Hawaii Five-0 Review: Man Date Mandate

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I'll admit it: as someone who has attended Super Bowl parties only because they are a place where it is socially acceptable to eat your weight in guacamole, I'm sure a lot of "Pa'ani (The Game)" was wasted on me.

Steve & Danny Lament

A few of the football-related Hawaii Five-0 quotes managed to penetrate even my thick skull, so I imagine that there was a lot for the devoted football fan to enjoy, and I apologize to you all for the important stuff that I am sure that I missed. Next round of guac is on me, guys.

But there are two things I do know a lot about: bromance and lite rock. And, luckily for me, they were both in plentiful supply in this episode (the latter in the form of Train's Pat Monahan as villain-of-the-week Neil Redding).

"Pa'ani (The Game)" took on bromance vs. romance, reaching a definitive verdict: bromance is king! Call it from the mountaintops!

From Steve blowing off Catherine to go to the Pro Bowl with Danny... to Danny blowing off the Pro Bowl to stay with Steve in the hospital... to the adorable McDanno bickering, this episode was a valentine to bromance, man dates and the fact that Danny is basically a way better life partner to Steve than Catherine.

I'm not saying Catherine was a jerk to go to the Pro Bowl and have an great time on TV while Steve was getting his shoulder jammed back into its socket at the hospital, except... oh wait, I totally am. Thank God Steve has someone to prioritize his well-being/ happiness/shoulder health, you know?

The episode's guest star MVP award had to go to throw-back lounge singer Nicky "The Kid" Demarco, who managed to be both hilariously over-the-top and true-to-life at the same time - there are still tough guy crooners like this, who claim that they used to roll with Sinatra, in almost every resort town in America (though most of them are nowhere near as entertaining).

With all the football and bromance-ular excitement in the air this week, the actual crime just couldn't compete. Monahan's evil and nattily dressed computer executive was fun to watch whenever he was on screen, and the murder was enjoyably complex - I certainly didn't guess the killer until he revealed himself.

But this week was truly about bromance and comedy, and the crime was just a vehicle to get it to us; much like how the corn chip is simply the vehicle to get guac into our mouths.

And that was more than alright. This episode was classic light fare (well, as light as anything involving a violent murder can be), and from the deep, frozen depths of a northeast winter, I certainly welcomed the sight of two guys who really care about and support each other, joking around in paradise.

What did you think of this week's crime? What great football jokes did I miss? Do you think Catherine made the right call with those Pro Bowl tickets?


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Cath and Kono wear some nice small gold necklaces - does anyone know where they come from?


I want a Steve new girlfriend.Catherine is really cute but Alex and Michelle=0 chemistry :(


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The storyline with the crime was good, and intereting, however i am not fond of having the steve/catherine relationship. She should been just recurring one season. NCIS proves it, its in its 10th season and they are hotter than ever and no woman for Gibbs, takes away from Hawaii Five o with having the character catherine.


These news plus the small rant Michelle Borth (and she was not tactful) made on Tweeter about a fan not liking her character, do not sound very promising for the show. I guess Hawaii wont last the 12 seasons the original series lasted plus the ratings. The show overall is in trouble even if there are little details, those details can make a big difference for the future of the show. I give Hawaii a 4th season due to syndication but I dont see a Season 5 of Hawaii.


I guess the character Shelburne will die or leave Hawaii soon and her character. Christine Lahti was cast for the female lead of the new series based on the movie Beverly Hills cop, she will play the captain of the BH police force. It is not said when the new series will start if next season or next year So my guess is Christine Lahtis character wont last in Hawaii either she will die or leave Steve forever. Cont...


Some of the people on here do know that these are characters, Right? Catherine's bowing down, Steve doesn't know how to treat her, everything is a favor. What relationships are all of you in. There is always one who gives a little more then the other for awhile, then roles reverse depending on the situation. We don't know everything on any of these characters. They are not followed around every minute of every day. There are the so called reality shows that you can watch. Catherine's fine, she's not a push over. Let us men enjoy the women on this show. The writers are bringing her along slowly, which was one of your complaints about Lori. You just aren't going to get the exact thing that you want out of this or any other show. I know its been said many times, but there are other things to watch.


And yes, Mrs o'loughlin, Alex is still hot! :)


Brady or Manning, Beatles or Stones? Brady and Beatles, of course! I thought it was a very entertaining episode. And yes, Mrs alex

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