Hawaii Five-0 Review: The Hookman Cometh

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I hope you used your week off  to rest up, folks - because "Hookman" was all about action, action, gun control debates, action, prosthetic arms, creepy engraved bullets, action, total bromance, and, oh yeah, action.

I'm getting exhausted just re-reading my notes!

Is McGarrett On the Hit List?

Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed the groovy, retro font used in some of this week's opening credits - a subtle nod to the fact that "Hookman" is a re-make of an episode from the original Hawaii Five-0.

This re-boot did a clever job of keeping many elements of the original episode - like the names of the killer and his victims, the nature of Curt Stoner's injury and the taunting phone call that Stoner makes to McGarret after he busts into the Stoner's apartment - while updating many others (the original's hooks were updated into state-of-the-art robotic hands, and, as the original was shot in 1973, I can't imagine that it contained 1/10 of the charming bromancitude seen in this episode).

The biggest update, however, would have to be the nature of the killer's vengeance mission. In the original, Stoner  simply wants to do away with everyone who foiled his bank robbery, mangled his hands and sent him to jail. But in this version, the Hookman's pursuit of Steve McGarrett is for the "sins" of his father - and Steve's emotional reaction to fighting for the lives of his father's friends (and for his father's memory) added a real depth and feeling to the proceedings.

Of course, not so much depth that it slowed down the quips. Steve and Danny owned the Hawaii Five-0 quotes this week, managing to get in some great lines while also re-affirming, once again, how deeply they care about each other (in a manly way, of course).

And no discussion of this episode would be complete without bringing up this week's two guest stars; that'd be Charlie Murphy (of "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories" fame) as the sassy drug dealer that the Hookman sets up (yes, I know his name is Curt, but it's more fun to call him Hookman, okay?) and Max Weinberg (of E Street Band fame, y'all) as Norm, the gun shop owner. Which reminds me: do you think Danny's snappy exchange with Norm in the gun shop was a commentary on the recent gun control debate? Or am I reading in too much here?

Hawaii Five-0 has been experimenting a bit with its in this half of Season 3 (see "Kapu (Forbidden)'s choose-your-own-ending contest), and I love it. I thought this experiment was not only great fun, but also a clever investigation of what it means to be a re-boot of a beloved TV show from the past.

And, yes, you got me: I'm a sucker for anything that involves Charlie Murphy. "He took us back inside and made us pancakes!"

What did you think of Steve's reaction at the end? Have you seen the original "Hookman" episode? Are you going to watch it today, at work, while telling your boss that you're "working on some spreadsheets?"


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This was a great team episode - lots of core team action and some good character stuff as well. I really enjoyed it. AOL did a great job and SC was a riot in the gun shop (and no I don't think it was too political - I thought it was a great scene). Would have liked a little more Chin, but I loved seeing Kono in action. I dont know how anyone can write a review of this episode and not mention that sniper shot - Kono is simply the best! Great episode.


This was a very good episode, except for the really silly P C anti gun rant. It didn't belong in this episode. I had just watched "The Following", and was still a bit on edge as most anyone who had watched it would maybe be. So "The Rant" went very sour for me.
Did anyone notice when Steve was holding the shell casing from the round that killed Ookala that the primer had no firing pin dent in it. Played it back to check to be sure. When the camera focuses to see the name engraved on it, it's very plain to see. Prop folks have to do better than that.

Mrs cleaver

Hubby is Deb, sorry to say ;o) Parts of Steve's dad are that character and parts are not.


My husband and I have a disagreement. I said Jack Lord from the original episode is Steve McGarrett's dad. My husband says no. I saw the end of the Stoner revenge show and the end where Steve talks to his dad surprised me as it was not the original Jack Lord character. Who is right!


If you look at the various blogs/discussion groups about H50 the one common theme throughout is the gunshop scene. Just about everyone has an opinion.Stepping aside from gun control angle, it was stupid of Danny to harass Norm. From all he knew Norm was a concerned citizen who called in to offer information. If you are a police officer and someone is volunteering information you dont resort to badgering and name calling.


This episode was FANTASTIC. The best of the best. Yes I agree no Cath, very happy over that, there would have been no place for her. Started out with action right from the beginning to the end. I really dont see the point of Cath anyhow. In the original series McGarrett did not have a Cath and did very well. It was truely all H5O. As far as Danno rantly big deal it was so quick and fast that it really was not that noticeable. The end was awesome. Every man I believe would want to hear those words out of there father. Peter Lenkov koodoos to you best ever.


Excellent episode!! I love Steve and Danny working together! Peter said on twitter that the gun tirade was not political, just two characters sharing their different opinions. Season 3 is soooo much better than the first half of season 2. I'm loving it!!


i LOVED danny....and i can understand him being upset over the risks, that steve takes....and the ranting is all part of danny.....steve wanted to take off with DANNY'S CAR, while being shot at....danny honestly WORRIES about his partner....i never saw the original of this storyline....but, i LOVED it....especially LOVED the very end of it.....and i'm GLAD, that catherine was NOT part of this one....there was NO place for her in it....i'm also GLAD, mommy dearest wasn't there as well.....i can't STAND either of them. alisa


This was by far the worst Hawaii 5.0 of the newer series. I get that they were doing a remake but really, a prosthetic armed sniper, thats just cheesy. Its more along the line of Walker Texas Ranger style episode, its just so unrealistic. Also the crap with him seeing ghosts at the end that say thanks and tell him they are proud of him, it was unwatchable. The rant in the gun store was just idiotic. He is giving the guy crap the whole time for no reason, then gives him more crap for not keeping records on ammo brass. Not even ammo which is absurd but ammo brass, what kind of retard thinks they would keep records on a $0.05 component to make ammo which is not even close to being regulated. He was treating the guy like he was a criminal for running a perfectly legal business (where the bad guy in the episode would not be able to buy the gun he was using being a felon) and then seems fine with the guy at the mail box place who is clearly lying and protecting the murderer. I generally like this show quite a bit, I don't care for Danny much because he is a whiny little bitch all the time but can sometimes add comic relief. I will however stop watching if they are going to jump up on soap boxes to push some sort of political agenda. Its a TV show, people watch for entertainment if I wanted to watch something on politics or gun control I'd be watching something else.


Stupendous! Over the Top! What an enjoyable episode - showing the best of the best in the entire team --- Interesting, well-done, and of course,
major major performances from the entire cast ..... Love it when Steve
gets emotional.... the guy is a tremendous actor -- and I'm sure had the entire TV audience near tears with that heartfelt ending.... Yes, watched the Jack Lord version too, which was great.... but nobody does anything
as well as Alex and his team.....they are all just such a pleasure to watch in performance.... Bravo, CBS, for finding a great actor who can also get your heart pitter-pattering when he walks on with a tux, or better yet, in his seal uniform...... sigh!.....

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The fact is idiots, with guns, kill people.

Danny Williams

Steve McGarrett: You were worried about me?
Danny Williams: Worried? I was worried about my car.