Hawaii Five-0 Review: The Hookman Cometh

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I hope you used your week off  to rest up, folks - because "Hookman" was all about action, action, gun control debates, action, prosthetic arms, creepy engraved bullets, action, total bromance, and, oh yeah, action.

I'm getting exhausted just re-reading my notes!

Is McGarrett On the Hit List?

Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed the groovy, retro font used in some of this week's opening credits - a subtle nod to the fact that "Hookman" is a re-make of an episode from the original Hawaii Five-0.

This re-boot did a clever job of keeping many elements of the original episode - like the names of the killer and his victims, the nature of Curt Stoner's injury and the taunting phone call that Stoner makes to McGarret after he busts into the Stoner's apartment - while updating many others (the original's hooks were updated into state-of-the-art robotic hands, and, as the original was shot in 1973, I can't imagine that it contained 1/10 of the charming bromancitude seen in this episode).

The biggest update, however, would have to be the nature of the killer's vengeance mission. In the original, Stoner  simply wants to do away with everyone who foiled his bank robbery, mangled his hands and sent him to jail. But in this version, the Hookman's pursuit of Steve McGarrett is for the "sins" of his father - and Steve's emotional reaction to fighting for the lives of his father's friends (and for his father's memory) added a real depth and feeling to the proceedings.

Of course, not so much depth that it slowed down the quips. Steve and Danny owned the Hawaii Five-0 quotes this week, managing to get in some great lines while also re-affirming, once again, how deeply they care about each other (in a manly way, of course).

And no discussion of this episode would be complete without bringing up this week's two guest stars; that'd be Charlie Murphy (of "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories" fame) as the sassy drug dealer that the Hookman sets up (yes, I know his name is Curt, but it's more fun to call him Hookman, okay?) and Max Weinberg (of E Street Band fame, y'all) as Norm, the gun shop owner. Which reminds me: do you think Danny's snappy exchange with Norm in the gun shop was a commentary on the recent gun control debate? Or am I reading in too much here?

Hawaii Five-0 has been experimenting a bit with its in this half of Season 3 (see "Kapu (Forbidden)'s choose-your-own-ending contest), and I love it. I thought this experiment was not only great fun, but also a clever investigation of what it means to be a re-boot of a beloved TV show from the past.

And, yes, you got me: I'm a sucker for anything that involves Charlie Murphy. "He took us back inside and made us pancakes!"

What did you think of Steve's reaction at the end? Have you seen the original "Hookman" episode? Are you going to watch it today, at work, while telling your boss that you're "working on some spreadsheets?"


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I love this episode. Steve and Danny bantering as always. I love emotional Steve because he cared so much for those fallen cops as he knew him from when he was a kid. I love Steve as a badass SEAL. The Danny speech about the gun control and the political issue. I will let pass this time but I did nto enjoy it. I felt it was out of place. But Peter L. said that he watned to put the 2 sides of the issue. On one part the gun shop owner, who seems advocate to use guns at any cost and in the other hand, Danny who hates the use of guns even if he is a cop but he said he use it for work and he knew that the owner was right but he was also right. Im glad also Catherine or Doris was not in this episode but we have to remember that this was a remake of an old episode from the old show and Catherine and Doris were not even part of the episode, is why they were not included. But next Monday both will be back. There is still somthing on Catherine that does nto add up to me, she lacks of something. I mean she is a Navy officer and still perform duties as a cop or do things that other cops at the HPD can do or similar. SO what is exactly her role on the show? Just beign Steve gf? I mean if she is Naval intel, so why she is out with the team doing cop procedural duties and she is already back on beign active again at the Navy. You will see her next Monday wearing a roller derby uniform, short and tight shorts (LOL!!) I believe as part of a roller derby team, maybe she will work work undercover. Kono is a lethal lady for sure Im glad Steve confide in her to take the last shot for the Hookman, because he could not do it himself so he confide in her best shooter of the team to do the job. Kono and Fong well, they look cute together an looks like they may be heading for something more in the future, as it seems Adamn and Kono wont have any future together or their relationship wont last that long knowing that Adam is involved bad business and he seem lying to her and on top of it, Adams brother does not look like a nice guy either. The ending was cute too, even Danny being Danny and he rants and banters all he wants and he is against many things Steve does, he surely seem not want anything bad to happen to his close buddy. I have to be honest that somtiems I like Dannys rant toward Steve when he disagrees on something with Steve as he looks funny when he rants but to it can become annoying when the bantering goes overboard so it is not funny anymore. The writers had to be careful on those details. I miss my Book em Danno. This season I hardly heard it.


