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What does it mean to be who you are? Is changing an act of going away from yourself? Or is changing simply to evolve, and that in itself is inevitable to being you? "I've Been Down That Road Before" delved into that subject and more while steaming up everybody's living room with a certain elevator scene.

Juliette Barnes has been wrestling with her image since we were first introduced to the young country star. She has taken many steps to improve as a person and as an artist over the course of Nashville's first 11 episodes, but most of those moments have been within herself or just in the presence of a trusted few.

Can Scarlett Refuse?

Stepping out on that stage in Chicago in a simple white blouse and a pair of jeans to sing a tender acoustic number with her band leader was the first time she stepped away from the Juliette Barnes that the public, and most importantly her fans, have always known.

It has been a Juliette Barnes that they've loved. Before the mother issues, and the stealing, Juliette's music was adorned by kids all over the country. Although it's never portrayed this way on the show, if this fictional world is like real life, I can assure you her bubble gum country music is extremely popular among girls in their 20s.

The risk she took in changing things up, doing something she believed in as an artist was extreme. It was a huge risk, and it was one that she thought she was going to pay for.

The critic who live tweeted some nasty comments about Juliette not being able to sing was without a doubt insane. What do we know anyway?!?! It just didn't make any sense. The story that Nashville is telling with Juliette is that she actually IS talented enough to do something different. The issue shouldn't have been critics disliking it. The unknown was whether or not her fans were mature enough to understand it.

Apparently they are. She also probably gained some new fans. A small percentage of those 100,000 views and likes on YouTube were probably those that thought of her as a no talent shiny blondie before. You know, like Rayna did.

That's not her. She's talented. She's soulful. She can sing. And she proved it. I'm just glad that for now, the risk paid off.

Before we all go and buy more Hayden Panettiere music on iTunes, let me introduce you to the rest of the band...

Deacon Claybourne
The dude has been, and continues to be all times. He's on tour with Juliette. He's getting ragged on by Rayna for it. He seems to actually enjoy writing with Juliette. He can't stand the insane amount of people she brings with her. Seeing Rayna is awkward for him. It's a whirlwind of things going on for Deacon.

At some point the dude just couldn't take it anymore, and we all benefited from that frustration. WHAT. A. KISS!  If that make out sesh in the elevator didn't get your blood boiling, then we should call a doctor to make sure you're still alive. Woo, that's what we've been waiting for!

We weren't done yet though. Rayna texted him to come to her room to talk, and that's when the real fun stuff was going to go down. The tension continued to rise as he began his stroll upstairs. The epic music played in the background and Rayna opened the door to find...

Teddy Conrad
After roaming the streets in front of Bosco's and Sam's (an establishment frequented by yours truly numerous times), Teddy met up with Peggy and ended up doing some naughty things of their own later that day.

Still, even though he cheated, and Rayna was obviously checked out of the relationship, I still thought he was going to say they should work things out when he showed up in Chicago. I was pleasantly surprised that he decided to take that time to ask for a divorce. Good for him. It was nice to see him step up and make that decision, and it will be interesting to see where his arc goes if his relationship with Rayna ends.

Rayna Jaymes
Other than reacting to the actions taken by Juliette, Deacon, and Teddy, Rayna kind of took a back seat this week. The most interesting thing to me - other than the moments I've already mentioned - was the idea of her signing Scarlett and Gunnar to her own label.

I love that it took Nashville Season 1 until episode 12 to bring this story back up. It was so memorable from the pilot, Watty White puts his phone in the air so that Rayna can hear the two youngsters singing, and it was awesome! But nothing ever happened...until now. Taking that time to do other things will hopefully make it that much more interesting in coming back to it like this.

The Kids Club
These three continue to be the least interesting aspect of Nashville, but I think that is more because of how awesome Rayna, Juliette, and Deacon are than the fact that Scarlett, Gunnar, and Avery are less so.

Of the three, I was most impressed with Avery just being all over the place. He showed up with his tv crew to throw his success in Scarlett's face. What a jerk! Then he comes over to apologize, and give her the money he owed her, but he immediately goes nuts over seeing Gunnar there. After getting his face knocked in, Avery then decides he doesn't want to sleep with his manager anymore and storms out. The kid is certainly next in line to figure out who he really is.


All of that, and some more fantastic music! What did you all think of "I've Been Down that Road Before?" What were your favorite moments?  What were your least favorite parts? Did anyone Nashvillians notice that Avery was looking at "Nashville Scene" on his phone? And are you recovered from that kiss yet?


