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The last two episodes have been the best in awhile. I have watched the first three episodes of the season so many times. I keep them on the dvd player. That was so cool that Jackson's Mom bought the hospital. Yes, now kiss your Mom, Jackson. I think putting Alex and Jo together is so great for him, and yes, he has grown so much. Does anyone ever think that Izzie would come back and put a wrench in the works? I would love to see Addison come back to Grey's when Mer has her baby and yes, Benjamin Bratt and her sweet little son, too. I am still a Grey's fan and will always be. I have now gotten all of the Private Practice dvds but the 6th season doesn't come out until May.


Shocked to know that Jackson will now be running things. I think it'll be mostly Webber behind it all though. He and Catherine are the only ones out of that group with the experience to actually run the place. It might also break him and Stephanie up. I still don't know how I feel about those two as a couple, but I'm definitely not leaning towards a "yes".

I am leaning towards a "yes" to Jo and Alex. If there was a couple that was made for each other, it was those two. They have great chemistry and there is clearly something there. I really hope that they get together seriously before one "friend zone's" the other one. Or they sleep together prematurely and things get ugly. Or one dies.


I really liked the episode, it was a nice way to round up the whole selling/buying the hospital, which I found to be slightly predictable, but not too bad.
I'm a bit fascinated though, a lot of people here seems to be under the impression that Jackson is the "big boss", and to be fair, it has only been a requirement from his mom that he is on the board. From what's been said, he doesn't have more of a say than the others, who are also on the board, even if the Harper-Avery foundation owns the biggest share. Not saying that he won't have more to say, just that they haven't said anything about it. Also, I agree he doesn't look like he wants it, but the fact that they are buying the hospital is not going to affect their position as surgeons to to great of an extent. They discussed this in an earlier episode, they don't want to own and run the hospital full-time, they want to be doctors.

I'm confused as to where people have gotten the part about Richard become chief again. As far as I could tell, Owen will still be Chief of Surgery, like he has been.

Enjoyed the episode though, hope it will be less administrativ drama next time :)


I loved that no one knew who Brooks was until they said "Mousy". lol.

I was kind of hoping the billionaire would buy the hospital. He was very Christian Grey-Esque which I thought would bring more steamy-dreamy-whatever into the mix.

But that last twist w/ Mama buying Jackson a hospital was pretty great.


Just because Avery is the heir apparent to the HarperAveryfoundation doesn't mean that he's going to have inherited the skills to run a hospital board.
Am I the only one who thought Avery's intern gf liked his looks more than his bedroom skills? LOL


Loved the episode, and I'm totally for Jo and Alex after last nights episode. I loved that they had to get webber and Owen involved by the end. Also loved!!!! Bailey, she was awesome


Now Jackson, give Mama a kiss, she just bought a hospital!

That alone makes the ep a 5/5!! Freaking hilarious !!


Shoot, I was cut off...

... and Arizona learns, as a cherry on the pie, to ride her wheely's again and will live happily ever after with Callie. And tons of kids. And chickens, because she has this weird thing for chickens.

So. Now I am fed up with this storyline, so move on already!


Mama bought you a hospital... hilarious! And the lookes on everybody's faces!
So, now they have saved the hospital, now they can go back to normal:
Derek will be a rockstar surgeon again, Meredith will be at his side, because se also loved neuro before the Alzheimer's trial broke off and Derek didn't want to work with her again.
Cristina and Owen will be a sex-loving-bickering couple again. Owen will be the head of trauma again, instead of being the chief. Off course Webber will be chief again, together with Jackson, who'll be a part-time surgeon.
April will pass her boards finally and is going steady with... I don't care, either Jackson or the other guy. She will rock trauma.
Webber and Catherine will combine work with pleasure... ;)
Bailey will be her old self again, yay!
Okay, Alex can be happy with Jo. Personally I really don't like her character, or Stephany for that matter. I like Mousey and Ross!!!
Cahill hooks up with Hahn. (Don't you just see them together??) and Arizona, as a cerry on the pie, will learn to roll on her wheeley's again and live a long and happy life with Callie.
So. And now I'm fed up with this storyline, so move on already!


I do not think any of the "shareholders" will leave now, they are invested in the hospital. Probably, it is one of the reasons why Cathrine Avery considered buying it a good investment. The hospital is only as good as its doctors, who are now chained to it unless they sell their share...

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