I actually viewed the original on a local retro tv station on the same day as the new episode premiered. Weird. Both were very well done. Slight edge to the original though. Thanks


Just wanted to ring in on the gun control rant. It didn't bother me b/c it struck me as very much in-character. Not only because (as previously noted) Danny rants about everything, but because it's consistent with the ribbing he's been giving Steve over the years about his...um...interest in guns. He is constantly calling out Steve for excessive (and reckless) use of force (just in this episode he asks him to respectfully wait for the SWAT team!). So the fact that he actually uttered the "idiots with guns" line and Steve basically blew him off fit right in. Oh yeah, and adored the bromance at the end.


A terrific episode. Great acting. Great writing. A guest star who is in the show more than 2 minutes. No Catherine sideshow. No mother nonsense. Action for all the fab four which resonates back to season 1. Yes. Keep it up.


Steve seeing ghosts (I don't believe in ghosts) at the end scene didn't bother me at all. I was on the emotional train with Steve from the time Keoki was shot and we all realized that Steve knew him, up until the very end. Steve struggling to keep his emotions in check especially when he was reminiscing about Keoki and his daughter...his comment "time slips away" ...wow..emotional. I thought it was natural for Steve's mind to wander to his Father. The emotions so firmly held at bay, unleashed after solving the case would naturally lead Steve to imagine Keoki, Ookala and his Dad whole and at peace. All three died bloody deaths so this ending was quite believable and fit the story. Just sayin'


Great episode. I watched the other on CBS.com. Updated, but stayed true as they could to the script. Lots of action. I think Danny should have been the one to rant about gun control, who else would. Glad to see the ratings doing better.


Danno denying that he even cared about Steve's well-being was charming. Bravo for an episode that was well thought out, planned and executed. This season gets better and better! Another episode to add to my favorites this season. : )


Loved the program. I don't think the gun control thing was one sided, besides its a topic that is going on in this country, other shows have and will do the same thing, just like 9/11, terrorists in general, marijuana being legalized, death penalty, do I need to go on. Get over it. Loved that they updated an episode that was popular in the original. I love Catherine, but she does not need to be in every show. She will however be in the next few, and I'm happy about that. The ratings this time of year do what they always do, go up for H50. The overall ratings are down for the 10pm timeslot for all shows, but H50 usually does move ahead of the others after the holidays. I don't want to see H50 changed to Fridays. I would prefer it stay where it is.


Best performance this season by AOL for sure. The emotional range shown by AOL throughout was impressive and the end scene..holding the bullet that was meant for him... and then, scene shift to seeing the ghosts of Ookala, Keoki and finally his Dad was emotional to say the least. Phenomenal acting and add Navy Seal Steve to the mix of the core 4 and we have lift-off! It was good to see Max and then a bit more screen time for Fong. He is a cutie and I think Kono actually flirted with him : ) Loved Steve going Navy seal thoughout this episode, just like season 1. Hookman was so creepily evil without saying very much. Just typing that made the hair on my arm raise. I am a fan of sure shot sniper Kono, Go Kono! Loved that all the characters we love, including Duke made an appearance and it was well balanced. I agree that Steve and Danno OWNED the quips this week. :) I found it impressive that they carried on a debate while chasing down a suspect. And after the ending scene I found the scene where Danno denied caring about Steve's well-being very charming! Bravo for an episode that was well thought out, planned and executed.


Great episode. Loved the action, the pace, the intensity of the race against time to find the killer, cargument, Sniper Kono, the emotional connection to the case for Steve, team and fantastic Steve/Danny banter. Great use of Max and Fong too. Totally loved that Cath wasn't shoved into this ep and no Doris either. Always a plus not to have the two soap opera elements. Show is so much better when it's the team, a tightly written crime and plenty of character moments with the core 4. I thought the ending was cheesy but it didn't ruin it. Just weird vibe that didn't really fit with the show and what we've seen of Steve so far. Peter Weller did a good job as both Hookman and as the director. Loved the car chase and the shoot out at the end. The snappy dialogue and the team working together along with action and humor gave the episode a season one feel, which is always a win!

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The fact is idiots, with guns, kill people.

Danny Williams

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Danny Williams: Worried? I was worried about my car.