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Thanks kelly I love the way u review the episode and Im with you all the way.


Lenkov needs to stop listening to his adoring fans on twitter who demand the McDanno show and take more heed of the ratings. If the bromance was so loved then why are the ratings so bad and why do the bromance centric episodes do so badly. The bickering childish antics of two grown men don't seem as endearing to mainstream audience as some would like to believe. Romance or bromance doesn't bother me if done well, but neither is and all it's doing is making fools of the characters. Scott Caan's whiney attitide towards the show seems to seep into his performance. The show should be much more successful than it is, but each week the writers seem to highlight the most annoying characteristics of the characters. A new writing team is needed and a better balance between the cast and solutions/endings to many of the meandering storylines. If they don't make some changes soon fans will be tuning into Revolution instead.


Couldn't disagree more with DeAnn regarding Kono, she makes the show for me, but then I'm a guy. Loved the scene between her and the hotel security guy, quite funny. Danny handing his phone to Kono when he couldn't get it to work was priceless as well. In fact some of the series best moments involve those two (like when he tried to entice a perp with a "sexy" e-mail only to have to have Kono bail him out and when they had to interview the fortune teller played by Bai Ling, among others) and he doesn't normally resort to whining with her.
As for Michelle Catherine, she's fine and I suspect her character knows what she's getting in Steve and so accepts his quirks. I too would like to see a Kono/Cath pairing.
Overall not a bad episode.


@Hawaiinow...i mentioned Pat Monahan in my initial comment, and i thought i saw one or two others, so read again!


I believe the writers this season are not learning from past mistakes, they try to fix things but aint working. I agree with Jason says about
"I'd much prefer to see some decent detective work and Danny actually act like a cop for change and grow up. The writers need to stop with the inuenodes about Steve/Danny and who would want to be with a nagging wife!!. Cath is a great character but she's made to act the fool each week for the so called bromance and she is very underused".

I know each person has a different view on the characters, plotlines, etc but the writers are not getting it right for certain characters, like Catherine, she acts like a fool around Steve, always try to please him and Steve treats her bad. She pops up in episodes where she does not need to be like just to fill a gap and let the viewers see that they are a couple but I think the writers are just filling the fans wishes because many fans wanted to see the softer side of Steve and have a relationship outside work.

They are leaving Danny aside this season, everyone has a partner, Kono, Chin lost his wife but the prison nurse looks like a potential love itnerest in the future. What about Danny love interest? I guess we will ahve to see that in the 4th season. Maybe Danny having a potential love interest he will become less whiner LOL LOL!!!

I know she is not part of the team and we all know that, but she is not fullfiling her job wisely and she is totally underused and that is the writers blame to write her that way. She can become a very valuable and good character but she is so underused and writers are not seeing her character potential and help the team for sure


My apologize to Springsteen and Train Fans, we all have different tastes in music and everything else. They are just a generation or 2 removed from me. I thought both charterers were awesome on 50.


@ Kathy

Next episode 3,18 will air March 18 so we are on a break for 4 weeks Bummer!!

As for Catherine I love her and Steve together and the moment I am not so happy how Steve treats Catherine wonder where the guy is who picked a flower for her and planned a romantic picnic at sunset on the beach but I keep hoping all will turns out fine at the end for these two.

I am also a fan of the bromance so why can't we have both Bromance and Romance on this show.


Springsteen Train could care less, Wonder Girls bring it on.
I understand that they are trying not to repeat the mistakes of last season with Catherine, I like Michelle, but I think she is under used. Repeating myself, give me more Kono/Michelle.
@Ragdoll31....Have you seen The Cleaner with Benjamin Pratt and Grace Park. They have an ep called Ragdoll in season 1, It's the SoCal surf scene, you might like it.


@hawaiinow - Someone DID mention Max Weinberg being Springsteen's drummer cause I then re-watched the episode and was like "oh yeah, that is him". Been to a couple Springsteen concerts "back in the day" but didn't pick up on that right away like you did.
And as for "the Train guy" the reviewer mentions him above and again I was like "oh yeah". I love their top 10 song, my kids LOVE them, love them but I could get hit by the Train and not recognize any of them ;o) He did make a GREAT villan though.
I like how H50 sneaks in these interesting characters & will be looking more carefully now.


As Zia had mentioned in a prior comment, DDK is producing a theater play in Hawaii, thats why we have not seen him much lately. Its suppose to run through March 2, so I'm sure we will see him in the remaining episodes when the season comes to an end.

Tried of explaining Catherine and Steve's relationship. Love Catherine and how she is being played. Not everyone is a bromance fan, but I am. I don't want it all the time, but it brings a lot to the show. I hope we get answers to Doris by the end of the season. I don't want to end the character, but I do not want the reasons to be dragged on for a long time without answers.

@Mrs. Cleaver, yes it does seem people are a little cranky this week. Maybe even the constant complainers are upset that it will be 3 weeks until a new episode, and then probably more repeats before the end of the season.

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