Daniella Pineda: Cast on The Originals!

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Daniella Pineda will soon be heading to New Orleans.

The actress, who has guest-starred on Homeland and Men of a Certain Age, has landed a series regular role on The Originals, the wildly hyped Vampire Diaries spinoff whose backdoor pilot airs April 25.

TVD Witch

According to Deadline sources, Pineda will portray Sophie, a witch who is intent on leading a revolution among her kind because her powers have been silences for far too long.

The series, which will almost certainly be picked up by The CW for the fall season, centers on Joseph Morgan's Klaus returning to his native New Orleans and reuniting with his evil protege, an uncast vampire named Marcel.

Phoebe Tonkin is also in as Hayley, while Daniel Gillies will return as Elijah.

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Also while I know Daniela is not white (she's Mexican-american), don't be surprise if the writers choose to make the character white like they do with Trevino. Hollywood is known for whitewashing Hispanics's ethnic background which then I wonder why hire them if you just making them Caucasian, it just very clear the hiring of actors and then making them pass is just so you claim diversity.


So you don't even know the demographic of NOLA to even comment on whether or not people who are pointing it out TVD's ignorance out here. Well reality check, majority of NOLA residents is African American in fact they make up 60.2% % of it while whites only make up 33% so right there should be more blacks featured as they are the majority. You are also assuming the writers know ish about Acadians moving to NOLA after the French and Canadian war which again I am leading to a Cajun that ends up with a Creole background (because these writers are slightly dumb). You just sound very ignorant not know NOLA is like the biggest city of African American culture like Atlanta, GA. It like saying you not aware that voodoo and Catholicism is highly associated with NOLA. Majority of my friends originate from the area. But I guess my whole argument is it would be weird to have a large white cast in predominantly African American area.


@cacherr1 I've never been to New Orleans, I'm an Acadian from Massachusetts. So when I hear of NO the first thing I think of is my Cajun cousins, and Marcel would be a Cajun name.


Watching a show about two brothers, I already have Supernatural.
Watching a show about two vampire brothers, or two brothers and some random girl (Hayley, I have nothing against Tonkin but come on!), I already have TVD no need for a spin off.
Watching a show about three brothers and a sister from the Original vampire family, now I'm pretty interested. It's a show about this family and their relationshi
So true! There's really nothing more to say.


PS: when I say it's strange to see a non Black person as a witch it's because most of them were black in the TVD universe. Not being racist or anything!


To be honest, it's just strange to have a non black person as a witch. Like it's said in the previous comments, when a witch's got a potentially good arc and might stay alive for a long time she's white or now Hispanic apparently.
I'm French and Marcel is a mainly used for White people but since I'm half Creole, to be honest this name can be used by Black people to. I would love to see some diversity in this spin off. Second point, this show is called Originals, why Hayley is giving a role before Rebekah? Why Kol isn't involve in it? It's already a fail before it's even started.
Watching a show about two brothers, I already have Supernatural.
Watching a show about two vampire brothers, or two brothers and some random girl (Hayley, I have nothing against Tonkin but come on!), I already have TVD no need for a spin off.
Watching a show about three brothers and a sister from the Original vampire family, now I'm pretty interested. It's a show about this family and their relationship with supernatural things, and with 4 leads (or 5 if I add Hayley or 6 if I add the witch so some equality 3 guy and 3 girls) so 6 leads and storylines that could work.
All I'm asking it's a good show, I hope they'll be able to work a show with multiple main characters with a plot that can work and development for all the characters and a possibility for them to evolve around each other but also separately.
Since I doubt Julie Plec's ability to do that, I'll just wait that the entire first season is out before starting watching IF THE SHOW EXISTS!


So wait a minute, not to sound like a Black Panther or anything, but just wait a minute...
99% of witches in the TVD universe thus far are black, but the one witch who's got a role of some importance, say leading the revolution, isn't? If you're going to die in five minutes, it's okay - you can cast somebody black, but if they're going to be sticking around a while, we gotta give 'em a race lift?
So... Just so I understand it, that's what happening here? I couldn't agree more, they don't even try to hide it anymore :lol She is white cause she is going to be Elijah's new love interest. Just wait and see.


@drich61 Again she talking about demographic and majority of NOLA has an African background (beyonce's mother's family is from here). You are missing the entire point of people's issue with what is most likely going to happen and it like the people complaint about shows set in nyc where majority of background characters are still white i.e. Brooklyn or show Bronx and not showing a Hispanic population. BTW no one really thinks of white french descendants right away when people bring up NO (hell I bet the writers don't even know Cajun history, so I am expected Creole to be more like it as those). Hell Ian as much as he states he from NO (he did alot during the oil spill) isn't from there but the suburbs of it (this is a pet peeve of mine when folks say they are from a city when they are born and raise outside it, to me this is lying).


@youngnan This spinoff takes place in New Orleans, and Marcel is a very old French name. Go to Canada and you will only see white Marcels, I would expect the same from our Louisiana Cajun cousins. As for VD witches being African American that is because of the importance of the Bennett line in their story. I would hope the Bennetts would not be important in this story also.


"so at least 2 regulars out of a limited number of regulars being ethnic is pretty good" I would agree with this if the thing was set in let's say Boston, or Ireland. But out of all the places in the world/America, they decided to go with New Orleans. It just feels like somebody pissing on me and calling it rain.

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