Hawaii Five-0 Review: Shrimp Truck Lock-Down

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As the greatest minds of our generation have said, time and time again: the first rule of fight club is that you do not talk about fight club, not even if you're Summer Glau.

But, luckily, I let my fight club membership lapse (I forgot to send the renewal slip in on time), so I am ready and able to talk my head off about "Kekoa (Warrior)."

McGarrett Hire a P. I.

A lively, nicely-paced episode, "Kekoa (Warrior)" stripped things down to basics - no high-tech weapons or elaborate conspiracies, just straight-up bad guys, people getting kicked in the face and someone hitting on Steve's mom.

Though it didn't quite provide the high-stakes drama of recent episodes like "Hookman" or "Hana I Wa'la (Scandal)," I thought the hour was very effective, in no small part due to Glau's turn as Maggie, the mourning daughter/ martial arts bad-ass.

I've been a fan of Glau's since her time on Firefly (yes, I write about TV on the Internet, so I am legally required to love Firefly; it's in the Constitution, look it up!), and I thought she turned what could have been a ho-hum part into something memorable with her formidable acting chops (as well as her formidable face-kicking chops).

Glau - who also did great work on the gone-too-soon Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - is always pretty excellent at combining expressiveness and depth with ass-kicking skills in her roles. She's a true gem for anyone who likes their action-adventure to be emotionally engaging, and I hope she finds her way to a regular TV gig again soon.

One of the consistent delights of Hawaii Five-0 has to be the guest stars - from Firefly's River Tam, to Freaks and Geeks' Bill Haverchuck, to Alex Mack herself, you never know which iconic star of cult TV or film is going to wander across the screen at any given moment. We can now add to this list Treat Williams, the man perhaps best known as "the dad from Everwood."

Williams charmed, wheedled and grabbed almost all of this week's best Hawaii Five-0 quotes as the private eye who mixes business with pleasure with Doris McGarrett (ah, but who among us could truly resist Christine Lahti's charms, right?).

The episode also included an important public service announcement: if you attend a rowdy bachelorette party that ends with the bride-to-be getting humped on by a guy in leather chaps , you will witness a murder within the next two hours, no ifs, ands, or buts (or butts) about it. Be careful out there, ladies!

Did you dig the mixed martial arts action? What did you think of Kamekona's brief flirtation with the wrong side of the law? Who's been your favorite "famous from another show" guest star so far?


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On the 2-11-13 episode the guy dancer stripper in the beginning, did anyone else think he looked like a clean cut gary jourdan from the original CSI las vegas?


I like this season, last season picked up in the 2nd half, but there is not an episode this season that I can say I hate, where as last season there were several. I don't understand why people think Catherine is a doormat. She's in a relationship with a guy, who has some commitment issues, because of his family. She understands him, Steve can be clueless, but I don't see him treating her badly. Half of commenters think she's in too much of the show and the other half think she is not in enough and she's a door mat. I guess they can't win. The writers are bringing her along so we don't have the disaster that the Lori character was, no one is going to get everything they want all the time. Just enjoy, if not don't watch.


Love Cath, but this season she's nothing but a doormat and Steve's errant girl and booty call. Poor Michele Borth. The bromance used to be good back in season one, but now it's the most annoying part of the show and Danny doesn't have any function other than the nagging "wife" routine. Steve is totaly awesome when he's in super SEAL mode but at his most annoying when he's around Danny. Cath of course can't come between Steve and Danny and their relationship will never go any further than silly flirtation which portrays Steve as the most clueless boyfriend ever and Cath as the most unbelievably accomodating girlfriend in a very one way relationship. Only a few episodes left and no resolutions to any of the story lines. Another season with so much wasted potential and far too many forgettable episodes.


