Hawaii Five-0 Review: The Hookman Cometh

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I hope you used your week off  to rest up, folks - because "Hookman" was all about action, action, gun control debates, action, prosthetic arms, creepy engraved bullets, action, total bromance, and, oh yeah, action.

I'm getting exhausted just re-reading my notes!

Is McGarrett On the Hit List?

Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed the groovy, retro font used in some of this week's opening credits - a subtle nod to the fact that "Hookman" is a re-make of an episode from the original Hawaii Five-0.

This re-boot did a clever job of keeping many elements of the original episode - like the names of the killer and his victims, the nature of Curt Stoner's injury and the taunting phone call that Stoner makes to McGarret after he busts into the Stoner's apartment - while updating many others (the original's hooks were updated into state-of-the-art robotic hands, and, as the original was shot in 1973, I can't imagine that it contained 1/10 of the charming bromancitude seen in this episode).

The biggest update, however, would have to be the nature of the killer's vengeance mission. In the original, Stoner  simply wants to do away with everyone who foiled his bank robbery, mangled his hands and sent him to jail. But in this version, the Hookman's pursuit of Steve McGarrett is for the "sins" of his father - and Steve's emotional reaction to fighting for the lives of his father's friends (and for his father's memory) added a real depth and feeling to the proceedings.

Of course, not so much depth that it slowed down the quips. Steve and Danny owned the Hawaii Five-0 quotes this week, managing to get in some great lines while also re-affirming, once again, how deeply they care about each other (in a manly way, of course).

And no discussion of this episode would be complete without bringing up this week's two guest stars; that'd be Charlie Murphy (of "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories" fame) as the sassy drug dealer that the Hookman sets up (yes, I know his name is Curt, but it's more fun to call him Hookman, okay?) and Max Weinberg (of E Street Band fame, y'all) as Norm, the gun shop owner. Which reminds me: do you think Danny's snappy exchange with Norm in the gun shop was a commentary on the recent gun control debate? Or am I reading in too much here?

Hawaii Five-0 has been experimenting a bit with its in this half of Season 3 (see "Kapu (Forbidden)'s choose-your-own-ending contest), and I love it. I thought this experiment was not only great fun, but also a clever investigation of what it means to be a re-boot of a beloved TV show from the past.

And, yes, you got me: I'm a sucker for anything that involves Charlie Murphy. "He took us back inside and made us pancakes!"

What did you think of Steve's reaction at the end? Have you seen the original "Hookman" episode? Are you going to watch it today, at work, while telling your boss that you're "working on some spreadsheets?"


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I really enjoyed this episode. Thought it was really cool that they used the old font for the opening credits since this was inspired by an original episode. I always enjoy seeing Peter Weller on screen wheather it's on Hawaii Five-0 or on a documentary for The History Channel. Also thought he did a great job directing this episode. I'm suprised that only 1 person caught RoboCop's gun on display in the gun shop. Guess to many people were distracted by the gun rant Danny was going on. I had no problem with it being put in the episode since both sides were able to go back and forth but it did seem a bit much.


Now, this is why I come to the reviews! Thank you for all the background information. I had no idea I was seeing a remake of an original episode. I watched the original 5-0 in reruns when I was child, although I can't remember if I saw this one. There were so many. I agree that the way they are playing around with the episode format this season is very interesting. I like it. One little tidbit that wasn't mentioned in the review is that Peter Weller (Hookman) directed this episode. Don't have time to peruse 4 pages of comments. So, someone else may have pointed it out prior. Thanks for a well-researched review that gives average viewers (like me) information they probably don't know.


For everyone who says they'd like to see Danny get the next bullet - you do realize that would be the end of the show, don't you? Not everyone watches the show just to see Steve "Lording" it over his subordinates. Steve and Danny are partners - it's just not one without the other in this show. Of course, you are all entitled to your opinions on this, as am I!


I agreed with a lot of what Danny said about gun control, but it's how he said it. As usual he's nothing but a ranting unprofessional jerk. Each time Steve tried to do his job this idiot is spouting off in the background. Why would Steve chose to work with someone who whines each time they get into a dangerous situation. Why is Danny on a Special Task Force if he can't cope with dangerous situations. He's no purpose on the show except to be Steve's annoying sidekick who has to disagree with everything Steve does. Steve needs to put him in his place as his attitude would never be tolerated. I'd rather see more of any other character than Danny.


I think Danny whines a lot, but that is who the character is. He plays off of Steve being who he is. Opposite partners with different ideas. Its a character, they also show him as a good, loyal, friend, who always is there for all of the team. Who wouldn't want a partner like that. Yes, Steve is his boss, but he does not run his team like that. Danny speaks his mind, sometimes too much, but who wouldn't want a boss that did not treat you like you were beneath them. I prefer to just enjoy the whole show, and don't get all upset because they throw a topic in there that is nationally debated. I don't think any TV show is going to change my mind, I hope all others have the same sense. I thought it was a great remake of an episode, they a good job updating it.


The stupidity of Danny's ranting at the gun shop owner has nothing to do with gun control but rather with Danny's continual, total ignorance of Police procedure. Steve was trying to get information from the owner and you don't keep insulting or disparaging someone while your partner is trying to get that information. I can't understand the ridiculous things that the writer has Danny say and do in this show while everyone else is so professional and talented. Who would want to work with such a jerk?


Okaaay, I didn't remember the gun shop scene as an over the top rant by Danno or that it was slanted one way or the other. I re-watched the episode and quite frankly, there was equal time given to both sides of the issue. Danno got in his shots and Norm, the gun shop owner got his licks in too. It was pretty much an even trading of viewpoints...and Norm was pretty funny offering backup when Hookman started shooting. I thought the scene fit in with this entire episode. After all, Hookman is out there picking off cops with long range rifles...or whatever he was using. That's pretty much what starts the public debate in real life...an unbalanced individual goes on a shooting spree...
And since I have the floor, AOL was amazing as was SC in this episode. : ). And Kono was her usual kick-ass self with her single shot picking off Hookman. Go Kono!!! : )


I liked this episode a lot. Danny has always been the complainer, sometimes it bothers me, sometimes it doesn't. And he has always been squeamish with guns and violence, so his rant is keeping in character too. May have been a tad heavy handed, but come on - Steve is pro gun all the way, and the show is too. Just a different viewpoint. But I agree that the way he talks to Steve - as his boss is over the top. If they weren't so close, he'd have been reprimanded or fired already. Plus at the end he went all "scarface" and was blasting away so, he's not exactly gun-shy...


It was a great show if it wasn't for the childish whining and ridiculous chatter of Danny as usual. I was hoping the first bullet would have Danny's name on it! If they were trying to mimic the original, they sure missed the point as the original Danny was professional, intelligent and worked well with Steve. Whoever writes the dialogue for the current Danny should be fired! Steve doesn't need him, neither does anyone else!


The producers need to get rid of Danny. His consistent whining and clownish behaviour is becoming unbearable. He's a total joke as a cop and I wonder why Steve puts up with him. I was hoping the sniper would kill him. Love all the other characters but Danny drags the show down though I've no problem with tv shows advocating gun control. I'm sure the ladies loved Steve in his white pants but not all that appropriate for his position. Enjoyed the rest of the team and Weller did a good job, but the bad guy seeking revenge after years in prison is getting old. Overall good episode except for Danny,

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The fact is idiots, with guns, kill people.

Danny Williams

Steve McGarrett: You were worried about me?
Danny Williams: Worried? I was worried about my car.