Explosive, Controversial Tragedy to Strike The Vampire Diaries

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It certainly sounds like another death is coming to Mystic Falls.

Asked by E! News what fans can expect in the near future on The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Nina Dobrev couldn't have been less specific - or more ominous - in teasing:

"Something happens in the near future, something pretty tragic and terrible and kind of show changing. It's going to really affect every single person. It's going to especially affect Damon, Elena and Stefan in a pretty crazy, controversial way. The whole show is going to shift. It's going to be explosive."

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Might Jeremy somehow be kicking the bucket? What other character is connected closely to Stefan, Elena and Damon?

Let your own theories fly in the Comments section below and/or our Vampire Diaries forum and visit E! for even more Spoiler Chat now.

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if you have read the books, there's a bit when Damon becomes Human by mistakenly taken the cure that was for Stefan, at this time Elena had been a vampire died and came back to life as human(with some powers not a witch a guardian/angel. Damon becomes a vampire again. I wouldn't like Damon to stay Human he's amazing as a vampire.


Damon is turning human for sure. He's been the least vocal about what he will do with the cure- only thinking of finding it for Elena rather than what implies for himself. It would eliminate this sire bond nonsense and we all know that Damon's secret is that he misses being human more than anything else in the world. The main objective of this season is to find the cure, but it is also to figure out the truth surrounding the sire bond and to eventually break it. Obviously they wouldn't kill or send either Damon or Elena away, but turning one of them human with the cure would resolve everything. Giving the cure to Elena is too obvious and they know that. The fandom wouldn't appreciate such a lack of creativity and they would ultimately be back peddling on making Elena a vampire in the first place. Turning Damon, however, would be an interesting turn of events. It's just a shame that most of us have kind of caught on to the direction of things. I promise you though, this is what is going to happen.


Am I the only one who does not want Damon as human? I prefer badass, strong Vampire than weak human. I love Damon so much and if he dies and comes back as human I would adjust to it but I won't like it. I like Damon the way he is...And I just hope this whole cure thing is fake..LOL. What happen when they find that there was no cure at all? LOL.


@Christina: hahaha!


@tania: you really like Tatia, huh?
i read in some other comment that you had made talking about Tatia, and i was like who is this tatia? i had to look her up and then found out haha. the only person i remember was "really" affected by a death was Damon and it was for Alaric. it was like for 2 or 3 episodes. thats it (but thats considered a lot in this show) now Damon will be affected if something happens to Stefan, Elena, or himself. so I'm assuming something will happen to one of these 3


Its Bonnie. I think its her, only because her death would impact them all more than anyone else.Also Damon does care, he just doesn't want anyone to know it. I hope Delena makes it, absolutely love them together.


Think about it, has to be Bonnie that is the only person that would really affect them all. They always need her powers. Without them, they would probably all be dead. Love DELENA...


I feel like also Damon will take the cure and become human in the books. I feel like Caroline or Jeremy might die.




Just a little information for all of you so called fans of the show......There is no Salvatore brother named Stephan....his name is STEFAN and Carolines boyfriend is TYLER not Taylor. Thank God all of you "fans" are given us your opinion of what will happen when you don't even know the characters names. To all the people posting that know the names of the characters....thank you for actually paying attention when you watch.

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