Once Upon a Time Considering Mad Hatter Recast, Spinoff

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Unexpected and potentially excited news tonight out of ABC and Once Upon a Time:

According to Deadline sources, the series will bring back the Mad Hatter for an episode later in Season 2.

HOWEVER, the role would be recast because the network is considering a spinoff involving the character and Sebastian Stan is unavailable for such a commitment.

Sebastian Stan on Once Upon a Time

The Mad Hatter grew into one of the show's more popular recurring players during his handful of appearances, but it's hard not to wonder if that was due to the character or Stan's portrayal of him.

Would a new actor catch on in the same fashion? Enough to build an entire series around him?

Insiders say the new actor would be brought on as a guest star with a series option in the contract, similar to deals made with Emile de Ravin and Meghan Ory.

So what do you think, Once Upon a Time fanatics? Can you imagine anyone other than Stan as the Hatter? Would you want to see such a spinoff? And which actor would you cast in it?

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Sebastian Stan IS Mad Hatter!! NO one else!


NO! NO! NO! Sebastian Stan is awesome as the Mad Hatter! I love his character and his portrayal. As a spinoff I don't have much of an opinion there. DO NOT change the actor in Once Upon A Time! Like someone else said it was bad enough that they killed off Jamie Dornan, now don't change my Hatter!


No I like Stan as the Mad Hatter! They better come up with a good replacement, and i mean someone who trumps Stan.


Recast the spin-off, and leave Stan as Hatter on OUAT. Once the spin-off happens, then recast, but not before. Recasting based on a potential spin-off ruins the already built-in dynamic that the Hatter has because of Stan's portrayal.


BAD IDEA! unless Sebation is onboard. the reason we fell in love with the charactor is because of Sebastion Stan's interpretation #Meres - got it right..... Booooooooooooooooo!


Lincoln Lee...maybe...Seth Gabel is adorable! And he's got the attitude to make a crazy & sexy Mad Hatter. Sebastian Stan also worked because he had great chemistry w/Jennifer Morrison. & his daughter....even Regina. so new blood works for me




No, Sebastian Stan IS the Mad Hatter. I am ok if he's on ouat less as long as its still him in the role. Please don't recast him, it's bad enough Jamie dornan was killed off. There is still plenty of hatters story to tell on ouat. Like, is Alice his aught ears mother?


Woww.. Yay for the spin-off but.. nooo for the recast.....


Aidan had to quit because The Hobbit has a notorious long shooting schedule and he said he would be a busy for atleast of year and half for it and felt it would be a cop out to have Mitchell be alive else where. Captain America has already started though and I think other commitments are keeping Stan away as well as be mindful he had no problems booking other tv gigs. However I think spinoff is bad idea particularly one dedicated to Alice in Wonderland as too many miniseries and shows have been about wonderland lately. As for recast...hells to naw, I'm only okay with that ish for primetime if a) the actor passed b) the original actor sucked or c)if we on some doctor who type joint. Someone brought up soaps and even there recasting someone is tricky as fans do throw major bitch fits and they never recast very important fan favorites.


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