Dallas Review: Beyond Forgiveness

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"Trial and Error" started off showing us Ann Ewing's strong side, but will she be able to maintain that bravado when she's behind prison bars?

Not much was better than watching Annie walked determinedly into the police station with socked feet, slam her blood-splattered boots on the counter and tell the officer, "My name is Ann Ewing and I shot Harris Ryland."

Ann & Bobby Support One Another

We finally learned a lot about Ann's past and how she ended up with someone as vile as Ryland. Poor Ann was a shy, awkward girl whose mother actually brought her to a doctor to ask them to make her stop growing because she considered her too tall. That would mess with anyone's body image and self esteem.

So when Ryland came along and saw something special she fell head over heels. If only his crazy momma hadn't shown up. Judith Ryland was quite a piece of work as she spewed venom in this Dallas quote

Some people shouldn't have goldfish, let alone children. | permalink

If only she had taken her own advice. Perhaps we've seen some clues as to why Harris' father committed suicide.  

Speaking of Harris, if the bullet had been just one centimeter closer to his heart, it would have killed him. If only Annie had emptied the clip instead of taking just one shot.

I loved that they didn't drag the trial out the way they would have in the old days. Soap trials bore me. This one was fast paced and revealed everything we needed to know inside of one episode. Well done.

J.R. and John Ross were once again on the outs, as Cliff gleefully told J.R. that his son had ratted out his alliance with Frank. Like J.R. told Sue Ellen…

For the life of me I can't think of one sensible reason for our boy to go and seek favor from that bitter old bastard. | permalink

Perhaps it was his growing feelings for Pamela? Thankfully, J.R. and John Ross have Sue Ellen around to referee their fights. For all of the Ewing treachery, they really do have a heart warming family dynamic.

J.R. wasn't kidding about Cliff being a bitter old bastard. Despite J.R.'s scheming and manipulations, I always feel that he truly loves his son. I don't feel that from Cliff at all.  

When he told Pamela "perhaps I should have paid more attention to you over the years because now you're desperately looking for love from men who can only use you," all I could think was: Perhaps?!? He practically ignored his daughter all of these years and now he only seems to acknowledge her because she's his best way to screw over J.R. and the Ewings. 

Cliff's heart was always two sizes too small but it may be disappearing all together as he ages.

A few side notes…

  • Hallelujah! Pamela is finally showing. It's certainly about time.
  • Judith Light is so creepy as the grandma with the iron fist.  Maybe Ann should have shot her?
  • Christopher seemed so sure that the jury would acquit Ann. He really is naive.
  • First Elena, now Pamela. John Ross keeps getting rejected by the women he cares about. That's got to hurt.
  • Was anyone else bored by Drew's story. I'm hoping they send him on his way after he makes his trouble for Elena.

With Ann on her way to jail and Vincente on his way out, what Hell awaits the Ewings on the next Dallas.


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PART III FROM BELOW...She may not be madly in love. But, Pamela isn't as cold-hearted as she wants her dad to think she is.


CONTINUED FROM BELOW...Judith Light's courtroom scene HAD to have been a homage to her time on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, and the Emmy she won on that show. Seeing her on that stand again brought back some soapy good times. I liked how Chris & Pamela cringed at the trial testimony, and came to realize how parents can ruin a child's life with all the fighting and drama. It doesn't matter who is right or wrong. A more civil path is better for the child regardless of what the grandparents (Cliff, Bobby, Mrs. Ryland) want. Pamela's dynamic with her dad is interesting because it mirrors her mother, Afton, and how she came into Cliff's life. In the original series, Afton was hired by J.R. to literally get into Cliff's bed and undermine him. BINGO! It's disgusting that Cliff would ask his own daughter to do that. Afton always had a good heart though. So, I suspect that perhaps Pamela Rebecca (P.R.?) may have warmer feelings for John Ross than she lets on. She may not be madly in love. But, she's not as cold as she wants her dad to think.


This episode just ripped IMO! I love how the writers cut to the chase and don't draw things out for months on end. One thing I wish they had shown however was J.R. confronting John Ross about his betrayal. It's hard to believe he would give his son the silent treatment for a month. J.R. is never silent about anything. The relationship between him and Sue Ellen has also surprised me because it seems grounded and real. Who knew she would be the one that could change his outlook on things? There was a time when they were just poison to, and for, each other - and that was good to watch, also!


To scherfig, I know! Although I'm enjoying Judith Light in the role of Harris' crazy momma, that is some weird casting. I have to put the very minor age difference of the actors out of my mind while I'm watching.


Correction - 4 years older!


Does anybody else have a problem with Judith as Harris's weirdo mother? IRL she's only 7 years older than him, which is bit of a stretch, even in Texas. When we were first introduced to her, I just went WTF?


@Christine Thanks a lot that would be amazing. I'm actually hoping it means foreshadowing and that JR3/Elena are dead in the water. @Linda I think a season 3 is going to happen but whether or not Dallas actually gets a full season i think depends on the ratings, last week they actually got a bump in the ratings so we'll see.


It's becoming increasingly clear to me that once J.R./the late Larry are no longer part of the show, the show will fizzle out. There are no other compelling characters, at least not interesting enough to make the show work or hold an audience. Anyone else think there will be no season 3?


Jennifer, "Also did anyone notice Drew called Elena, Ellie?. Foreshadowing JR1/Ellie, JR2/Sue Ellen and now JR3/Elena" I never noticed that but you're right. That's kind of cool. If I get to interview any of the writers of the show again I'll have to ask if that was planned or simply coincidence.


No, John Ross is not going to hurt Elena -- not seriously, anyway. Christopher continues to be both naive and whiny; how could anyone NOT be Team John Ross? And I've got to say it again: Man alive, am I going to miss JR Ewing!!!

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Dallas Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Perhaps I should have paid more attention to you over the years because now you're desperately looking for love from men who can only use you.


If your heart weren't so small, you'd be dead. I'd wish you were dead.