Lost Girl Review: There's No Just Right

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Oh la la! There was a lot of heat on "Fae-de to Black."

If there's one thing that Bo and Lauren have going for them, it's that they have spent plenty of time between the sheets since they became a couple. They love each other and have great sex. The problem for their relationship is that it's like Goldilocks and the Three Bears - there's no "just right." The succubus and human relationship is a tenuous one, as shown after their intense love making: Lauren was drained and Bo was not fulfilled to her body's needs.

Bo & Dyson

The situation for Bo became dire after she was injured. She barely had enough energy to stand up, let alone to heal herself. What is a succubus to do? Bo grew up living a "human" life and wants desperately to be in a monogamous relationship, but that goes against her nature. While it's a difficult situation to be in, Bo did the right thing by letting Dyson heal her. In that moment, he was her best option to protect her life, plus she was unaware that he has his love back.

If she would have known the truth, it would have been an entirely different conversation for two reasons:

  1. She would have known that it meant something to him beyond just a physical interaction.
  2. She would have considered her feelings for Dyson.

As it is now, she's with Lauren, but she also believes there is no possible future for her and him. Regardless of her love for Lauren, when she finds outs the truth about Dyson, she will have to address it.

Bo confirmed that she still had feelings for Dyson after she healed him and said she couldn't be with him any more. It was too "hurtful" for her and for Lauren. While Bo cannot be monogamous, she wants to do right by Lauren. The conversation between Bo and Lauren was painful to watch. The fact that Lauren can't satisfy Bo is excruciating for the doctor and while she understands clinically why, it doesn't make it any easier.

Unless they find a human-to-Fae or Fae-to-human conversion spell, it's an unfortunate obstacle they will have to overcome. With them both agreeing that Dyson is off-limits, who will Bo feed from? Even though Lauren has said she is agreeable to Bo feeding outside their relationship, it is sure to be a source of conflict for the couple whether they want it to be or not.

The case-of-the-week fit well with the relationship troubles that Bo had to address. It allowed her to acknowledge that she needed to be true to herself, just as Dyson realized he needed to let the wolf out more often. Now that Bo has closed the door on Dyson, will he move on with his partner, Tamsin? They were headed off to have some fun and looked likely to get into some trouble. A romance there would certainly add spice to the show. Though, it's unlikely he would commit to her, just like he couldn't commit to Ciara. Though, they could have fun together.

While Dyson and Bo were off solving the case, Kenzi was left alone with a problem of her own. She was brushed off not only by Bo, but also Hale. Now that he is the Ash, he has responsibilities and Kenzi's disregard for his job is unfortunate. She's always been a free spirit, but perhaps it's time for her to grow up a bit. Though, maybe the arm rash is causing her problem? Why didn't she go to Trick? He actually would be better suited to help her any way.

In the end, something horrible happened to Kenzi. Her arm was disintegrating and she was swept away on the street. Hale and Bo certainly will feel guilt over blowing her off now that she has gone missing.

Overall, this was an enjoyable episode. Bo's feeding issue was handled well with Dyson helping heal her and with Lauren understanding her need to feed outside the relationship. Going forward, Bo and Lauren are going to be walking a tightrope. It won't be easy for Lauren to know that Bo is with others, while Bo will have to be careful about who she chooses as a feeding partner. 

My one complaint is that we went another episode without seeing Bo and Lauren just being with each other. It's difficult to see that they have love and not only lust for each other when we see them primarily in the bedroom, making goo-goo eyes at each other, or Lauren talking about weird science stuff. I'd like to see them go out on a date, have a meal, have a drink at the Dal, something ... anything non-sexual together. So far, we haven't seen a well-rounded relationship and if it is primarily a sexual one, Bo going outside it to feed will be a bigger problem than if there is more there.

Will Lauren be able to accept Bo feeding off others? Or will it eat away at her? Was Kenzi's abduction related to her rash? Dyson and Tamsin: Yay or nay? 


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I think many people have a lot of good points here. Someone said that Bo and Dyson were more animalistic. Very true. The show played up the whole "wolves mate for life" scenario which is true--but Dyson is more than a wolf. A wolf acts on pure instinct in selecting a mate and obeys the drive to stay with that mate. Dyson has the ability to reason which a wolf does not. He can see that Bo is happy. Apparently, he loves her enough to step back and be her friend--which is another layer of love. I propose that the Narn did not just take Dyson's love for Bo, but his ability to love at all. That is why he walked around during Season 2 like he had a major case of PMS. He was really only civil to Trick who he has had allegiance to for centuries and to Kenzi. Now that Kenzi's actions restored his "love" he can at least have a chance at being happy with someone else or just being happy period. Yes, Lauren is not going to have an easy time with Bo feeding elsewhere. But as she said she doesn't really have a choice. Bo needs sex to survive--that's why they call it feeding. For Lauren to deny her that would be fatal for Bo. I go back to the line in "Vexed" that everyone who objected to Lauren's seduction of Bo seems to have missed. (How in the days of DVR and DVD and online video you can miss an important line of dialogue is beyond me.) The Ash told Lauren that she would find a way to distract Bo "IF YOU WANT TO KEEP HER ALIVE." (Caps for emphasis). She already said reasoning with Bo on the topic didn't work so what was she supposed to do, show up at Bo's and ask her to play Risk or Monopoly? Believe me--when someone tells you that you could do something to save the life of someone you care deeply for--it is extremely compelling to do it. Lauren is doctor for the Fae so maybe she could line up some unthreatening Fae candidates for Bo to feed on. Poor Kenzi. She did a really good thing in going up against the Narn and it looks like she is going to have a really rough time because of it. I too wondered why she didn't go to Trick or the most logical choice: Lauren since she has newfound respect for the doctor at least her professional skills. That last part was pretty easy--going to Lauren means she has to reveal that Dyson can love Bo again. But why not Trick--ask "Trickopedia" what is happening to her? Trick knows what she means to Bo. He would help if he could. The real reason: that plot point needs to stretch out. We know from the preview that she is in next week's ep and it didn't seem to be all about saving her. When whatever that was dripped on her arm the Narn said "that is a gift." Not that was a gift like Kenzi broke her birthday present, but more like whatever it was going to do to her was too good for Kenzi. Was that why the Staff of Righteousness attached to her? You would think a Fae weapon would only work for a Fae. So far, each episode has had really strong points in character development and setting up future complications. I think we are in for a great Season 3.


