Grey's Anatomy Review: Heart Of The Hospital

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Grey’s Anatomy aired "This is Why We Fight” tonight, an episode that focused heavily on the group's quest to buy the hospital and the impacts it will make on everyone around them.

Between investors and meetings, arguments and asking for help, the gang did the best its could. But was it enough? 

Derek, Meredith and Zola

Financial Fun. The majority of the hour centered around Derek, Mer, Yang, Callie and Arizona in their attempt to get a financial backer. After a few meetings, they were able to meet the top dog. His request that they have an administrative leader on their team was legit. In all seriousness, what do these surgeons know about running a hospital? Nothing. 

If this scenario got CHIEF back in front of Richard Webber’s name, I am all in. To this day, I still refer to Richard as Chief Webber.

I know I was not alone in being worried about this story arc. How does a show about a hospital of great looking doctors who have relationships and cool surgeries focus on anything other than that? I wasn’t sure of the idea of selling off the hospital or changing the way things work. Or even just the idea that there was a bigger focus than their relationships. But it's worked. It has kept the viewers interested and shaken things up in a good way. 

So, after some twists and turns, they get their money from somewhere least expected. Catherine offering up the Harper Avery Foundation is pretty awesome. It keeps the hospital open, keeps Catherine around for Richard and promises to make things a bit messy. How? As the majority shareholder, they get to choose someone to sit on the board of directors, AKA Jackson. How are these seasoned docs going to feel with a younger doctor being in charge? Who knows?? One thing is for sure: I can’t wait to find out.

Adios, Phil. Possibly the best part about this installment was Alex and his cool tumor in a bag surgery. This character has grown in such ways that it has been a joy to watch. Alex has earned his place and deserves everything he gets. I know I wouldn’t have hated going to the doctors as much if I had a cool doc like Alex. Things are still budding between him and Jo. Whether they acknowledge it or not.

Alex, Jo and Patient

Side Notes

  • You could totally see Mer’s baby bump in this episode!
  • How cute was Brooks’ haircut?
  • Anyone else think it was a little soon for Stephanie to want to follow Jackson across the country?
Overall, an interesting episode. Harper Avery offering to invest was a big surprise, but putting Jackson in charge is an even bigger surprise. What did you think of “This Is Why We Fight?”
Were you entertained or are you tired of the hospital drama? Sound off in the comments and check back for the Grey’s Anatomy Round Table later this week.


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Jackson is, more or less, in charge as he is the representative of Harper Avery Foundation, and the HAF is the majority shareholder. Being majority shareholder means you hav 51% or more of the vote. Jackson is essentially the Chairman of the Board because even if the board voted unanimously, their vote couldn't count. Jackson has the controlling vote.


I'm a bit late but I loved it !! Owen, you're the man that I want !!! Avery, the Boss? er, something tells me, Richard did not know about that ! Yes, we saw the bump !!! Cute !
I really thought Karev and Jo were finally have the moment...oh well, next time then !
Cannot wait for next week !!!!


I don't know that I'd call Jackson any less seasoned than Cris or Mer. He's been in the program just as long as they have. But that said, these doctors have much more history together than Jackson does with any of them. They know how to work together. The question is whether the senior staff can swallow taking orders from a fellowship student. That is going to be tricky....


Waitng for Derek and Mer to be back......Im from India and a great fan of Gray's Anatomy.....would love to meet Derek Shepherd .....


It was definitely a better episode than of the late but the plot is growing tiresome and kind of stupid now. I don't want grey's to end either but everyone looks so BORED. And the show is hardly about Meredith anymore which, weird to say, I kind of miss. It was interesting to see her journey no matter how annoying she got. This whole hospital plot device and the shock and awe that the writers are going for is running on fumes now. That being said, I think it should be interesting to see how Avery handles this. And I'm confused on something - is Richard the chief again? I don't remember that happening...


That episode was awesome! I loved every single scene. There was humour, drama, was epic. CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE.


So very excited to see the sexy Jackson get the top dog award and I cannot wait to see the flock of women that challenge Stephanie...shoot sign me up as a competitor please. That part at the end of the show was priceless. I think the writers should have made Jackson smile at the end, though.
The story line was good for this episode and I am glad they are getting rid of Pegasus and that lady.


Boyd Crowder - why are you even on this site? You claim to not watch the show so I'm guessing you just stop by to insult people.


How pregnant is Mer now? I've lost the time line. Anybody know please?


really great episode! I loved Karev and Jo's story line.
Thank goodness that the hospital was saved but now Jackson's gonna be the big boss. He never wants something under the name of Avery but he has to now. For the sake of the hospital Mer's baby bump!

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