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I dunno I didn't find it THAT bad. I mean I seriously love wade but it wasn't super (maybe a little but not super) OOC. I don't know if it was just because Wilson Bethel is amazing and I had no choice but to believe everything. But I didn't find it totally out of the blue or whatever. What I love most about Wade is how insecure he is and how I really feel that. The way it all went down actually made some sense to me. Anyway I'm pretty sure they're going to get back together in some super sweet and slow way that will make them both grow as people. If not then I totally have to take back everything I just said about not finding it that bad.


Seriously, people! This wasn't out of character at all! It's like Mg said, people don't change that quickly, without any setbacks. Especially with the low self-esteem issues that Wade has been dealing with his whole life. I hope that the writers will continue with Wade's journey to a more mature character, with some respect for himself. After that happens, and he can prove this to Zoe, she might be able to forgive him (I hope). Let's hope that this show will get the episodes to show this.

(sorry for the bad english, I'm from the Netherlands)


To me. It sounds like they killed their show. I know I have tuned out. Wade CHEATING! Ummm, No Thank You.

And I hate to tell U writers but it WON'T make me ever want Zoe with George. It only made me tune out!


@RIP Zade...totally agree with you. It is GG all over again. Granted Chair got together and I'm very happy they did but it took 6 freaking seasons for it to happen. They were together in for the majority of season 3. I just went back to look at the GG episode list and their split started to happen on 3.17 but they split for good on 3.18 until season 6. The Zade split happened on 2.18. Hmm...surely that's a coincidence. Josh and kind of screwed it up with GG. You did when you killed Marissa off on the OC. That last season of the OC really shouldn't have happened. If you want a season 3 of Hart of Dixie, I'd fix this quickly.


This was a really great episode. So sad but inevitable. I don't know why people seem surprised because I saw that coming a mile away. Wade cared about Zoe but a person can't change who they are, at least not this fast and not for another person. Wade always had a complex about being a failure and his way of dealing with it was reverse snobbery instead of trying to change himself. Zoe deserves so much better. I didn't want her to be with George at the end of season 1 but now I don't want her to even consider forgiving Wade.
Honestly now I can't wait to see Zoe and George find their way to each other. They are so perfect for each other. I really hope they are not like GG because there are some huge deal breakers in a relationship and being sold for a hotel or getting cheated on are some of the big once.


this just feels like GG to me. the writers didnt want Chair to be just like they don't want Zade.... this is annoying as a fan who switches on every week just to watch a light hearted drama with a touch of comedy. now zade can never be and zoe is going to go after george *yawn* who seems very happy with tanzy tbh.

on a happier note, glad lemon got over it, her and lavon were never going to work. they had the chance before and never took it. their friendship is more than the bs these silly writers want to throw at them. i smell savage/schwatz all over this joint.....


No offense, I wonder if the writers even read this. But I think I will boycott this show until they're back. I really can't stand Zoe/George, I mean when they went to New Orleans and danced and kissed, it was SO forced. Am I the only viewer who saw they had no chemistry and they have TOO much in common. Haven't they heard that opposites attract. I dated someone just like me and it was BORING! Zoe and George are boooooring and I refuse to watch it. I hope it does get cancelled before they stick those two together. I would rather the show be canceled then see Zoe with George because the writers are in love with that idea. And judging by the responses on this site, the writers are forcing themselves into an early retirement/job loss.

I'm serious.. I think I will skip this show..


I have been watching all the eps (either online or live but it's hard to get back by 8PM EST). All I know is that I don't really want to watch this episode.

If Wade truly is in love with Zoe, why the hell did he cheat on her? It just makes absolutely no sense. And you know this is kinda unforgiveable for them to get past.. No offense but cheating I don't think ever happened between Rachel and Ross on Friends.. I don't think.

As for the seasons that this series gets, the only reason it gets renewed is that I see Carrie Diaries has totally tanked (1.00 mil viewers, that's BAD) and I couldn't get through 10 minutes of Cult w/o turning it off. I think at the most it gets 4 seasons max so it can go into syndication... I totally thought it could go the route of Big Bang Theory (with Penny and Leonard the end game, but bumps along the way) but they never cheated on each other... It just really, really seems like the writers want Zoe and George to be together, but I really see NO chemistry between them... and I refuse to watch that if that's what the writers want. It's like Dawson and Joey, she was meant to be with Pacey and glad the writers figured that out... I hope they can figure out how to get this mess straightened out.


Aha thanks Elle, I also totally agree with you that now viewers will be wary of Wade because cheating is basically unforgivable. (also the game of thrones comparison is so true!)


@Elle542 As someone on Twitter right said, "this felt like a writer's choice, not a character's choice". I wholeheartedly agree with that. The Wade they wrote this season and the Wade of the last 2 episodes, are not the same.

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