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"Take the Vicuna" was a departure from what we're used to seeing in Bunheads Season 1. Practically the entire episode took place within the dance studio, with only a few scenes straying beyond that set. I can't say that I enjoyed it.

I do not know for sure whether the episodes we are watching now were conceived and written prior to the hiatus, or if that happened after it was picked up for the second half of the first season. What I do know is we've been experiencing erratic storytelling, a drift away from the more magical and fanciful feel we experienced when Michelle got to Paradise toward a less cohesive and fractured world of of teenagers living as adults and adults acting as children.

Fanny Vents

Ginny broke up from a 10-year relationship as a 16-year old girl. Sasha is living alone, in an apartment, showing more maturity than Michelle did after Hubbell died and left her an entire estate. Boo and Carl are acting as a married couple, often watching the children while juggling their school work, jobs and after school activities. Cozette and Frankie moved to town, seemingly without parents, sporting worldly personalities and wardrobes to match.

Fanny and Michelle are incapable of taking care of their own finances to the point they invited Milly, a frenetic lunatic with delusions of grandeur and a God complex, to come to their rescue to build an amphitheater on their own land. The one time they could have done something successful for themselves utilizing their own resources, they chose a person neither of them could possibly get along with. It would have been wiser to consult the teen bunheads who are capable of making decisions far above their respective ages.

Can someone tell me why Boo is considered responsible enough to watch her three toddling brothers but not so much that she can spend the night alone with Sasha at her new apartment? That somehow defies the laws of all things normal. My favorite part of the episode was when Sasha and Roman had a typical teenage argument about her fear of being alone with him in her "sex palace" apartment and they decided they wouldn't break up. That scene made the most sense out of a completely whacked out episode.

Liza Weil may be a Gilmore alum, but I really didn't need her on Bunheads. Milly's a pain in the ass, and not of the fun variety. She's more nerve wracking than Paris Geller was when we were first introduced to her in Gilmore Girls and she took years to become palatable. Her Milly is grating and the nonsense of her thinking she would be a patron of the arts just by providing her opinion was over the top and offensive to Fanny. I was kind of angry that Fanny lowered herself to helping her just to get her money.

Finally, I'm still not a fan of Scotty. In fact, I'm even less inclined to like him now that he dragged Michelle across California to see unwittingly see her mother, a woman she had been avoiding for 12 years. If he had wanted to do it right, maybe I could understand it. Under the hood of darkness, in the middle of the night, at a diner, while expecting Michelle to sit in the car? Nothing about that scenario smelled right to me, and he seemed to be setting her up. Especially when mom said "Michelle, I just wanted to see your face." Certainly that meant she knew Michelle was coming.

In a series usually rife with them, there weren't a lot of great lines that I caught this week. I don't know if you're aware, but you can add your own to the Bunheads quotes page, so jump on over the page and fill it up with your favorites!!

How are you feeling about Bunheads lately? Does it have the same magic for you that it did before the winter break? Hit the comments, especially if you think I'm off my rocker.


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Wow, just watched the episode and wished I had that hour of my life back. One annoying character per episode is enough, but when you put Millie, Scotty and Michelle's mom in one show, it has ceased to become enjoyable. I know this has been brought up before, but is it necessary for every single character to talk very fast? It's cute between Sutton Foster and Kelly Bishop, but the style is getting annoying with everyone doing it. (Just as annoying in Aaron Sorkin movies.) And seriously, a 16 year old with that apartment? What sort of fantasy world is the producer living in? You'd be lucky to pry a cell phone from a teenage girl's cold, dead fingers. Get rid of Scotty, send Millie packing, unload the dumb sub-plots, and focus on the six main characters.


Alas, I've reached the end of the line with this series and have just deleted it off my DVR record list. Too many annoying characters (Scotty and Millie), too many unbelievable plots (a 16 year old having a lavish apartment and channeling Martha Stewart) too many stupid sub-plots (roller derby) too many characters trying to talk fast. Michelle's mother? Who cares. The show is terribly inconsistent and it seems as though every episode is written by a different writer. I checked the ratings for this show and it didn't even make the top 100 cable shows for Monday night, so it's as good as dead anyway. Too bad, as it was a waste of Sutton Foster and Kelly Bishop's talents. Amy Sherman Palladino was obviously a one-hit wonder with Gilmore Girls.


with Lauren Grahams character asking advice of Rory, her daughter, who got into an Ivy League college and seemed to be much more mature than her mother most of the time. I also found Scotty annoying and hope he doesn't return to the show. He was a lazy jerk, and I thought it was pathetic that her mother was using her children to help her get along. I really felt for Michelle, having had to grow up with a mom like that.


