Blue Bloods Review: The One Who Breaks

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"Warriors" took Blue Bloods fans to one of the scariest scenes known to humankind. The middle of a 16 year old's driving lesson.  The surprise was that it wasn't NIcky that invoked our fear, it was Erin. 

Who would have guessed that Erin was an aggressive driver?  She yelled at other drivers as though they could hear her and used the horn liberally, as Frank put it and did it all while coaching her nervous daughter.

Danny Looks Happy

I couldn't believe she instructed Nicky to cross over the double yellow line instead of waiting for the cab to move, then criticized that she wasn't going fast enough. Oye. I didn't blame Nicky for calling an end to mother / daughter driving time.  As she told Erin in this Blue Bloods quote.

 Behind enemy lines in a tank, for sure I'd want you to be behind the wheel. | permalink

Apparently Reagans were not known for their driving prowess.  Henry gave away his car. Frank hasn't driven in years and Danny's good as long as he's doing excessive speeds. The only one with any patience was Jamie and I suppose that's another perk of having a large family.  There are plenty of options to fall back on. 

One complaint. When Nicky and Jamie came to pick up Erin, where were the seatbelts?  I know the car was old but no one seemed to be buckled in. Not only is that illegal, it's just plain dangerous.

At the Reagan family dinner, Nicky certainly lit into Frank. She couldn't understand how Frank could stand on the podium while a young woman was being sent to certain death.  

I saw it both ways. The idealistic view was that Frank should have protested but in reality that would have done little.  Instead, playing politics and calling in favors from friends behind the scenes did more than any uproar could.  However, Nicky's prodding may have made Frank work a little harder.

I couldn't believe that Linda brought up Danny's anger management class in the middle of the family dinner but I loved the look on Danny's face when she did. I'd guess that's something he would have liked to have kept private but not much is kept secret amongst Reagans.

Danny's right. Someone should get angry when a child is shot but the therapist had a point as well.  That kind of anger can eat away at you. If Danny doesn't want to burn out, he needs to find ways to deal with that anger so that it doesn't turn into an uncontrolled rage.

As Danny said, the cops and gang bangers aren't about to hold hands and sing Kumbaya any time soon and we want to see Danny Reagan around for many seasons to come.

Warriors Review

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Maybe the cops and gang bangers can all hold hands and sing songs in the streets.


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