Hawaii Five-0 Review: Man Date Mandate

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I'll admit it: as someone who has attended Super Bowl parties only because they are a place where it is socially acceptable to eat your weight in guacamole, I'm sure a lot of "Pa'ani (The Game)" was wasted on me.

Steve & Danny Lament

A few of the football-related Hawaii Five-0 quotes managed to penetrate even my thick skull, so I imagine that there was a lot for the devoted football fan to enjoy, and I apologize to you all for the important stuff that I am sure that I missed. Next round of guac is on me, guys.

But there are two things I do know a lot about: bromance and lite rock. And, luckily for me, they were both in plentiful supply in this episode (the latter in the form of Train's Pat Monahan as villain-of-the-week Neil Redding).

"Pa'ani (The Game)" took on bromance vs. romance, reaching a definitive verdict: bromance is king! Call it from the mountaintops!

From Steve blowing off Catherine to go to the Pro Bowl with Danny... to Danny blowing off the Pro Bowl to stay with Steve in the hospital... to the adorable McDanno bickering, this episode was a valentine to bromance, man dates and the fact that Danny is basically a way better life partner to Steve than Catherine.

I'm not saying Catherine was a jerk to go to the Pro Bowl and have an great time on TV while Steve was getting his shoulder jammed back into its socket at the hospital, except... oh wait, I totally am. Thank God Steve has someone to prioritize his well-being/ happiness/shoulder health, you know?

The episode's guest star MVP award had to go to throw-back lounge singer Nicky "The Kid" Demarco, who managed to be both hilariously over-the-top and true-to-life at the same time - there are still tough guy crooners like this, who claim that they used to roll with Sinatra, in almost every resort town in America (though most of them are nowhere near as entertaining).

With all the football and bromance-ular excitement in the air this week, the actual crime just couldn't compete. Monahan's evil and nattily dressed computer executive was fun to watch whenever he was on screen, and the murder was enjoyably complex - I certainly didn't guess the killer until he revealed himself.

But this week was truly about bromance and comedy, and the crime was just a vehicle to get it to us; much like how the corn chip is simply the vehicle to get guac into our mouths.

And that was more than alright. This episode was classic light fare (well, as light as anything involving a violent murder can be), and from the deep, frozen depths of a northeast winter, I certainly welcomed the sight of two guys who really care about and support each other, joking around in paradise.

What did you think of this week's crime? What great football jokes did I miss? Do you think Catherine made the right call with those Pro Bowl tickets?


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Sarah silva

I loved every second of this episode!
Alex once again just gets hotter and hotter, if that is possible.
There was lots of funny dialogue this week.


So if the writers want the shows ratings to improve they need to ask themselves why so many have stopped watching and take on board that the awful characterization lately could be a huge factor. Danny gets more irriting and useless each week, Steve regresses to a child around Danny and acts like a jerk around Cath, not good character qualities. Chin is awesome but mostley ignored. Kono has no storyline at all except for the brief appearance of Adam out of the blue and then its totally forgotten about. Grace seems desparate for some development for Kono and some continuity but writers don't seem interested. They're more intersted in turning their leads into bickering annoying kids to the detriment of all the characters and the success of the show.


Cath bows down to Steve's every whim, how does that make her a strong character. She was fine before her character changed so much this season because she's not allowed to be a threat to the McDanno. McDanno fans judge each episode on the McDanno quota and can't stand anyone coming between them, thus all the objections to Cath being on the show. She's accused of having no purpose - but what purpose has Danny, except to whine and be one half of the bromance. Lori was hated, Joe was hated and also Doris. In fact anyone who takes time away from Steve/Danny is not welcomed onto the show.
From the huge decline in ratings the bromance is not what attracts many of the audience to the show but as usual anyone who complains about it gets the usual response to stop watching. I think enough have already done that and probably more will leave once Revolution comes back.


It's a TV show,the only one I watch. It entertains me, if it didn't I would stop watching. It's not one size fits all and I don't think any show is, I maybe wrong. Are some of the story lines over the to? Yes. Are there some characters I don't like? Yes. Does it entertain me in spite of that? Yes.
What is most amazing to me is people who have absolutly nothing good to say about the show are, apparently, still watching.


If two guys are partners, working together every day, having each other's backs and sharing lots of time in a car (read: lots of occasions to talk), then "bromance" is not the word. It's friendship - and the kind that enjoys verbal bouts within the framework of respect and deep loyalty. That's what Steve and Danny have - and there's never a question of who's boss. It's Steve and Danny knows it.
As for Catherine and Steve - these are two grown-ups; each with successful careers and they don't need to fawn over each other nor engage in Love Story gooey sentimentality. Catherine is no push over and Steve is not the "I love you to death" simpering fool.
Just enjoy the show - and hope all the loose strings we have been presented with have some resolution come season's finale, 'cause I still have questions from the first season!


Jodee you could have not said it better regardign ur insight as to how Catherine is being played this season. I agree with you 100%


Giving her field access would have accomplished the purpose but nope they have to give her these super powers/connections. Seriously, Steve is a member of the Governor's task force, is a decorated Navy SEAL and grew up in Hawaii, his Dad was a cop, but he doesn't have any pull? Really lame the way they write Cath - sex, favors and Mary Sue. We're 3/4 through the season and still no purpose in her being a regular. Her character works much better as recurring. Of course, I also don't watch the show for romance. I prefer the team, action, humor and bromance which is what the show started out as and still does best. Sorry, never know where the cut off is so posts are in reverse order.


The case itself was entertaining enough, convoluted for sure. Great use of Larry Manetti. Kid DeMarco was fiesty and nice little tie in to New Jersey for Danny. Pat Monahan did a credible turn as the baddie of the week. Aww, Danny made the sacrifice for Steve and then Steve did the same for Danny tossing the long ball. Nice catch by Danno and celebration after. Those two were like excited kids at Christmas. A joy to watch. Can never have too much bromance or Steve/Danny scenes. They make the show. Cath was once again over the top. Lenkov can never have her as just a normal person. Nope she has to be not only on the field but in the middle of the team bench during the game. Then he had to go a step farther and have her keep the stadium open so Steve and Danny could play catch plus have her give Danny the autographed ball (nice gesture) plus have her be friends with Peyton Manning after a post game chat. Sorry, but that once again makes her a Mary Sue. Giving her field access would have accomplished the purpose but nope they have to give her these super powers/connections. Seriously, Steve is a member of the Governor's task force, is a decorated Navy SEAL and grew up in Hawaii, his Dad was a cop, but he doesn't have any pull? Really lame the way they write Cath - sex, favors and Mary Sue. We're 3/4 through the season and still no purpose in her being a regular.


Agree with the review. 317 was a fun, entertaining episode full of McDanno goodness! Steve/Danny scenes (however you want to interpret them) were a great throwback to season 1, showing how that relationship defines and carries the show. Alex and Scott are the anchors and along with Daniel and Grace make a fantastic cast and show. Loved the conversation about fantasy football, perfect analogy too with the Dungeons and Dragons for sports geeks. Fantasy football is serious business! Fun scene with Kono and the security guard too. Danny handing off the phone to Kono, humorous but also good continuity going back to season 1 with the sexting. Danny and technology don't get along.


Ohh how do I miss season 1, the best ever!!!!

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