Blue Bloods Review: Daddy Dearest

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As much as there was nothing technically wrong with tonight's Blue Bloods, there was nothing stellar about "Quid Pro Quo" either as I found it to be one of the most boring episodes of the season.

The Basketball Incident

Erin and Danny teamed up to try and solve a cold case after the murder victim's father implored Erin for help.  As much as I applauded their persistence, the investigation felt flawed at many turns.

It was hard to believe that a company would keep 15 year old signature manifests on file. Having Erin do her own undercover work should have had some sense of danger to it but I never felt she was in any peril. 

Then, having she and Danny hunt down their suspected killer together leaving Erin as his only armed backup seemed silly. Yes, as an ADA I'm sure she might carry a gun and as a Reagan I'm positive she'd know how to use it but it all felt more like a contrived plot point in an attempt to build up drama and it just didn't work for me.

Frank and Garrett were at odds once again and didn't it feel like we've been down this road before?

I enjoyed the quote Garrett wrote about Frank in an opposition piece but this felt like just one more story to find a wedge to put between these two men, only to bring them back together once again. As Garrett told Frank in this Blue Bloods quote

Garrett: I don't know about you but I've had enough honesty for one week. | permalink

Jamie and Danny's basketball game went all wrong as Jamie's friend was an ass and got a broken nose for not knowing when to keep his mouth shut.  Of course an elbow to the gut could have shut him up too and possibly avoided charges and a possible law suit.

Also, I could be wrong but would two assault charges 15 years apart really warrant serious bail and time at Rikers Island?  If that's the case I'd think they'd have to build a whole new wing for all of the punches thrown in NYC.

For once we saw Danny openly proud of his brother and Jamie accepting it without question but the reason seemed a bit silly.  I know Danny was relieved for his friend but if Jamie had better friends perhaps this never would have happened. It might have felt more interesting if Jamie and Danny had been on opposite sides of this argument from the start

Even the Reagan family dinner felt too short and without any real fun or drama and as it's usually my favorite scene of the show I was disappointed.

Here's to hoping for better Blue Bloods next time.

Quid Pro Quo Review

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