dark we all agree?


I don't mean for to take up so much room. But, some final thoughts:

- Barbara Hershey/Cora in modern clothes looks 20 years younger. Hot mama!
- Leaving Hook unconscious in a corner - that's cold, Cora.
- I agree w/TFV168 - Gold's scarf is an anomaly if it's magic is protecting him yet isn't supposed to work in the land without magic.
- The "outsider" storyline is getting boring with me. I don't care about that man or who he is communicating with. Either go somewhere with it fast, or end it.


CONTINUED FROM BELOW...Rumple finds his son, and the first words out of his mouth are, "I'll use magic to change you back to a tween." YEAH, GODS MAN! Have you learned NOTHING in the past HUNDREDS of years?!?! Rumple is worse than Regina. He still hasn't accepted his responsibility for losing Bae, and I don't mean letting go of the kid's hand. He really lost Bae long before that moment. Which brings me to one of the *best* moments in the whole episode IMO - Neal's speech. We knew it wouldn't be a warm & fuzzy reunion. But, his bitterness about living in a world alone after being abandoned by his father was so AWESOME! It was consistent with all the hurt this family has passed down for generations. It's understandable. And, for someone who has caused as much pain as Rumple, it's karmic payback. Finding Bae was just the beginning. You don't get your happy ending, Rumple, without working long and HARD, and actually *deserving* it. BRAVO, OUAT!


@Jason - I agree with you about the Seer's prophecy. What is so ironic about them is that the character of the person hearing it affects what they hear. Mr. Gold/Rumple is so used to being the underdog that he automatically assumes the worst from every prophecy. He didn't even consider other interpretations of the Seer's words. "The boy will be your undoing," for Rumple meant that the kid will lead him to his death. Does he even think it could mean that if he voluntarily gives up magic & his manipulative ways, he'll finally get that loving family he's always wanted? Of course not, because as we saw, Rumple still doesn't see how magic & power has corrupted him...CONTINUED ABOVE


"So Rumple left Baelfire, who took off on Emma, who gave up Henry. That's quite the family history of abandonment issues." - Perfectly phrased, Christine!

What was great about this episode for me is that the reveal of Bae would have been the cliffhanger in most tv series, and then having Henry find out his real dad would have taken another 6 episodes. But, OUAT put it right in the first 5 minutes and then stepped on the storytelling gas, making the repercussions fly in all directions. Bae didn't just discover Henry's existence. Henry found out his mom lied, he has another grandfather (which led to the nights 2nd great quote from Snow), and the audience is now farther along than most of the main characters because we know about the seer's prediction & Cora's plot. Well done!

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