Bunheads Review: Paradise Lost

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What a comeback. It's a shame that the previous seven episodes of Bunheads Season 1 weren't as fulfilling as "Next!," as I think it would have strengthened the chances of renewal.

Mind you, I have no idea what the chances of renewal are, but this was a stand out finale filled with warmth, humor and incredible emotion. Sadly, we've been light on hours showcasing what this show can really produce.

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Let's start by talking about Milly and Truly. We've finally seen some growth there! Just when I thought Milly was going to continue to be completely useless. I mean, she was talking about getting a job for Truly on an assembly line or pouring concrete. It was hard to believe she'd never thought about investing in her sister's talent.

As strange as Truly is, the one thing that cannot be argued is her ability to throw together a fashion for the person standing in front of her. She has an eye for style like her sister has for business. Together they would be quite a team. Finally, Milly tossed her a bone and offered up a building for Truly to use, rent free. All did not come up roses, however, as the duo discovered Scotty at the same time. Could we have another Hubbell situation on our hands? At least this one can't end with Michelle landing the man!

Michelle took Talia's close call with the road production of “Rock of Ages” to heart. She went to an open call in Los Angeles and the bunheads followed her to make sure she wasn't leaving town for good.

Gosh, what an incredibly stressful process auditioning is! I don't know how people do it. After spending hours standing in line just waiting to get into the room, it all came down to a man looking for specific types for the chorus, doing a pass-by and saying yes or no. I can't imagine the butterflies and disappointment as one waits to be chosen. Michelle was one of the very few left standing and the bunheads got to witness it all.

As he stopped and looked at Michelle, I thought for certain he was thinking about her for more than the chorus. I was also thinking... she won a Tony!! Sometimes it's hard to separate fact from fiction.

Boo got caught up in the moment and ran onto the dance floor during the audition. In reality, there was no way in the world they wouldn't have noticed that. I just went with it and freaked out. The first thought in my head was that one of them would get chosen and Michelle would be left in the dark.

The reality was even more difficult to swallow. The open casting call was a ruse to keep the union happy. Michelle did run into a sympathetic fellow manning the music for the call and he was very impressed with her talent. Maybe he'll be the guy who comes through for her, like Talia's sex in the bathroom contact. It could happen!

Speaking of sex, the other big story was Sasha's determination to jump in with both feet, taking Boo with her. At least they did research. If you're going to have sex, it's best to go into it prepared, right? While Sasha scheduled an appointment to talk with Michelle about the mechanics of intercourse, Fanny took the bull by the horns and, gathering up all the sexual materials she had amassed during her life, prepared a frightening class for all the bunheads who didn't ask for it.

Once again, reality is never quite like the hype leading up to it and while Fanny was leading her class, it was Ginny who found Michelle and dropped the bomb. She had sex with Frankie and hadn't talked with him since. In the passion of the moment, one she apparently never had with her boyfriend of seven years, she gave herself to Frankie because he was just so beautiful.

The pain of regret as Ginny realized she may never speak with him again, and had given herself to someone she didn't know, was devastating. It was gut-wrenching to watch, especially in juxtaposition to the light-hearted fun the girls were having earlier researching birth control and reading “Our Bodies, Ourselves.”

Sasha may be capable of cooking a roast, but are the bunheads really ready for the intensity involved with sex? I hope the message isn't lost on the younger viewers in the audience because it's not very often the emotional consequences of losing virginity too soon are examined on television. Our society seems to be too busy celebrating blooming sexuality and teen mothers rather than discussing the nuances of young hearts.

The strength of Ginny's revelation left me unsure whether or not I wanted to mention the fun scene at the beginning of the episode with Michelle and Godot. Since Michelle is an adult and understands what her actions mean, and because we need a bright spot to conclude the season, here we go:

Michelle and Godot finally meeting under the covers was worth the wait. Taking a photo of a shirtless Godot was adorable and it was even cuter when he saw the pic on her camera and said, “is that me?” It made total sense that everyone would end up in the bedroom with them and Godot would be asking for anything to use as a cover, a throw, a hand towel, even a skillet.

Sex can be very fun and appropriate, as long as you know what you're getting into. All the research in the world through books and websites cannot prepare you for the emotional response you'll feel after it happens. Exploring the two ways in which it can be perceived was brilliant.

I hope everyone enjoyed the finale of Bunheads. Be sure to keep an eye on TV Fanatic for all the latest news on ABC Family and chances of a Bunheads Season 2.


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This show made Mondays bearable.
Loved the snappy repartee.
Start with the filming and bring me another season.


Well, so much for this show being a role model for young girls. All they needed in the final dance was a stripper pole.

Sarah silva

This was such a great episode. It was back to the first half of the season quality! If it can stay this way I would love to see it back!


I love all the episodes, but this felt like Bunheads finally found its rhythm and song. Perfect balance of the girls:Michele:Fanny:Truly:Milly and the peripheral characters. I teared up at Ginny's revelation, haven't we all loved someone beautiful for a moment? Simply perfect. The audition was wonderfully grueling, even the little show of snarly competition between the dancers was just right subtle and not hitting the viewer over the head. So many things were right about this episode and I can't wait for the new season to begin!


continued...I would be seriously bummed if this show left the airwaves, it is dearly beloved and would leave a gaping hole in the TV schedule (that might, horrors, get filled with some godawful reality program).


I agree with you all that Bunheads needs a season 2! I loved this show from the outset, as I was always a theater geek, and I remember how hard it was for young girls to get the right kind of information about sexuality. My mom was a nurse, so she told me all the clinical stuff about "where babies come from" when I was 9 years old, but when it came to things like kissing, how to touch a guy and where, how he should touch you, etc, I had to do what the bunheads did, I had to do research, and when I was 13-14, there was a brand new book out called "Our Bodies, Ourselves" that was supposed to tell girls all that stuff, plus, it had helpful photos! Wow! After reading that book I decided I'd wait to have sex, because it talks about the emotional and physical consequences of losing your virginity. I was glad to see the bunheads reading it, but I was sad to see how upset Ginny was about her decision to have sex with Frankie. This show is so funny, so beautifully written and enacted, I would seriously miss it if it were not renewed. Please bring Bunheads back!


I thought it was the best episode yet. I really do hope they bring it back. The way they portray the teenagers on the show is so much more realistic than other shows on tv. It's the confusion of being a young but also trying to be an adult that is done quite brilliantly. The writing is excellent.


I really appreciated the way that they handled the whole sex thing, it was like so character appropriate (like as much as Sasha looks up to Michelle, really what has become apparent in the last few episodes is the Ginny is actually a lot more like Michelle, she reacts emotionally and over the top, she has a strained relationship with her mother who she is more responsible than and as we have seen possesses like the mini me version of talent that Michelle has). I also liked how Boo stood up for herself, but I actually suspect that is not the first time that has happened with her relationship with Sasha especially since they seem to be best friends. But it was weird that this was a season finale, I mean, seriously, this was the second season to all of us, right? And this just felt mid season/winter finale to me...ABC Family you baffle me with your scheduling.


This show needs to come back ASAP! I totally fell in love with it and I'm so sad that I won't get to watch it every week even if it's just for a few months until it comes back. I think this show is a giant hilarious ball of awkward but I love it! And I think I may love it even more than gilmore girls which is truly saying something!


Bunheads !! I hope it's renewed for season 2 that'd be great :)

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