Castle Review: Stabbed In The Back

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Now, that was fun! Castle aired "Reality Star Struck" this week, an episode centered around the murder of a “reality” star and some Valentine’s Day competition between Castle and Beckett. It was the kind of episode long-time Castle fans love.

The Murder. The hour was spent looking for the killer of a young reality star from “The Wives of Wall Street.” One word can describe this spoof. Hilarious. One of the best parts about this installment was the fact that it brought Gail O’Grady back to our screen. I’ve missed her since Hellcats got canceled. 

The case itself was pretty predictable, but it included the ingredients to a perfect Castle episode and it did it well.

Partners Fighting Crime

The First Valentine’s Day. Amidst the murder, the detectives were still celebrating Valentine’s Day, and for two couples that meant their first February 14 together.

Castle and Beckett competed over who would give the better gift. The presents were not even the best part. Castle accidentally slipping Beckett’s gorgeous earrings into Gates’ jacket was the icing on the cake for the hour. Trying to get them back, facing Gates when she found them... everything about it was pretty much awesome.

Who knew that Kate Beckett had such a romantic side? She pulled the sweet move by offering up a drawer at her apartment for her man. These two have made some serious strides in their relationship and it is still just as much fun to watch as the will-they/won’t-they games from last year.

These two weren’t the only ones celebrating the holiday. Lanie and Espo went out for their first V-day. It’s no secret that I am a big fan of anything Espo related. Having these two get back together is just what us Espo-fans want.

Side NotesL

  • How hot did Lanie look in that red dress? Smokin’!
  • Of course Gates was a reality TV fan.
  • Even better, Gates and Castle sharing the love of “The Wives of Wall Street.” Pretty awesome.

Overall, another fun episode from our favorite detectives. There were actual laugh out loud moments, as well as the sweet ones. Once again, Nathan Fillion killed it with his facial expressions throughout the hour. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: is there another actor that can portray so much from just his face?!?

So how can we move forward after such a great episode? The annual two-parter! It’s that time of year again. Castle will be airing their annual high stakes, high tension episodes over the next two weeks.

So until then, Castle fans. Hit up the comments, sound off on the Castle Round Table later in the week and patiently wait with me for the next episode. 


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I LOVED the episode! The scenes between Gates and Castle were hilarious, I couldn´t stop laughing! And then Ryan always late, Espo and Lanie... but above all, the ending scene, amazing! So sweet and meaningful! For me, an amazing episode. And frankly, I don´t think there´s a lack of chemistry between NF and SK; at least for me it´s still there, just look at the ending scene!
And for next week, wow, I can´t wait... I love some drama and I´ve always loved the two parters in Castle, I´m sure these next 2 episodes will be mind blowing!


I have no doubt that the two parter coming up will be great. But I will not be watching because I find it very difficult to watch any show that includes child abduction. Maybe it is the father in me, but the strain is simply too much for me to take.


It did not surprise me when Beckett started throwing stuff around during her interrogation of Joe. She has done that sort of thing before. However did anyone notice that the final line of dialog to Castle in her bedroom sounded more like a command than a loving offer.


No mention of Gina Torres? Ignoring the fact that she and Nathan Fillion reunited 10 years after Firefly, she still deserves a mention for her wonderful turn as Penelope. She is great at playing strong women like Zoe on Firefly, Jessica on Suits, and Penelope on this episode of Castle. I didn't need a Firefly joke or gag but a little more interaction between the two of them would have been great.


I agree with Lacey that 'something' has been missing for the last few episodes and I think it is the on screen SPARK that existed between Nathan and Stana as Rick and Kate. I don't see that anymore. I am wondering if there is something in either of theiir off screen lives that is troubling them? I hope that whatever the issues are get resolved because the spark between the two of them is what made CASTLE so special.


Loved this episode and found it very funny and sweet. I am not going to complain about anything. Ratings were up and let's all do our part to promote the 2-parter and make the ratings continue to rise. Castle is really the best written and acted show and I love it with all of my heart.


I loved the scenes of Castle's interaction with Gates and him popcorning his way through the reality show the most. That was hilarious! I loved this episode as much as Final Frontier and zombie ep, which were my most recent favorites.
I agree with you, nobody asked for Firefly reenactments or anything, but some "together screen time" would've been very nice, and was actually touted by ABC as such. Odd decision. But don't pay attention to Katarzyna, she is one of that so-called Firefly haters crowd in the Castle fandom. For some reason she always goes by this name and her writing style is very distinctive so I (and others) learned to never reply to her. Whatever Castle forum or article where there is a chance to dump on Firefly or badmouth Nathan Fillion, she's there all over it like mayonaise on a bologna sandwich. Sorry 'bout doing some badmouthing of my own, but I thought you needed some perspective here ;)


Loved it! She DID have the better gift...even if she HAD received the earrings.
I, too, believe Gates knows....she IS the head of a detective squad. Love that Lanie and Espo are back least for Valentine's Day!
Next week's episode? Fasten your seat belts!!


Next week's show is a two parter - I am wondering if it will, in the end, be Rick's father who has Alexis kidnapped - James Brolin is scheduled to guest appear on the show in the next couple of weeks - coincidence or social media related? We all remember how Rick warned Alexis about putting too much of herself online. Whatever precipitates her being taken, I just KNOW Rick is going to be more than out on the ledge & certainly can't blame him - this has to be every parent's nightmare. I have instructed both of my children to hold THEIR children's hands very tightly when they go out anywhere & we live in very small communities - doesn't matter. There are unstable people everywhere. Be as smart as ya' can ... Some posters say Rick isn't a very good dad - I think he is - he is funny with Alexis & then the next thing we see him being really serious & explaining to her why he feels she should do this or that. I think he is one cool & very smart dad .... GO CASTLE!!!


I didn't like it. This season started off good, but seems to lack a lot of "something" in most eps. I can't tell exactly what that "something" is, but it doesn't seem as fun and entertaining to me as it use to. Next weeks does look good and I do love drama, so we will see how that one goes.

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