Deception Review: Relationships Redefined

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"Why Wait" exposed Mia’s true heritage to the public eye - and by episode’s end she had lost almost everything.

Will Mia's Life Be Changed?

It’s hard to talk about the rest of the developments after seeing such a tragedy unfold in the final few minutes. Mia is not only searching for answers in those closing seconds, she’s also making up for lost time. She refuses to wait until the family heads behind closed doors for damage control, and instead, understandably, wants to know everything right away.

Compound all of it by being under the watchful public eye and it’s amazing that Mia held up as well as she did. Sadly, Mia’s tragedy didn’t end there, though, as unbeknownst to her, Ben is throwing himself in front of bus. While it’s unclear if he makes it or not, it’s very likely Mia is now without any biological parents.

I also, surprisingly, feel bad for Sofia. She’s truly loved Mia like the adopted daughter she is and the look of pain on her face as Mia ripped off the necklace – a symbol of great love for Sofia – made it harder to watch.

The reporter who brought all of it to light is pretty soulless to pull a stunt like this. The Bowers offered a full interview in exchange for squashing the story and she turned around and acted like a petulant, adult-sized child. Some stories get killed within the news business; she isn’t the sole exception and she’s not uncovering government secrets for the public; she’s just writing celebrity gossip. It's no real surprise she was canned by her boss.

At least her questionable choices brought about Robert’s mean side. He wasn’t afraid to threaten her with being killed, and, for once, I can’t really blame him.

Edward continues to be a man of mystery, but it looks more and more likely as his layers are peeling away and that he’s a deeply conflicted individual who isn’t sure of his role in the family; it seems he wants to do what he can to protect his loved ones, yet he’s in a constant battle with his them. Is it possible to protect them when they’re the ones who are constantly destroying themselves from within?

Whatever Edward’s decisions ends up being, he’s in the deep end now. He’s actively impeded in a (unofficial) police investigation by deleting files from the server and he could end up being next on the hit list as Samantha might have convinced him to begin where Vivian left off.

While I haven’t really talked much about John Laroquette’s Haverstock character, he’s become a rather fun - and odd - villain. He’s not afraid of making funny quips in the heat of tragedy at the Bowers expense, nor is he afraid of lighting a sixteen year old’s cigarette.

Two More Thoughts:

  1. Joanna and Will were rather uninteresting tonight. I don't really care for their relationship, or whatever is is, and Joanna was mostly a bystander today. The only thing she did was search for the files, and gain the suspicions of Robert.
  2. Julian and his past flame were also a non-starter and completely boring.

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