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To Rach, Relbelle, Soapjunk, and all the other Grey's Anatomy fans.

I'm going to make a confession. I don't watch Grey's Anatomy. Please don't hurt me. I watch a LOT of TV but I can't watch everything.

That said, I do try to do research and add shows that I don't watch into my polls. For some reason I never thought of Grey's when I was coming up with this poll. I take full responsibility for the omission of Meredith and Derek and although I can't promise Grey's a spot on every list, I will make an effort to add them to my research in the future.

Thanks for your understanding and I hope you'll keep reading.



If I can't vote for Merder I'm not voting for anyone!!


What the hell?!? WHy are Meredith and Derek always getting the shaft on these things?!! They werent on cutest couple(even though tons of people commented complaining about it, and now this?! They are the happiest they have ever been!!

And to everyone else.... MARRIED COUPLE.. I feel like people ignore the question and just try to bring Damon and Elena into everything. Favorite brother sister relationship? DAMON AND ELENA! Cause...theyre close! like brothers and sisters....i!?!


It's definitely one not mentioned here: Mike & Frankie Heck, The Middle.

Out of the above, I'll go with Claire & Phil.


To belloe,

As much as I adore Caskett, since they're not married they didn't make the list. Given that Castle just got a drawer in Beckett's apartment, I'd say we have one to two seasons to go before we see these two walk down the aisle.


Castle and Beckett?


To Sara and Summer,

As much as I think Booth and Brennan were meant for one another, since they aren't officially married they didn't make the poll. With any luck they'll rectify that in the near future. ;)


Booth and Brennan
Damon and Elena
Penny and leonard


MER&DER????? I won't vote for these lazy couples.
Addi and Jack?????
Hanna and Caleb????
Leonard and Penny??? Shamy?????



Virginia and Burt Chance - Mr. and Mrs Chance. Raising Hope

Michael and Nikita

Voted for Claire and Phil Dunphy



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