Once Upon a Time Review: The Missing Piece

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Then I'll just have to kill him.

Those were the words left echoing in our heads at the end of "Manhattan," but will Rumplestiltskin stick to that plan or will new revelations change everyone's fate?

When Rumple bashed his own leg, he believed he was doing it so he could be there for his own son. Word of advice: never trust a seer.

Rumple and Baelfire

He couldn't wait to get home to his son, only to have his wife turn on him. Instead of being thrilled that the father of her child had made it back to them alive, she lamented the rumors that had travelled from the war zone.  She would have preferred a dead hero to a live coward. So much for love.

In New York, Rumple tracked his son with Emma's help and Henry in tow. I couldn't have been happier to see Emma using her tracking skills to pick the right apartment. Sometimes it's easy to forget she had a life before Storybrooke.

Did anyone else give an audible Woohoo! when Baelfire turned out to be Neal. Not that I really love the character. To be honest I'm not even sure I like Neal. He's been kind of weaselly so far but I do love the idea of Henry being Rumplestiltskin's grandson.  

Talk about a complicated and volatile family tree. As Charming told Snow in this Once Upon a Time quote

It's a good thing we don't have Thanksgiving in our land because that dinner would suck. | permalink

So Rumple left Baelfire, who took off on Emma, who gave up Henry. That's quite the family history of abandonment issues.  

Back in Storybrook, Cora, Regina and Hook hunted for Rumple's dagger. I almost felt sorry for Hook. Cora used his pirate instinct for maps and then tossed him aside, literally.  

We finally got to hear Cora's evil plan. Once they find the dagger, they will control Rumplestiltskin, not kill him. At least not yet. They can force him to kill Charming, Snow White and Emma.

That will leave Henry with Regina, Rumple as the bad guy and Cora as her daughter's hero. Our only hope is that Regina will find it in her heart not to put her son through that kind of pain.  

Speaking of pain, if Rumple really wants to get his Baelfire back, killing his son might not be the best way to go.  

A few side notes:

  • The seer's eyes were truly creepy. Kudos to the special effects department.
  • Are they ever going to release Belle from the hospital or is she headed back to the mental institution?
  • Greg was darn lucky Regina didn't spot him spying. Storybrooke wouldn't have to worry about their nosiest patient if she had.
  • Love that Emma called her mother as she struggled with finding Neal. Those two have come a long way.

Will the Henry be Rumple's undoing? Are we truly powerless to escape our fate? Can fans have one crazy family reunion back in Storybrooke in two weeks when Once Upon a Time returns.


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I love tvfanatic but most OUAT reviews are lacking in mentions. Like, "hey, that's why rumple had a limp!" or "hey, that's why rumple could sometimes tell the future!" and why wasn't the gregor mendell's video guy discussed? Not just in this episode, most of the previous reviews are lacking in "review" or details. Sorry, don't mean to be well, mean but I feel like the writers read these and they deserve to see nods of acknowledgement of even the little bits and pieces of their story that are awesome. :) Just, I think I'd like to read a review that will review even the tiniest details in the episode and make me think of what could happen next. Not just something with mostly reaction. Again, just saying. Maybe it's just me. Also, I would like to say hear hear to a comment below, I also would not feel like watching OUAT anymore if Hook dies or leaves the show.

Beverly brooks

Relationships are beginning to get a little hard to follow.


Hey, everybody, here's how I feel about Hook. If he goes, I won't be able to watch Once Upon A Time anymore. It'll destroy the show for me if he dies. I won't be able to enjoy it anymore. Not everybody out there hates Captain Hook. In fact, the very few people who do just happen to be very vocal about it because of their own ships. Most people like Captain Hook. Killing him off would be a big mistake.


@Marisa1983 - You bring up a good point. I've had to hide the OUAT Facebook feed so I'm not spoiled on upcoming episodes. That's my preference. I've found that I enjoy a show more when I don't know what is ahead. I also avoids getting sucked into frivolous debates about where the writers are going and what will happen. Does it matter? They're going to write what they want to write. Come September, I will have to build blinders around my head to avoid DOWNTON ABBEY spoilers, too. To each his own.


The fact that we have been able to guess everything is becase of the promos and spoilers. Last year I started watching late and I saw the first 7 episodes in a row, without seeing any promos and I was surprised by the storylines, I couldn't have guessed it by myself. I blame ABC and CTV for their spoilery promos.


@serenityQ2 - Bae does have good reason to be bitter w/Rumple. IIRC, Bae & Rumple were set to jump into the portal together, holding hands. But, when faced with the reality that he'd return to "normal" and lose his powers, Rumple let go and let Bae get sucked in by himself while Rumple stayed behind in the Enchanted Forest, watching the portal close after his son. Bae didn't hate his dad before that because he thought they were on the same page about Rumple giving up his power. But, making your 13-year-old son go into a strange world by himself because you want to remain the Dark One - that sucks big time. I'd call that "throwing your son to the wolves" to retain your power. BAD DAD!


LOVED this episode. finally back to the good stuff! so no big shocker that Neal was Bae but i'm kind of disappointed and confused with how he views his father. when last he saw his dad he wasnt afraid of him or hated him. and it wasnt like rumple through him into the portal, not getting where all this hostility is coming from. now when rumple brought up that whole thing about using magic to take away his life experiences...that deserved a slap to face. how can someone so intelligent and crafty be so clueless? he tries so hard to grow and learn but that addiction to magic makes him take three steps back. hope the bae can forgive his dad. there is an episode coming up called "welcome to storybrooke" im hoping that the person we are welcoming is bae. it was odd to see cora without her majestic robes. she looked gorgeous with her hair down but it just seemed off to not see her dressed in her witchy best.
i think we should all keep our eyes on the stranger. this is all set up for the next storyarc for season three, whoever he is talking to is going to play a major roll. either his girlfriend works for the media or is from one of the enchanted lands herself but something is definitely up him. mark my words.
i really feel bad for the show (and myself) with all these constant breaks. the ratings have taken a hit but hope that abc realizes that its their fault and not once upon times'. three more weeks until the miller's daughter, cora spotlight time!!!


I too think Hook has outlived his usefulness. Its all about the family tree now. So neat that Neal is baelfire. I love him and emma and I love him and henry too. I think Henry will be the one to finally cause Rumple to give up power for love and thats why it will be his undoing.I also think cora will go after henry...If thats the case, my condolences.Rumple will annihilate her.


Related to the complicated family tree, Henry and his grandmother have the same stepmother. Brilliant episode, I thought. Definitely included one of the most intense scenes of the series so far: Emma, Neal/Bae, Rumple, and Henry in the apartment when everything came to a head. As far as the question about the "magic scarf" if magic doesn't work outside Storybrooke, why is it working? My theory is that because the magic was done/completed in Storybrooke, it just needs to carry that magic around instead of creating new magic outside Storybrooke.

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