Deception Review: Along Came Haverstock

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"Tell Me" certainly attempted to tell a cohesive story, but the Deception episode just ended up being a mess with three wildly different plots that never really bother to stitch up together.

Mostly, this was forty minutes of filler and three minutes of story.

Joanna Finds Trouble

First and foremost is Haverstock. I’m still enjoying his character and his interaction at the party with a bunch of drunk or stoned teenagers certainly had some charm to it; however, the way he went about telling Mia he’s her father lacked any tact at all.

Haverstock is only ever interested in getting one or two steps closer to his plan, and - although some part of his intentions with Mia may have been good - the scene lacked any true emotion. Haverstock has no context and no real history with Vivian, and subsequently he lacks any true link to Mia because he has no emotional context to any of the Bowers.

If he had been part of a flashback scene tonight, so the audience could gauge the level of emotion Vivian and Haverstock had for one another, the scene could have played out differently. Sadly, that is not the case and we're left with a random scene revealing his paternity and Mia taking it surprisingly well before calling herself the product of rape.

And now Sofia owes Haverstock a favor for keeping Wyatt rotting in jail. What is the point of bringing Sofia’s past back to (potentially) haunt her? There is no set up, and absolutely no framework to his introduction. He’s just thrown in the mix by placing a phone call to Sofia from jail informing her his parole hearing is coming up, along with a flashback with a younger Sofia saying, “there’s so much blood.”

Joanna, meanwhile, is still doing mostly nothing. Which is such a shame considering how much better everything could be if there was someone to root for. Part of the reason why Revenge works so well is because Emily Thorne, for how treacherous she can be, is a likeable character we want to see come out on top.

Joanna, in comparison, just walks around tailing nobodies and getting tailed by bloggers. There’s really nothing to Joanna’s story at this point aside from filling in a few minor gaps in knowledge for the police. The only new piece of information she has now is the fantasy suite intruder works at the shady bakery.

Edward, like I predicted last week, is the wild card. He’s no longer blindly loyal to his family, but is working hard towards uncovering the truth because Vivian’s death and Lyritrol’s troubles are connected. I’m also beginning to have major doubts that he is the murderer all those years ago. Julian keeps bringing it up, and Robert continues to become more and more intimidating and threatening as time marches on; so it wouldn’t necessarily surprise me if Haverstock’s leverage is not leverage against Edward, but leverage against Julian or maybe Robert.

A Few More Thoughts:

  • At least Will is still on his police game.
  • I wonder of Lyritrol’s competitor drug has some of the same issues.
  • I’m assuming Kyle’s get out of jail free card is relaying information about Mia to Haverstock.
  • Tonight is such a disappointing episode for Deception Season 1. Everything about the show had been heading in the right direction and now so much of the momentum has been lost.

Tell Me Review

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