Castle Round Table: "Hunt"

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Daddy issues and spy games abounded this week, as Castle concluded its suspenseful two-parter with "Hunt.

Below, our Round Table team of TV Fanatic writers Jim Garner, Chandel Charles, and Christine Orlando are joined by Castle fan Heather from The 12th Fan Forum as they decide if James Brolin hit the right mark as Castle's long lost daddy and whether they prefer Bad Ass Beckett or Super Spy Castle.


What was your favorite scene?

Jim: I loved Kate reaching the end of her rope with the girlfriend and kicking her her over in her chair and then flinging the pictures at her. If for no other reason than she called Rick her "partner," which I loved!

Chandel: Probably the sequence where we got to see father and son in action saving Alexis. It was nice to move beyond the father shocker quickly, but still have it flow seamlessly into the rest of the narrative.

Heather: The levity provided in the "Jackson Hunt/Sounds made up/It is" scene. That singular moment gave such insight into who Brolin's character is & showed how the Castle apple did not fall far from the tree. Does this give a whole new meaning to the safeword now?

Christine: The homecoming. Yes, I'm a sap at heart. I loved that everyone was home safe and that Kate was no longer an outsider but a true part of the Castle celebration.  Knowing that Castle told them about his father made it even better... I just wish we could have witnessed him doing so.

Castle RT - depreciated -

What did you think of James Brolin as Daddy Castle?

Jim: He was a great choice. He had a little bit of Rick's sense of humor and all of his loyalty.

Chandel: Epic. I think it only appropriate that someone wildly famous be Castle's father. We would not have been satisfied with anything less.

Heather: Perfecto! Ruggedly handsome? Check. Concerned parental figure? Check. Inadvertently responsible for son becoming a writer? Priceless! Plus, any concerns about future adverse affects on Castle/Alexis as a result of this situation were eliminated by the time the credits rolled.

Christine: I was worried that they couldn't pull it off. I needn't have been. James Brolin was perfect from the cocky wit to the loyalty and protectiveness, he hit all the right notes. Plus, he really is ruggedly handsome.

Will Rick ever see Jackson Hunt again?

Jim: I suspect we will. And the idea that Rick decided to be a writer based on a book handed to him by a father he didn't know and then ended up doing spy novels when his dad is a spy? Mind. Blown

Chandel: Definitely. I think now that he has a name and a story, it's much more likely he can be woven in somewhere in the future.

Heather: This episode was so well done that even if we/Rick do not see him again (but really? we MUST), Castle and Alexis can still be who they are - just with a little more confidence in their lineage.

Christine: The show did a great job of giving us answers but leaving the audience and Rick with plenty of questions. I know I want to see him back and I'm sure now that Castle knows a bit of the truth he'll only want to find out the whole story. 
Badass Beckett or Super Spy Castle? Which was your favorite?

Jim: I'm giving them both 11s. Rick was amazing and, as I said above, Kate rocked it! Sorry, they both are my favorite.

Chandel: I think Super Spy Castle was pretty impressive. You could see both the writer and the pseudo-cop at work in Castle the entire episode and it was great.

Heather: What... no Awesome Alexis to complete the Castle ABCs? Tough choice and while Badass Beckett is always a favorite of mine, this time it's Super Spy Castle that wins out.

Christine: Beckett blew me away in that interrogation scene yet Castle was completely awesome in the world of spies trying to get his little girl back. I honestly don't think I can choose.

Where does this rate in the scheme of all of the two-parters?

Jim: At the top. From the introduction of Papa Castle to Kate telling Rick never to do something that stupid without her again, it was by far one of my favorite episodes ever.

Chandel: This one comes in second only to the Castle Season 3 two-parter.

Heather: Season 2's "Tick/Boom" retains that honor for me, though "Target/Hun"t both run a VERY close second. Well done all around.

Christine: This hits the top of my list. It felt the most cohesive and had me holding my breath from beginning to end. I absolutely loved it.

