Hawaii Five-0 Review: The Hookman Cometh

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I hope you used your week off  to rest up, folks - because "Hookman" was all about action, action, gun control debates, action, prosthetic arms, creepy engraved bullets, action, total bromance, and, oh yeah, action.

I'm getting exhausted just re-reading my notes!

Is McGarrett On the Hit List?

Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed the groovy, retro font used in some of this week's opening credits - a subtle nod to the fact that "Hookman" is a re-make of an episode from the original Hawaii Five-0.

This re-boot did a clever job of keeping many elements of the original episode - like the names of the killer and his victims, the nature of Curt Stoner's injury and the taunting phone call that Stoner makes to McGarret after he busts into the Stoner's apartment - while updating many others (the original's hooks were updated into state-of-the-art robotic hands, and, as the original was shot in 1973, I can't imagine that it contained 1/10 of the charming bromancitude seen in this episode).

The biggest update, however, would have to be the nature of the killer's vengeance mission. In the original, Stoner  simply wants to do away with everyone who foiled his bank robbery, mangled his hands and sent him to jail. But in this version, the Hookman's pursuit of Steve McGarrett is for the "sins" of his father - and Steve's emotional reaction to fighting for the lives of his father's friends (and for his father's memory) added a real depth and feeling to the proceedings.

Of course, not so much depth that it slowed down the quips. Steve and Danny owned the Hawaii Five-0 quotes this week, managing to get in some great lines while also re-affirming, once again, how deeply they care about each other (in a manly way, of course).

And no discussion of this episode would be complete without bringing up this week's two guest stars; that'd be Charlie Murphy (of "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories" fame) as the sassy drug dealer that the Hookman sets up (yes, I know his name is Curt, but it's more fun to call him Hookman, okay?) and Max Weinberg (of E Street Band fame, y'all) as Norm, the gun shop owner. Which reminds me: do you think Danny's snappy exchange with Norm in the gun shop was a commentary on the recent gun control debate? Or am I reading in too much here?

Hawaii Five-0 has been experimenting a bit with its in this half of Season 3 (see "Kapu (Forbidden)'s choose-your-own-ending contest), and I love it. I thought this experiment was not only great fun, but also a clever investigation of what it means to be a re-boot of a beloved TV show from the past.

And, yes, you got me: I'm a sucker for anything that involves Charlie Murphy. "He took us back inside and made us pancakes!"

What did you think of Steve's reaction at the end? Have you seen the original "Hookman" episode? Are you going to watch it today, at work, while telling your boss that you're "working on some spreadsheets?"


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I love Hawaii 5-0, and each of the main characters, but Danny's gun control rant seriously annoyed me. I wanted to be like SHUT UP WE DONT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT. haha sorry, now i'm ranting. anyway:
someone said that they didn't think it was really out of character for danny to freak out like that, and i agree, but with all the gun control issues on the news and in real life, do we REALLY need them in tv shows too? PLEASE leave gun control issues out of tv! i already have an opinion on the matter, and hearing a tv character say something about it won't sway it.
OK, on another note, i think each of the actors did a terrific job, and aside from the gun shop part the episode was fine, although i've seen better. (the dead guys at the end congratulating steve was odd...anyone agree?") anyway, i still love the show and am looking forward to the next episode!


Con't. Alex was awesome, Scott delivered his rants perfectly, whether you like them or not, and Peter Weller was a sick villain! Also, kudos to Jason Koger, the man with the prosthetic hands in all the close ups!


Note to self: In the future, do not watch original before watching reprisal. I was a little disappointed with the new episode, mostly because of my expectations. I was hoping for an awesome music score similar to the original. It really wasn't there. I was hoping for Danny to be a touch more subdued (and to get the kill shot, as he did in the original). Didn't happen. I have no idea what was going on with Steve seeing dead people at the end. That sure wasn't in the original! It's not that this episode was bad - it certainly wasn't! It was excellent for what it was, just missed the mark if someone was expecting it to follow closely to the original, as we were led to believe, if I may say. I realize it needed to be modernized, and actually that was done very well. It's just ME that shouldn't have watched the original first - I had a hard time getting past what had been changed -- and I will never understand the need for dead people patting Steve on the back and telling him he done good. Alex was awesome, Scott delivered his rants perfectly, whether you like them or not, and Peter Weller was a sick villain! Also, kudos to Jason Koger, the man with the prosthetic hands in all the close ups!


Love Hawaii 5-0. Dano should not talk to his boss that way. I don't think anyone would put up with him.


I find it odd that those that complain and say they are leaving the show, have never commented before. Fans of other shows? really pathetic. The gun control thing was a very small part of the show, get over it. It a great episode and a great show. Looking forward to seeing more Catherine and more answers to Doris.


I'm with Andy - Danny's stupid whininf illogical moronic anti-gun rant was pathetic. How does he intend to take all the guns out of society - maybe the criminals and psychos will hand theirs in to the Police - pigs might fly. No-one minds intelligent comments / arguments but that performance was so stupid I wonder if the writer involved is working against the show.


Well that's it for me Danny's gun control rant and the ridiculous portrayal of the gun shop owner have ruined my taste for the show. Last episode I'll ever watch.


Did anyone spot the other guest star 'Robocops' gun on the gunsmiths wall, a nod from the director/guest star Peter Weller


This ep answered a ? I've had since the last ep of season 1. I felt that when Duke called Chin it was to warn them that HPD was coming for Steve. Now I know the relationship between Duke and Steve was, as I suspected, related to Steve's Dad.


Nice to see Alex get something meaty for a change and showing us he can act if given some decent material. Normally can't stand anything that comes out of Danny's mouth, but for once I agree with his pro gun control rant.
Good action and Kono is always great. Don't like how Catherine and Adam just randomly appear and disappear. Hope to see more of them soon.

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The fact is idiots, with guns, kill people.

Danny Williams

Steve McGarrett: You were worried about me?
Danny Williams: Worried? I was worried about my car.