Beyonce Halftime Show: Did It Score?

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From a reunion with Destiny's Child to some black leather and lace... a mash-up of "Countdown" and "Crazy in Love" to some serious dance moves and a guitar on fire, Beyonce took the Superdome field at Super Bowl XLVII tonight.

Was the performance as impressive as that of the Baltimore Ravens?

More of a letdown than Colin Kaepernick on third down?

Watch the full performance and sound off below:

What did you think of the Beyonce halftime show?

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Great halftime show!


She should have synced it. It was like the sound guy was out to get her, Sounded like a cat with it;s tail caught in a card door.


Can't they find a nice marching band to feature during halftime. Then kick some of the money spent to produce this show to high school arts programs.


This was the best half time show in recent memory. BEY KILLED IT!


She was fabulous, nuf said.


B's half time show wasn't all that good, she sounded so echo it was hard to hear what she was singing, and she is so predictable in all her shows...should have had someone else.... Anyone else... Lol


Very boring.


I didn't think it was anything special, but she only had so much time and she didn't do herself a disservice. I mean that she was reaching a broader audience and did fine.


Bey, killed it!! I do like B, but I was impressed last night.


Beyonce's half time performance was excellent. For someone to pull that off it takes courage. if you can go up there and perform like she did then u can say its boring.