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Sarah silva

I really enjoyed this episode. I was never a fan of Teddy's and the fact that he cheated made me like him even less. I know that Rayna may have slept with Deacon if Teddy had not shown up,but we do not know that for sure.
I am a Raycon fan and home they get together.
Still dislike Avery.
For me there was never a question of whether Juliette was talented enough, she is a fantastic singer she just needs to grow up and I think she finally realized that.
The only issue I had with the episode was the dancers, they were never on stage with her before but they wanted us to think that it was the part of every show she has preformed while on tour. I know it was to set up the whole Juliette singing that song her and Deacon wrote, but the should have at least had the dancers on before.


this is by far my new favorite show! love the music! and i'm a born and bred new york city girl! that was some kiss! and i love the kids club. spreads it out a little. i don't know much about hayden panettiere and would never think i would like her, but she's awesome. a good actress too. really looking forward to seeing where it all goes. do hope rayna and deacon get together, but they've always had a rocky road and don't imagine that will change. dated some musicians in my time. God gives them a gift and takes something away. they usually are their own worst enemy. so that makes sense.


Though I've never been a huge country music fan, this show has me in a thrall, mainly because the music is just FANTASTIC. It is by turns tender, beautiful, exciting, rockin' and just plan awesome. I have yet to see an episode where I am not moved by at least one song on this show. My husband keeps laughing at me for watching it because he knows I love rock music, and can't understand why I am riveted to the screen once a week. I sincerely hope that this show isn't cancelled. It is just so creative, so well written and the young actors on the show do a fantastic job. Some of the older ones, not so much, though the guy who plays Deacon is just sexy as heck. That kiss was YUMMY. I am glad Teddy asked for a divorce, because I know if someone kissed me like that, I'd be ready to toss my knickers under his bed for some hot, sweaty monkey love!And I adore Scarlett and Gunnar. Avery needs to get lost. What a creep.


I personally am not a Deacon fan. Besidrs his music he has nothing to offer Rayna and their past relationship is their only connection. Teddy did the right thing as
sking for a divorce, the marriage has been in ruins for some time. I believe Rayna and Deacon will become an item again but it will be devastating for both of them. They are really not a good match.


Rayna doesn't sign anybody her album label people do that, she has nothing to say about it.
As for the divorce I saw that coming down the road a couple of episodes ago, it all started when Deacon came back in the picture. Rayna started that lets go back to yesterday and think we still are country stars which she is not, and I think the next episode will prove it.
Rayna will not be rehooking with Deacon, she is seeing what her make believe tour has caused to her family life that has torn it apart.
Looking at Connie Britton's bio her personal life is about the same as her role on this show, married once 4 yrs 91-95 and single ever since.


I too think Rayna is going to sign Juliette. It's not uncommon for different styles of music to be on different labels. Allows her to market it completely differently. And even though Juliette would never admit it... she would thrive on the recognition from Rayna. This was definitely one of the best episodes yet. I think Terry is a good guy in general but he had a lot of dishonesty too, which would make her pretty justified to check out.


Deacon is my favorite too. While I hope he ends up with Rayna, I also love his friendship with Juliette. As someone else noted, Juliette really needs that, both personally and professionally. I like that Teddy asked for a divorce. He's not a bad guy at all, and he deserves better than a wife who's clearly checked out of the marriage. Much as I like Connie Britton's performance, and the music from the show, I find it hard to believe her character is a very successful country singer. She can carry a tune, but her voice is nothing special.


I have to disagree, I always look forward to seeing what is going on with Scarlett and Gunnar. I'm glad they'regettibg mixed into the main plot. I loved the kiss between Rayna and Deacon! And finally Teddy asked for a divorce. Oh and I agree with what you said about the bubblegum music, but can we amend that to teenagers and girls in their early 20's?


WOW, Teddy found his way out and RAYNA was the blame, she has been pushing him out for quite sometime with her attitude of I don't care. She may not of liked him running for office but to keep pushing Deacon in his face and hitting the road like a overaged teenager and screwing her family for self gain was the bottom straw.
Now she will feel what it is like and end up with another one of those deadbeat socalled western musicans who only want one thing and it ain't a family.


Great episode! And, I love your review, line by line.

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Deacon: Really? Johnny Cash only needed three.

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