Castle Review: Depending on Dad

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What a great hour of television!

For a show that usually treats us to light-hearted laughter and absurd cases, Castle can do drama and it can do it well. The series aired the second half of the annual two-parter tonight and “Hunt” can easily be described as epic. Quite possibly, the best two-parter in the show’s history. So let’s get to it.

The hour picked up right where we had left off: Alexis is in Paris, the team is doing everything it can to find her and Rick is wasting no more time. he hops a plane to France to find his daughter himself. 

Castle and Dad

Shady Characters. Castle meets up with an administrative advisor who he had worked with on his Derek Storm novels. He hooks him up with man who tracks down where Alexis was when she made the phone call. A meet is set up and he turns on Castle. Luckily, another man is hiding in the woods and takes out the kidnappers, along with Castle’s “partner.” So, who was it?

Meet Jackson Hunt. Just like Castle, I wasn’t sure why this man cared so much, why there were pictures hanging up in his apartment. And then it clicked. Just as I was writing a note on what I was assuming, Jackson (or whatever his real name is) dropped the bomb: “I am your father."

James Brolin has taken on the role of Rick’s dad. In such a fitting way, he's is a spy. He lets his son know that he has been keeping an eye on his family for years and even met Rick once when he was 10, in a library. 

Brolin’s character sets up an operation that will get Castle and Alexis out from the kidnappers, to the embassy and sent home with a cover story that will not include him. I guess it’s true: like father, like son. The details, the imagination. Everything. Castle and Alexis make it home to Martha and Kate safe and sound.

Two things:

  1. This better not be the last time we see Castle’s father.
  2. I expected more when they got home. It was just Martha and Alexis. There was no mention of what the cover story was. These are just some small imperfections in an otherwise amazing episode.
Leading Castle Away

Perfect Performance. In the first hour of this two-parter, I praised Nathan Fillion on his outstanding performance. He portrays such a real man, and an even more real father. That continued through “Hunt” as well. In her few minutes on screen, the gorgeous Molly Quinn was excellent. But it is Stana Katic who must be acknowledged. She always puts on such a stellar performance and this installment was no exception. 

Her meeting with the murder victim’s girlfriend was intense and intimidating. Katic brought it in this episode big time.

Can we please just give Emmys to these two? Like, now?

After Thoughts

  • Of course Castle’s father is a spy. What other job in the world could he possibly have?
  • Never expected Alexis to be the target of the kidnapping. I’m guessing her and Sarah won’t be friends when they get back to school.
  • Will Alexis be comfortable going back to school or will she be sticking around home for a while?
  • Not much of Javi and Kev in this hour...although they did have an awesome Liam Neeson joke (Check the Castle quotes page for it).
  • If Rick and Kate can make it through the kidnapping of his daughter, they can pretty much make it through everything. 

Overall, a great episode from the writers of Castle. I wouldn’t want the show to do too many drama-filled episodes, they do the fun ones so well. But I wouldn’t mind having more that one or two intense installments throughout the season.

So what did you think of “Hunt?” Was the conclusion what you expected? Where does it rank compared to the previous two-parters? Are you excited to have James Brolin as Castle’s father? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you thought. Check out the Castle Round Table and the Castle Cast to marvel over the episode. Unfortunately, we have a break until the next new episode. But that will give us time to take it all in. Until next time, Castle Fanatics!


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In the beginning I never watched Castle but once I saw an episode I am hooked What were thinking when they killed the Captain, I cried and cried, I do not like his replacement, she can't act and she is not friendly Very bad move!! Reminded me of when they changed actors in L and O criminal intent, horrible replacement's I stopped watching. Please never take this show off the air and bring the Captain back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG....this was great....this whole season has just been soooo good! This episode was great from start to end, just like the very first episode of the season! I think Stana should get any Emmy for her meeting with the Senator, especially when she told him she had another file, then b slapped him (go Stana, that scene was so freakin awesome! And then...Nathan in this last two parter...I can't say enough...him seeing the blood in the van and he was just so believable, those tears...ugh...jerked my heart I tell ya!


This was a brilliant two-parter. It was one of the best TV shows I've seen for years. The acting was great and the plot superb. To the writer who only wants light-hearted episodes, you are clearly in the minority. The variety of episodes makes for great entertainment. I too hope that Castle's father shows up again. Nothing to criticize.


To those who think Beckett should have been in Paris helping Rick, she wouldn't have been able to help a fly. An American detective who doesn't speak French and has no jurisdiction in a foreign country would be told by Parisian detectives to go through the proper channels before they'd give her the time of day. You think the French treat non-French speaking tourists rudely? Consider how they'd snub Kate if she tried walking into Parisian police headquarters and demanding assistance, in English. Er, no. In this case, Rick (who has probably listened to more French) had more underground connections in that country than Kate did. He had no qualms about doing things under the table, or illegal, to get Alexis back. Leaving Kate out was the best choice. But, frankly, what a waste of Dylan Walsh as the FBI agent. He didn't do anything!


I enjoyed the episode but am not thrilled to learn that Castle's deadbeat dad is a Bond-style secret agent -- it's just too unlikely. Remember when one of the guys compared Castle to Ashley Judd? This whole scenario barely makes more sense than the premise of Judd's "Missing" (also an ABC show). On the other hand, having Brolin in the mix to return as a recurring guest is not a bad thing.


Writer, I do believe Castle was set at the end to give the true cover story to Martha and Alexis, and Beckett was there too I believe. So we don't know for sure if he did or didn't tell the whole truth.


Lighthearted is why I started and continue to watch this show. This two-part show ripping on their personal lives is crap. If they keep making this type episode, I will quit watching. It's bad enough we have to put up the recurring "who killed my family" scenario. History has showed that when good shows like this, turn to only picking on the characters, it bodes the end-of-life for the show.


I LOVED the episode -- possibly my favorite of the whole series (though a couple with Firefly references are hard to beat). I agree with the writer that after a dramatic and heart-stopping kidnapping, I would expect more of an emotional party upon homecoming, but also agree that is a nitpick. I definitely hope we'll see more of Castle's father, or at least more of the story line regarding dad's (sort of) presence.


This was a great 2-part episode. Stana Katic, to me, stole the show with the scene with the tortured guy's girlfriend. I'm not sure if I've ever seen Beckett so angry before. She really put the fear of God in that lady. It was awesome.


Luke...I mean Richard... I am your father. Classic!! I'd hate to find out that James Brolin was my dad: I've been mad about his adorable self--not in a daughterly way--ever since he was the motorcycle riding doctor on Marcus Welby,M.D. Bring him back again!

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