Arrow Review: Felicity Gets Collared

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I'm going to have to make a request to Arrow to stop naming its episodes after the occasional bad guy that pops up.

Just because a well-known face graces the production doesn't mean it's enough to pen the hour with a moniker in his honor, and "Dodger" was no exception. Dodger was really the least interesting part of the episode. Let's check it out!

Moira reached out to a man, Frank, who Robert confided in before he was killed. They talked about some pretty interesting things, including Frank asking if she wanted out because of what happened to Walter (we later learned Walter is still alive - finally) and Moira admitting they got into "this" to clean up The Glades, not lay waste to it. There's definitely not a lot of information forthcoming, but what was seemed to reveal that she and Robert were heading in the same direction as Oliver is with his list.

Moira's soul isn't as pure as Oliver's since she hasn't had the benefit of being put through the ringer on survival island before deciding to put things straight in Starling City. Maybe it's just Moira's attitude that is off putting and if she was given the opportunity to work for good again - say, with her son, the vigilante - she'd be a little different. Maybe. All of the revelations ultimately ended in Moira asking China White to kill Malcolm Merlyn. Could that be the tipping point sending Tommy over the edge to the dark side?

Is Felicity a Target?

Felicity is so good for Oliver and Diggle! She lightens the mood even when it's dire, which was desperately needed, and she engages them into a competitive playfulness that drove Diggle to ask Carly out. Felicity didn't want to do anything but save Walter, yet Oliver admitted he was hoping she'd help in other ways - and she didn't immediately balk at the request. It was just moments later she was at the diner gobbling up burgers and fries like one of the team. Very good stuff here.

Why in the hell didn't Oliver notice how incredible she looked at the auction? She could have easily been a Diana Prince/Wonder Woman candidate with how stunning she was after a little sprucing up. Even sporting an exploding collar didn't take away from her beauty. Still, no love from the boys she was working so hard to help. If she had been a superhero of some sort, they would have been beside themselves due to the transition.

The first dates Diggle had with Carly and Oliver had with McKenna were a bit disappointing. Note to Diggle: Bringing up your dead brother, your date's ex, is not the best material for first date conversation. Note to McKenna: Reminding your date, the handsome, sexy Oliver, that he spent five years stranded on an island eating God knows what and had not access to restaurants or beds and had to make tough choices? Ditto on the crappy conversation lesson to Diggle! Have people forgotten how to woo?

At least Diggle got a second chance with Carly and kissing ensued, as Oliver attempted to make peace with McKenna. There is hope, although I'm not sure I want Oliver and McKenna to move forward. Diggle and Carly - go for it!

Let's talk about the new character and the villain of the week for a bit. We'll start with James Callis' turn as the Dodger. I'll just ask: why? Why bother to bring him on at all? Much like The Count and Cyrus Vanch after him, he was a little flash with very little substance. Villains are introduced and swept away in the blink of an eye, leaving very little in their wake. As Oliver puts most of them in their rightful place, I can only wonder how long the series is expected to last. Will there never be an arch nemesis?

I never worried for a second that Felicity's life was in danger. I wonder at what point I will start worrying about the main characters at the hands of the misguided baddies that hit town. It doesn't seem like it will happen any time soon, at this rate.

Hot off the heels of his departure from Teen Wolf, Colton Haynes arrived as Roy Harper, a petty thief thrust into the life to compensate for his mother's Vertigo abuse. His mugging of Laurel with Thea present left her intimately involved and once she heard about the Vertigo given her own close call with the drug, she felt a special kinship with the kid gone wrong.

At least Haynes wasn't set up to be an on-camera-gone-by-the-next-episode character. I'm expecting a friendship to develop between Roy and Thea wherein she tries to prove to him that being wealthy doesn't answer all your problems and for that to maybe spread to something a little stronger. She's been alone and made an ass out of herself with Tommy, she deserves a little attention, even if we don't quite know or trust the guy at this point.

Speaking of knowing and trusting, what were we to take away from Oliver's island flashback this week? At one time he was the guy muddied, tied up and covered in tears and Fei helped him out even though he didn't now him. At what point would Oliver make that same distinction? I have a feeling I missed the lesson, and I have no doubt someone out there will be happy to enlighten me.


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Felicity's amazing dress at the auction was the same as Caroline's from the Vampire diaries at the pageant episode on the date with Klaus! just saying.. maybe CW needs more stylists.. Anyway, Love them both!


Laurel is growing on me. She isn't Winona of Justified at least. As for Oli noticing? Please even Diggle noticed and hes in love with his former sister-in-law.


Glad we got roy too, with his "red" hoody..... ;) We got maybe now two speedy lol


I think Oliver was right not to trust beat up student - when the bad guys caught him they stuck him in a cage. What are the odds that they would just leave some guy free to wonder around (not even hog-tied) and so close to the cave too!


Laurel is okay, but I love Felicity. She fits between Oliver and Diggle pretty well.. Somebody they can trust. THey can't go wrong with her role expanding.. and having Laurel up high in the law, her creepy father, and Thea working for her. The show has been pretty good for a first year turnout.


I actually thought the guys reacted to Felicity pretty well. They looked kind of taken aback. And I think the "lesson" was that although Fei saved him, he also betrayed him once he was caught. Oliver became the reason they got to him. So when faced with the same choice, Oliver realised that he couldn't take the same risk because helping the poor guy would probably end up killing him. He knew he had to SURVIVE. I put it in capital letters because it's kind of what will dictate all his decisions from now on.


I, too, enjoyed this episode and loved that Felicity left the glasses at home! I don't see her with Ollie, she is too much like the smart kid sister that keeps him and Dig in line. At last Dig realized his attraction to Carly, even if the first date had a stupid blunder in mentioning his brother...she moved on and so should he! Never liked Tommy and Laurel as a couple. She was meant for Oliver and hopefully they will realize it. I, for one, like the baddie of the keeps them straight (in some cases they are beginning to look alike) and keeps the names in the book moving along. Mom is getting in too deep in trying to get rid of Tommy's Dad...look who she goes to for help! And finally, remind me...does Laurel's dad know for sure Oliver is Arrow, or only suspects? It was quite obvious when he had McKenna join his task force! Good review!


I enjoyed this ep, especially since Felicity got all glammed up and really got into helping the guys on their quest for justice. Plus there was a whole lotta romance going on, which is one of the main reasons I watch the show. I think that Diggs is long overdue for a real relationship, and I hope that Oliver gets some serious snuggle time with the hottie cop. But I think that in the end, he might end up going back to Lauren or having a fling with Felicity. Especially since now he can be himself with Felicity because she knows his secret. Also, she calls him on his BS, and makes him a better crime-fighter. And I think Moira is going to get killed if she keeps trying to leave and have the CO of the organization killed off. She's in too deep.

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Arrow Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Oliver: That's not how I typically get my information.
Felicity: How do you typically do it?
Oliver: I find the person, and then I put the fear of God into them. But we can try it your way.

Is this really how you guys figure out how to get your target? Over burgers and shakes?