Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Chaos, Natural Disaster Ahead (Again)?!

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Is Grey's Anatomy planning a ruinous return to ABC next month?

Maybe. This has not been confirmed by the network, but there are rumors that another disaster may strike the hospital - and not of the fiscal variety. We'll get to that in a second. First, here's what we do know:

On March 14, the show returns with "Transplant Wasteland." 

In this installment, the "discord and chaos created by the hospital's new management team causes one physician to question his future at Seattle Grace," according to the network's official episode synopsis.

Man With the Hair

Who do you think it might be? Note the use of his. Meanwhile, "the doctors and interns must juggle several transplant surgeries at once, each coming with its own set of obstacles." Par for the course.

The following week's episode (March 21) will be called "Idle Hands." March 28's "Can't Fight This Feeling" is when disaster strikes. Supposedly. Again, these are unconfirmed reports circulating online.

Allegedly, Seattle Grace will have to confront ... an earthquake; two victims, a married couple, reportedly suffer profound injuries. Their only son, 10, will be left alone with his parents in surgery.

Also, a baby's delivery hits a snag when the doctor learns the baby is in breach. Shonda Rhimes has denied the earthquake rumor on Twitter, but it's unclear what the actual synopsis is in any case.

We'll have to wait and see what is accurate, but it wouldn't be out of the blue for Grey's Anatomy, would it? As always, you'll have the synopses, photos and promos for all episodes when we do!

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God, get a life dayna,why dont you? you're acting like a freaking 10 year old, i havent been that blinded since i stopped dancing to the spice girls and that was way before i was ten....we're adults and adults are allowed to see things how they are and stop looking through lovesick glasses. It does get predictable, it does get boring and sadly this season i think was the most boring one until now. Surprisingly i found Arizona to be the puller, the one that had me hooked to her tragic but strong story line...not meredith. cant stand her any more. so annoying. derek too. he got awfully old and acted like a wanker half the time towars everyone. .yes..your hand was fucked but guess what; youre derek shepardt there is no chance they'll let your hand be everything other than perfect at the end, stupid golden boy. arizona wont get her leg back, so he really should stop fucking whining for a second and look around. i hated that theyve killed off lexie and mark.. would have liked it more if it were meredith and darek.


You know what's gonna happen at the end of this series, right? Rocks fall, everyone dies.


It may not be an earthquake but let us not forget that there is a volcano located not too far from Seattle... Maybe a dante's peak sort of situation for the doctors?


Have they had a flood yet? Or how about debris from a meteorite hitting Seattle or a thunder storm strike hitting something.Or fog causing a major road crash?


Yes and Shonda Rhimes did deny the earth-quake rumor on Twitter, I saw that too. But she probably lies; it wouldn't be the first time.


Gotta say I agree with a plot device to allow the docs to shine, I'm good with that. But another terrible thing happening to all of them would be too hard to swallow. I think most fans would agree that all these tragedies are just too much. I'll see this show out to the end, no matter how long it lasts, but it is getting very predictable now. Too much so, I think.


I love this show for those who say its predictable and boring ur not a true fan!! when u can still laugh and cry with the episodes then u know ur a true fan.


what's the betting the baby is meredith's? bit early but not unheard of??


Oh don't forget train crashed in season two


disasters: dead baby bike race lol, bomb exploded, ferry crash, ambulances crashed, hit by bus, shooting, other shooting at the college, sink hole, plane crash, earthquake seems appropriate and maybe a tornado or killer doctor?

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