I totally agree with the reviewer that Milly is a huge pain in the toukas, and I find her manic prattle and her ruthless, rude and ridiculous demands and attitude to be a huge turn off for an otherwise charming show.
I also questioned how Sasha was able to get an apartment that nice (it would be very expensive in California) and still get all the utilities and soforth up and running by herself. I can imagine her parents gave her some credit cards to use, but how did she sign a lease as a minor, unless she has gotten an "emancipation" from her parents legally, which would make her only a minor when it comes to drinking and soforth. She would be allowed to rent an apartment by herself, because she's legally a quasi-adult. But I find Boo and her boyfriend hilarious, especially when it comes to their dealing with the kids and soforth. I don't find it at all unusual, but I do find it a bit crazy that the kids are more mature than the adults. Still, that was the way it was on Gilmore Girls, too, with Lauren Grahams character often going to Rory for advice and Rory being the smart girl who gets into an Ivy League college, etc.

Sarah silva

I thought this was a pretty good episode. I too am not a fan of Scotty but I liked everthing else.


One of the best episodes yet, Sutton Foster has finally learned to tone down her distracting over the top facial expressions. The hilarious brilliance of line "everything is beautiful at the ballet", deadpanned by Milly to Fanny (aka Kelly/Carole Bishop who sang that song and won a Tony for her role as Sheila in A Chorus Line)...cemented my affection for Weil's Milly. Still love Fanny and Sasha and Ginny are standouts. As far as the apparently inconceivable notion that a teen can't have her own apartment, it's a tiny reach, but not full on malarkey. The obvious point of these new episodes, underlined in Take the Vicuña (hello Sunset Boulevard!), is exactly that the teens are handling things while the adults are not doing so well. I adore this witty and slyly smart show. I hope and pray there will be a second season of Bunheads. It's only getting better!


I can't say that I was impressed with Scotty for tricking Michelle into seeing their mother, but their interaction provided for the kind of drama I've been waiting for on Bunheads. These past couple episodes have finally brought out that "Gilmore Girls" magic in the show. Also, in my opinion, their mother didn't know that Michelle was coming. When she called out her name, it was so that Michelle would finally look at her, when Michelle did, she explained that she had just wanted to see her face. I found that to be one of the most touching moments of the episode. I hope to see more interaction between Michelle and her mother because (as in Gilmore Girls) that's where we'll find the real drama. And let's also be honest, ASP is setting Michelle and Sasha up for the Lorelai and Rory relationship, made even more obvious by the fact that Julia Goldani Telles (the actress playing Sasha) is a dead ringer for Alexis Bledel.


As to Sasha being able to rent an apartment, in CA a minor can rent an apartment because it is a "necessity of life." I'm loving the new episodes, but this one ran to the top when Milly uttered the line "Everything is beautiful at the ballet." Would loved to have been there for the first reading, hope there was much whooping & hollering and Kelly Bishop taking bows.


R, I wondered the same thing but then realized that Sasha's parents need to provide for her, even if she's living with neither of them. Still, I didn't expect her to have such a gorgeous place, and her list of wants/needs (cable, etc.) will end up costing even more. So it does seem unclear how all of this came about, especially since we last saw Sasha's mother angrily leaving the house keys in Sasha's room. And I agree it would likely be very difficult to put all the things with an apartment (like the lease) into place with neither a parent nor a credit card—or, hell, a history of credit!


(Ctd from below)
My issue, if I really thought about it, is not that Fanny and Michelle can't manage their finances (hello - look at our economy) but isn't it too much of a stereotype that creative arts people can't manage real world decisions like this? Otherwise I actually like Milly and I enjoyed the last scene between her and Fanny.

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