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Can I just say that my favorite scene wasn't in the episode. I really wanted the deep fried Twinkie to still be in Paris since that's where she was headed in episode 10 when Alexis got sick. But Beckett's interrogation will have to do. :)
I would love to see Daddy Castle come back and help catch 3XK. I know Caskett can catch him just fine but it would reiterate the protective instincts that have apparently been passed down.
Badass Beckett hands down!
Tick Tick Tick/Boom! is still my favorite. But this is a close second.


1. It's a toss up between Beckett in the interrogation room and that whole scene from when Castle's Dad shoots the phone, tells him he should pick up that "3 million dollar briefcase" and then the whole made up name scene. 2. James Brolin ROCKED it. I remember him when I was a kid on something called "Hotel" don't remember much about the show - but I remember HIM. LOL! I thought the sketches really showed there was a physical resemblance, which was a nice touch. I also liked that Dad was like half Castle and half Beckett. Dad definitely has the badass gene - but is also that funny, charming guy that we associate with Castle. 3. If they can get him back, I'm sure he will be. Even if he doesn't, I'm sure the topic of him and references to him will be in future episodes. 4. Have to agree with Nathan Fan - Castle didn't seem like a super spy - BROLIN was the super-spy. Castle was a desperate and determined Dad. I loved Stana in this - but Nathan was a revelation in this two-parter, and it was great to see Castle so focused. 5. This is my new #1, followed by Tick-Tick-Tick and Boom! Granted, I could happily watch any of the Castle two-parters - they're all SO good!


Favorite scene: The “$200 phone� scene. GREAT banter in the show’s tradition.
Brolin as Castle’s dad: Calling it perfect casting just doesn’t seem right (I wanted Christopher Walken…or the guy playing Mr. Smith!), but James “Marcus Welby M.D.� Brolin nailed it!
Hunt’s return: I sure hope so. The way things are going, we’re gonna have a Season 6; opportune time for a reunion, maybe?
Badass Beckett or Super Spy Castle: Super Spy Castle. I’ve seen Badass Beckett already (how people soon forget the season premiere with Sen. Bracken, or even the table-flipping scene in “Reality Star Struck.� This was a new Castle, and I enjoyed watching him become more than a ride-along cop.
Two-parters rating: As I stated last week, S2’s “Tick Tick Tick…� and “Boom� still rates at the top; I’ll put this one in the #2 position.


This was a great two part episode and I was so glad that Hunt delivered after the set up from Target. James Brolin was wonderful casting for Papa Castle. He is still ruggedly handsome and the wit seemed very Castlesque. I'm sure it will lead to more questions, but the fact that Papa has been watching from afar and was proud of his son and his accomplishments was nice to see. I do hope that we get some follow up in the future. If Mr Brolin doesn't return, perhaps there can be a mention somewhere along the way. But, it doesn't hurt that Barbra likes Castle! So, maybe we will see him at some point in the future. I loved both badass Beckett and Super spy Castle. I still really love Tick, Tick, Tick and Boom!, but this is a very close second for me.


I'd like to give a few opinions without answering all the silly questions. A certain similarity about Castle and his father's eyes made their relationship seem possible. I thought it odd and unrealistic that Castle would leave Martha all alone at such a time (even before he went to Paris), but I liked that he was going to tell her the exciting truth about her lover. Wish we could have seen her reaction.


My favorite 2-parter. Great writing and acting. Favorite was when Dad told Castle he was proud of him and read his books....awwww.

Sue ann

James Brolin has always been gorgeous, from the days when I watched him tooling around on his motorcycle on Marcus Welby, M.D., to the season when he played the rich Wellman heir on Roseanne, to now. He is drop dead gorgeous. I hope to see him again on Castle, and I wish he would act more.


*Rating, not *ating, of course:)


I loved that 2 parter!
Favourite scene - Hard to pick just one between the end, Castle and Dad, badass Beckett; maybe badass Beckett, only because it totally took me by surprise!
James Brolin was a fantastic choice, the chemistry with NF was great! And I really hope to see him again!
Badass Beckett or SuperSpy Castle? Hard to choose, so I won´t:)
ating the 2 parters: S5 became my favourite, followed by S3 with S2 very close and then S4; but actually I enjoyes all of them:)



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