Hawaii Five-0 Review: Shrimp Truck Lock-Down

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As the greatest minds of our generation have said, time and time again: the first rule of fight club is that you do not talk about fight club, not even if you're Summer Glau.

But, luckily, I let my fight club membership lapse (I forgot to send the renewal slip in on time), so I am ready and able to talk my head off about "Kekoa (Warrior)."

McGarrett Hire a P. I.

A lively, nicely-paced episode, "Kekoa (Warrior)" stripped things down to basics - no high-tech weapons or elaborate conspiracies, just straight-up bad guys, people getting kicked in the face and someone hitting on Steve's mom.

Though it didn't quite provide the high-stakes drama of recent episodes like "Hookman" or "Hana I Wa'la (Scandal)," I thought the hour was very effective, in no small part due to Glau's turn as Maggie, the mourning daughter/ martial arts bad-ass.

I've been a fan of Glau's since her time on Firefly (yes, I write about TV on the Internet, so I am legally required to love Firefly; it's in the Constitution, look it up!), and I thought she turned what could have been a ho-hum part into something memorable with her formidable acting chops (as well as her formidable face-kicking chops).

Glau - who also did great work on the gone-too-soon Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - is always pretty excellent at combining expressiveness and depth with ass-kicking skills in her roles. She's a true gem for anyone who likes their action-adventure to be emotionally engaging, and I hope she finds her way to a regular TV gig again soon.

One of the consistent delights of Hawaii Five-0 has to be the guest stars - from Firefly's River Tam, to Freaks and Geeks' Bill Haverchuck, to Alex Mack herself, you never know which iconic star of cult TV or film is going to wander across the screen at any given moment. We can now add to this list Treat Williams, the man perhaps best known as "the dad from Everwood."

Williams charmed, wheedled and grabbed almost all of this week's best Hawaii Five-0 quotes as the private eye who mixes business with pleasure with Doris McGarrett (ah, but who among us could truly resist Christine Lahti's charms, right?).

The episode also included an important public service announcement: if you attend a rowdy bachelorette party that ends with the bride-to-be getting humped on by a guy in leather chaps , you will witness a murder within the next two hours, no ifs, ands, or buts (or butts) about it. Be careful out there, ladies!

Did you dig the mixed martial arts action? What did you think of Kamekona's brief flirtation with the wrong side of the law? Who's been your favorite "famous from another show" guest star so far?


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I so enjoyed Summer... I think of her more from Sarah Connor Chronicles which I watched.. I am also waiting what they will do with Catherine who is in the opening credits... I suspect a season ending arc that will use her more to justify her credit status.. As for McMom, anytime I can see Christine Lahti, the better.. Her best and most famous role was on Chicago Hope...


Loving this episode. Yes a little less adrenaline than some have been, until those fight scenes near ending. Those pretty intense. Loving the McG pulling the Indiana Jones trick on the evil man. Well paced episode for me. Also always happy to get a little glimpse of McG and Catherine. So McG likes to role play? Women can enjoy that. Haha!


a Forgettable episode for sure not bad not good. And I came to a conclusion after seeing the last scene of McRoll. Catherine was not necessary on that episode at all and It made me realize that she was a better character when she was not regular, like Mac gf on CSI NY, she is not regular but she is an important part of MCs life and the team knows her and from tiem to time she is on episodes. Her role on the show this season had not satisfied the expectations I had from her since the beginning and I did want to give her a chance by seeing her performance after a quite a few episodes in the season. She has not WOW me one bit. It is not the actress fault it is the producers and the writers byt not giving her a believable character. I wonder if that is why the ratings this season had not be top notch like other seasons


When is McGarrett gonna learn not to spy on his mom? That woman was a agent/spy before he was born and I knew she spotted Treat Williams.I am wondering if her falling for him is an act.
Nice to to see Catherine. Kono should hook up w/ Fong. I agree with Nikki about what did Adam's brother do with Kono's gun. When are we gonna see the connection between Doris and Wo Fat. Let's get to it!


Like I always said. Catherine will never had to become regular, she was fine the way she was in previous seasons. Sorry but so far Im not buying her performance on the show after 16 episodes and I really like her and I wanted to have an open mind about her, so far Im not satisfied. The producers or the writers seem they do not have a clue what to do with her, so they just put her doing things that make her look ridiculous like just to fill the gap and make us believe she is not part of the team but she helps and the part that she currently plays is just of Steve gf and that had been her job so far. Just like in 2 episodes she lets say helped more, but im still not satisfied. I had high expectations when Michelle was casted as regular and I was happy she was going to be on it, but in 16 episodes. I dont see any improvement and Im a little let down on her character. I do not know if the prodcuers or the writers are waiting for another season to really put her character doing what she is supposed to be doing. The writers or the producers are wasting the character's talent very much I believe. Last nite episode it was not need for her to be there.


Forgettable episode. Case of the week-fight club theme has been done to death(sorry couldn't help it) .Doris substory- Saw it coming a mile away. Steve should have hired Tony Archer. Ratings continue with little change. H50 9.5 million, Castle 8.9, and Deception 3.3. CBS swept the night again.


I mean logan :D


Loved the ass kicking Summer, i don't know why but i am a huge fan if it comes to hand to hand combat. Episode was fun to watch, the Steve&Cat story line is very fun to watch. Gotta love steve's reaction when he saw Williams at the door for the date


The episode was Ok not as good as other ones it was just average but it had bits of everything and all the 4 main characters had there fair share of screentime. Let Doris get married with Joe and both can move to Japan.I am done with this SL we never will get any answers. I liked that Kamekona had a bigger part and his scene with Kono was cute. Loved Chin scene's with Maggie (Summer) and Summer fightscene was cool. We had some nice McDanno moments glad they toned down Danny's whinning. The end scene was awesome Steve face expression was priceless. I am a McRoll fan love Cath but I didn't saw the need of Cath in this episode what a waste for Michelle talent to show up for 2 min to roll with Steve on the couch again 16 episode in the season and they still don't have any idea what to do with Catherine.

Sarah silva

I will start by saying that if Steve McGarett and or Alex O'loughlin wanted to play any type of role play I am in! LOL
This was a pretty good episode. The only issue I had is that we were supposed to buy Summer Glau as a 21 year old. Sorry it did not work for me. She can kick some butt though.
It was nice to see Katherine again.
I also knew that Doris would know that she was being followed and that Steve had set it up, as she said to him at the end "If you wanted to know what I was up to, you just had to ask".

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Mick Logan: You told me to keep an eye on your mother.
Steve McGarrett: An eye, not a hand, not any other body part.

Kid, you don't need a P.I., you need a therapist.

Mick Logan