Chicago Fire Review: New Beginnings

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"Viral" built up some scary situations for the men and women of Station 51 - and just as one bullet was dodged another seemed to come whizzing by, as Cruz faced extermination, Shay dealt with an HIV scare and Clarice, and Casey dealt with his mom.

Severide's Connection

Cruz’s continual death wishes, while sometimes old, did make for good story even if the way things got there weren’t necessarily the most believable. Cruz is so focused on attempting to keep other families intact and functioning that his hero complex is putting Mouch and the rest of the station in danger; so I’m pleased Mouch laid the ground rules out for Casey.

Casey’s scene with Cruz also reflected a different side of him. Casey is usually a man of compassion and morality, but those traits run dry if it he notices his team is being put in danger. His speech to Cruz really hit home, bringing to light events that have, up until now, felt relatively buried back from the days of the pilot. Darden’s death still weighs heavily on Casey and he’s not willing to risk carrying Cruz’s secret if it means the death of the rest of his team.

As Chicago Fire Season 1 progresses, I’ve found myself enjoying Mouch more and it’s in no small part to his protective spirit of his coworkers. He sees them as family, and he instinctively knows what they need and how to help them. Mouch knew Cruz didn’t need vengeance he needed forgiveness.

Casey’s mom is still rubbing me the wrong way. Maybe she’s going through an adjustment period and she’s having a difficult time reconnecting with society and her children, but at some point she either needs to focus on recovery instead of being defiant. Deciding to bunk with her old cellmate might be the best medicine the family needs. It’s the first time we’ve actually witnessed her be a mother since her introduction; she’s willing to give them space if it means she can keep the best products of her unhappy marriage together.

Shay’s situation with the homeless man was very scary and I’m happy she tested clean for HIV. Sadly, I completely left my guard down - as did Shay - with Clarice. She once again dropped him with no second thoughts whatsoever and I’m hoping we never have to see her again. Shay’s been slapped in the face of Clarice’s exits too much, and I hope she will finally be ready to move on after Clarice’s latest cut and run.

A few more thoughts:

  • This week in Hermann misfortune, or possible fortune, is whatever was in that box they found in the safe. 
  • The lawyer’s characterization of Kelly is completely opposite to his character at this point.
  • I hope Eric comes back to visit Station 51 maybe on a more permanent basis this time?
  • The fertilizer bomb sure proved to be anti-climatic.


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Why do I feel that thıs story lıne of casey been angry wıth dawson and mılls supportıng her ıs leadıng up to Chıef boden cautıon to mılls about datıng dawson. Mılls sayıng thıngs about casey would lead up to hım actıng up to hıs lıeutenant and that could cause serious trouble, trust me chief won't have his back. Just my thoughts...


A really strong episode. Love the closure on Cruz's storyline, Eric's small arc with Renee, Casey's mom decision to move out and while I don't particularly love it, I'm okay with Clarice leaving Shay. Again. Poor Shay but she deserves better.
That HIV scare is really creepy. I watched the promo and biting my nails when the scene came. Darn promo!
I know I hate Mouch since the start but he's growing on me.
And I love the trio Otis-Dawson-Herrmann. They are entertaining as hell.


★★★☆☆TV This show needs better structure for entertainment purposes. If I wanted 90's TV I'd watch Netflix. .


Am I the only one who doesn't like Peter Mills and Dawson as a couple? Peter Mils saying scew him about Casey it's so not right


Chicago Fire is one of my don't-miss shows, although I DVR it every week just in case. I can't say there are any characters I dislike except maybe Voight because I detest bullies. But I seriously did believe that Shay was too good for Clarice. I had been afraid that Clarice would hurt Shay again and I just hope Shay can really move on this time. I also really like the friendship between Kelly and Shay as it's one that I understand.
Casey's mom had me on her side in the beginning but she has acted like a 16 year old spoiled brat to her son. I cheered when he 'threw her out'. I'm not sure her P.O. will approve of her new living arrangements!
All in all, I love my heros!


Oh yeah what is in the box?


I loved this show. This week was good as usual. Saw a diffrent side of Casey this week. I love Mounch he is a great guy but then again I think all the guys on this show are great. They are good examples of real men. Cruz does need professinal help. A good name for the bar is firewall! Dawson you made your bed now lay in it. I know i am not the only one who knew Clarice was going to bail on Shay again. Did not like the lawyer saying Severide was the bad example in this "family". Did Shay have those eyebrows when she was Hawaii 5-0? They make her look mean when she is nothing but a sweetheart. I like Severide and original Renee, will we see more of them? Glad Casey's mom did the right thing for her kids but still don't like her. Next weeks show looks good! NBC please keep this show on and don't just order 22 eposide for next year. Keep your shows on Sept-May!

Sarah silva

I think all Cruz needed was for someone to say they forgave him so I think Cruz will be fine from now on.

Sarah silva

This was a fantastic epiosde! Now we have to wait 2 weeks to find out what was in the box!
I knew what something was going to happen and Clarice was going to leave. It is sad as Shay was really happy but Dawson was right that Clarice would hurt her again, eventhough she was doing what she had to for her baby.
I am happy that Casey's mom moved out after seeing the strain she caused the siblings when she killed their dad. She wanted them to be a realy brother and sister again and that was super sweet.
I am glad that Cruz is staying, I liked seeing him confide to Mouch and Mouch being the one to say he forgave him and then telling Casey he had to stay.
I do not want Kelly and this Renee to get back together. Casey is a great guy and it was sweet that he did not give up on her and brought her and her brother back together.


As for Cruz, Casey should have recommended counseling, or something to help Cruz through his depressed state, the first time he slipped up. Hopefully Cruz is able to find some peace and make a difference in other ways.

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