I think some story arcs are not as well developed as i would like but it can rapidly change in one episode...so I am happy to watch, enjoy and await the revelations. This season has yet to disappoint me. : )


I enjoyed the appearance of Doris. And so far, I like her story arc. Clearly, she is still at the top of her game, otherwise she wouldn't have figured out so quickly that Mick was following her. Although Mick is a professional, Mama McG had the skills to break him and not only got him to give up Steve but also get a dinner date out of it. ; ) Ad Danno was right, Steve should simply ask...hilarious. I believe that during the 20 missing years, Doris was not simply hiding, she resumed her agent status and actively worked cases. Sooo, wait for it.....well...at least I hope so :) There's only so much time in an episode. So far, the pace, the balance of the team moments and guests is soooo much better than last season. I like the writers' intro of Cat as a regular with the subtle and unforced appearances. This season has balanced the core 4 and showcased their strengths. The story arcs threading though the season is fairly well done. I think some story arcs are not as well developed but it can rapidly change in one episode...so I am happy to watch, enjoy and await the revelations. This season has yet to disappoint me.


Cont... As for this episode I loved that they showed the softer side to Kamekono, and thought it was hilarious when Danny could not put the handcuffs on him, and asked if there was a bicycle chain in the trunk. Summer Glau did play her emotional scenes well, and I loved her kickass scene. I hope we see her again. Doris and Mick make a good couple. I do hope they don't take long to explain what actually happened with Doris and her connection to Wofat. I don't think that will have to end the character.


I liked this episode. I think the writing is fine. Loved seeing Catherine, they are showing her the way they said they would, and not blasting her in every episode which was the complaint with Lori. McG needs a girlfriend, you would expect him to have a girlfriend. Look at him! I hope we see more of her. I think the Doris character is played right, of course we don't trust her and neither should Steve. I don't like what she did to her family, but then again it is a TV show not real. They are telling a story, to make it interesting, you can't have every character be trusted, sweet, and normal. The core 4 have their flaws as well. Danny is fine, thats his character and he plays well off of Steve. I think too many people talk like everyone in their is perfect, every relationship is perfect, no one has an opinion opposite theirs, no one bitches and whines about things, etc. I think they need to look at their lives a little closer and just enjoy a show and don't take it seriously, the actors and writers don't. Love this season


Doris is better at just being mom than superspy mom. If she was such a superspy why did she have to hide from Wofat for 20 years. The show still suffers from badly written characters and the writers make the characters too cartoonish at times, especially Danny. Not all that fond of Scott Caan's acting but his character does nothing but mock and moan at Steve, enough already.
Not getting much ohana vibes these days. Steve didnt bother questioning Kamekono when he was giving him a gun last year but now bothered that he has a weapon. Like to see some more genuine friendship than the forced bromance which is becoming the worst thing about the show. Steve and Catherine have great potential but like many things on the show their potential is wasted. Enjoyed the guest stars this week. Good chemistry between the PI and Doris.


Not among my favorite of the recent episodes, but still not a bad way to spend an hour. HFO has really given us the "goods" in season three after a bit of an uneven (but still not bad) season two. My favorite part was the very end, when Mcgarrett challenged the bad guy and said, "what to hit someone, hit me," or however he said it and then shot him in the leg when the guy was stupid enough to charge him wielding a weapon (maybe it was an ode to Raiders of the Lost Ark).


This show never disappoints me....wonderful storylines that are woven together and continue to turn up in later episodes---and always wrapped around the case/murder at hand....it has everything you could possibly want in a series crime drama....the main characters/team are magnificent performers -- and the rest of the cast come in and out as fits the particular program, as well as excellent choices made in the guest stars...
What more can you ask? Why do you keep carping about Catherine - She's Steve's girlfriend - as he once said "They have a thing!".... will you please leave it alone...they are great together and have the right chemistry...this show is not a 'love story' -- Catherine adds dimension to Steve's soft/romantic side, and her assets in naval intel describes who she is -- she comes in and out as did Chin's wife when she was alive -- as does Adam for Kono-- and in a different way, as does Rachael and Grace, for
Danny's soft side... I, personally would want 'more' of Catherine as she is connected to Steve, the lead character -- but everything has to blend with the particular storyline - right? So let's leave the writing and stories to the writers.... they are doing just fine -- [And, by the way, we were asked who our favorite guest star was --- well, I have enjoyed all of them as they all fit in -- but if I had to say who I enjoyed most, well of course that would be James Caan -- been a fan of that guy like forever!!!

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Mick Logan: You told me to keep an eye on your mother.
Steve McGarrett: An eye, not a hand, not any other body part.

Kid, you don't need a P.I., you need a therapist.

Mick Logan