Hawaii Five-0 Review: Man Date Mandate

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I'll admit it: as someone who has attended Super Bowl parties only because they are a place where it is socially acceptable to eat your weight in guacamole, I'm sure a lot of "Pa'ani (The Game)" was wasted on me.

Steve & Danny Lament

A few of the football-related Hawaii Five-0 quotes managed to penetrate even my thick skull, so I imagine that there was a lot for the devoted football fan to enjoy, and I apologize to you all for the important stuff that I am sure that I missed. Next round of guac is on me, guys.

But there are two things I do know a lot about: bromance and lite rock. And, luckily for me, they were both in plentiful supply in this episode (the latter in the form of Train's Pat Monahan as villain-of-the-week Neil Redding).

"Pa'ani (The Game)" took on bromance vs. romance, reaching a definitive verdict: bromance is king! Call it from the mountaintops!

From Steve blowing off Catherine to go to the Pro Bowl with Danny... to Danny blowing off the Pro Bowl to stay with Steve in the hospital... to the adorable McDanno bickering, this episode was a valentine to bromance, man dates and the fact that Danny is basically a way better life partner to Steve than Catherine.

I'm not saying Catherine was a jerk to go to the Pro Bowl and have an great time on TV while Steve was getting his shoulder jammed back into its socket at the hospital, except... oh wait, I totally am. Thank God Steve has someone to prioritize his well-being/ happiness/shoulder health, you know?

The episode's guest star MVP award had to go to throw-back lounge singer Nicky "The Kid" Demarco, who managed to be both hilariously over-the-top and true-to-life at the same time - there are still tough guy crooners like this, who claim that they used to roll with Sinatra, in almost every resort town in America (though most of them are nowhere near as entertaining).

With all the football and bromance-ular excitement in the air this week, the actual crime just couldn't compete. Monahan's evil and nattily dressed computer executive was fun to watch whenever he was on screen, and the murder was enjoyably complex - I certainly didn't guess the killer until he revealed himself.

But this week was truly about bromance and comedy, and the crime was just a vehicle to get it to us; much like how the corn chip is simply the vehicle to get guac into our mouths.

And that was more than alright. This episode was classic light fare (well, as light as anything involving a violent murder can be), and from the deep, frozen depths of a northeast winter, I certainly welcomed the sight of two guys who really care about and support each other, joking around in paradise.

What did you think of this week's crime? What great football jokes did I miss? Do you think Catherine made the right call with those Pro Bowl tickets?


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I think there is time for a more Kono and Chin centric episodes I mean like Mcdanno but Kochin episodes to say it in a way, where the focus are the 2 of them and less Danny. I mean this season there had been several McDanno episodes and just one Chin episode, one Kono. I mean for me all the 4 charaters are equally important although I do get that Steve is the leadear and he can have a little bit more time than the others.


I loved last night's episode - the football banter was hilarious and the bromance was at it's best ! Especially loved the fantasy football cargument, great stuff ! I think they're moving along perfectly with Catherine. Last year the writers were bashed endlessly for 'pushing' Lori on us, and I think they did.
They're easing Cath in but basically leaving the stories with the 'Core 4' I think the writers are doing a great and I'm loving Season 3


There were 2 visible and clearly upps on this episode,the change of shirt and I do want to know why that happened and the fact that Sgt Duke looked completely healed after the Hookman episode knowing the severity of his wounds. How long had passed in the show then from the Hookman event to yesterday episode, 3 months perhaps? In order for Duke to be completely healed?


Pt. 2 - sorry - forgot to add that I would love to see more of Catherine and Kono! I think the ladies make an excellent kick-a$$ team together!! Give the guys a run for their money!


Wow! So much Cath-bashing. Ugly and nasty. This epi was good - the procedural on the other hand was rather far-fetched. Seeing how excited the guys were to see the ProBowl was priceless, just wish Steve and Danny could have enjoyed it more!! Steve did the right thing - sure there were ways around it but it's not the Cath/Steve show it's Hawaii 5-0. Danny did the right thing too. Danny handing Kono his phone adorable! Also, don't think there was much time for Steve to call Cath and tell him he was hurt so how would she know??? Best line, Steve telling Cath if Danny could run as fast as he talked, he could have been in the NFL!! Lets leave Cath alone please. We can only hope for the best, not what we want.


Cath is nothing more than a token girlfriend and there will never be anything meaningful between her and Steve. Steve acts like an immature teenager around her and its pathetic seeing how she puts up with his crap. Their relationship could have given us a lot more insight into Steve, but instead of some insight or depth into the characters, the writers constantly regurgitate the same idiotic forced bromance moments between Steve and Danny which is ruining the characters and dragging the show down. Danny is mostly unbearable now and I'd rather see more of Cath or any other character than the childish behavior of Danny and Steve.
This is not the McDanno show. Its Hawaii Five O, based on 4 characters and their personal lives. Enough with the cheesy, childish relationship of Steve/Danny and give the rest of the cast more to do. The Chin centric episode received the highest ratings of the season which proves that the show does so much better with less Danny and no bromance.


I thought lastnights episode was very light hearted. Lots of bromance the crime sorta got lost in the shuffle. Very confusing but still a good story. Love the reference of "little Stevie" can't wait for old pictures of "little Stevie" to appear. Catherine's choice of who to take to the Pro Bowl was great would love to see more of these two ladies together. The face that Catherine wasn't at the hospital, she didn't know he was there. I just wanted to know why Steve had a blue shirt on in the interogation room and then left the room going to his office and the shirt turned green. We notice things like that. I would like to see Steve and Catherine get alittle more romantic, I know, just yell at me now but it makes Steve more human. Danny also needs a love interest it's good for the show can't be tough all the time. I just hope that this show continues for a very long time and I think they have done a great job so far this season


i have to say, i'm a bit surprised by some of the comments here criticizing the reviewer. reviewers have opinions too and we may not always agree, but i think the reviews are at least well thought-out and informed. it seemed like the previous reviewer really didn't have a good grasp on the history of the show and the background of the characters. and when pointed out, he would say "oh i must've missed that episode". whether i always agree or not, i at least appreciate that someone actually watches and understands the dynamics of a show.


I am just to add a few comments. I dont like Catherine character at all this season, she was much better in S1 and 2. I'm still not sure about her character yet either. She started off as this "resource tool" for Steve and we knew they had some sort of relationship and it was ok. Now she helps out, but now she seems more like regular girlfriend, so I just don't know yet. It just seems sort of unbalanced. Make up your mind writers!!! Danny becoming way too whiner, I dont like it. I like his whines better on season 1 and 2. Just a few things I like about last nite episode, like Steve pick up line specially the one at the end when Danny was running to catch the ball.


Not a bad episode, entertaining. It was fun seeing Larry Manetti running a bar in Hawaii again. OH, by the way, McGarrett is right in the fact Tom Brady is the best quarterback in the game today, the championships prove it.

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