I like Dyson and Tamsin. At least she makes him smile. If I can't have Dyson and Kenzi, then I'll settle for Tamsin. I don't see a problem with Bo and Lauren not being developed much outside the bedroom because like someone else said, that's where the issue is. We've had 2 seasons of them interacting and barely sleeping together. Now that they seem to have settled the sex "issue" and Lauren will have time to breathe, I think there will be some balance (and the promo for next ep is a huge indication of that)


Great episode along with the last...I'm starting to like Tamsin, and loved the "I got this" moment. I felt bad for Kenzi...first she loses Vex, and now Hale has shut her out. I'm curious to see what the Norn did to her... As a Bo/Dyson fan, I loved their interaction together and I love how they are playing out the triangle this season. If Dyson cannot be with Bo (for now), I hope to see more of their friendship and partnering in future episodes. I will say that I admire Lauren's decision to have an open relationship. It is the only choice if they are going to be together because either Lauren or Bo would die if they were monogamous.


Dear Carla, Bo and Lauren spent like... two seasons doing stuff outside the bedroom. Not only cases, but going out for drinks, telling each other high school anecdotes, sleeping in each other's arms (in a non sexual way), etc. Let them have some fun now!! PS: To be honest, I don't remember Bo and Dyson being together outside the bedroom (or the bathtub XD) doing stuff besides investigating cases. PS2: Lauren even made her brownies. And Bo made Lauren pasta. Srsly, you need to be outside the bedroom to do that kind of stuff...


Good grief. Can no one have a different opinion about Bo and Lauren? I'd like to see them out together now as a couple. I'm not completely on board with them as a couple because I find them boring. I'm hoping to see something different so I can begin to enjoy them as a couple. That is MY opinion, and yes I know that there are MILLIONS of Bo/Lauren fans that disagree with me....


What? Bo and Lauren have been together for 3 episodes and Bo was hiding from Lauren the fact that the injections were no longer working. She was hungry all the time. Of course most of her scenes their going to be sexual when THAT is where the conflict is. We already know they get along outside the bedroom. We've seen them on "dates" before. We've seen them having a drink/meal together before. And we certainly have seen them working together plenty of times. No need to see that again when it is not relevant to the story. That's why I couldn't stand Bo and Dyson. I did not sign up for Fae of our Lives.


I really liked this episode and I completely agree that we need to see more of Lauren and Bo outside of the bedroom. Definitely hasn't been a well-rounded portrayal of a relationship, but maybe we just haven't had enough time for that yet with everything else that's been going on. I don't think you can count the cuddling after sex. We need a date night! I'm really eager to see where they go with Kenzie's storyline and agree that it didn't make sense that she didn't go and see Dyson or Trick. I'm still on the fence about Tamsin. I liked her more in this episode, so we'll see...


This was easily the best episode of the series, right up there next to Vexed. I'm a little concerned about the Kenzi plot and thought it was a little too convenient that she wouldn't go to the 2 people that could actually help her with her problem (Dyson and Lauren). Loving Tamsin more and more every episode and really saw chemistry with Dyson tonight. On the other hand, the final Bo and Lauren scene was nothing more than the show rubbing in everyone's faces why they're the better pairing. "So far, we haven't seen a well-rounded relationship"
We? No, that's just you and your Dyson bias (ironic, to say the least).


I'am A Lauren Fan. I have no doubt that Bo could still have feelings for Dyson. I expect her too. He was her first Boyfriend since high school! I just dont think she's IN LOVE with him anymore. There's a difference between loving someone and being IN Love with them. She's clearly In Love with someone else now.


Good episode. Tamsin was pretty funny at times. I agree that even though Lauren said it was ok for Bo to feed on others I think it will cause problems in the future. Kenzi was interesting her arms changed since what it looked like on the season finale now it looks like her skin is peeling off or something. At the end something grabbed kenzi out of the shadows and he disappeared and the previews for the next episode show her in it so I wonder if that's really her or the thing made a copy of her or took her place for some reason either way it will be interesting and we'll have the question what happened to kenzi. Can't wait for the next episode.

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